X-men Origins : Wolverine

I had the chance to watch this movie's premiere this afternoon and I can conclude this movie with one simple word. It's superb, fantastic and awesome !! Okay I know it's not one word but well, the show is splendid !!

This show basically talks about how the "X-men" organization starts off. It started off by wolverine and sabretooth being recruited into an army of mutants and the leader(some professor) are using them to do some research and well, the story goes on explaining how Logan changed his name into wolverine and how he get his metal claw.

Having Hugh Jackman again as wolverine once again truly made this movie one of the best movie I'd watched throughout the year. I must say that he had did a really great job in acting as wolverine due to his beast-like character in the movie. The way he screams and leap onto his enemies simply rocks and the effects was splendid especially when gambit uses his rod(although he should be using cards shouldn't him ?)

Gambit's "hat-trick"

Anyway, what really amazes me is the visual effect of this movie. The fights and battles were just fantastic that I didn't even blinked my eyes thoughout the whole fight and actions are almost everywhere throughout the movie !! This means that I never blinked my eyes throughout the whole movie. The storyline, the character, the humour and almost everything was superb and frankly, I spent one heck of a time in the theaters. As for the ratings, I rate this movie a 9/10. I eat up the 1 point rating due to the fact that I dont give perfect point ratings.

For those who havent get to watch this show, I suggest u to watch it in the theaters and not watching pirated Dvd or even original Dvd coz watching in the cinema gives u a better effect.

Just curious but I wonder why wolverine doesn't wear the costume as in the comics. It's much cuter =)
Now thats what I call Classic !!

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Dell Studio 1435 review

It had been approximately 1 months since I got my studio 1435, so I think I should just use one post to further review about my notebook just for the sake of posting so that it would be beneficial for others who are looking for notebooks. Anyway, for those who regard notebook as something you write on like this.

You are wrong !!
I meant this !!

Anyway, to further review this notebook. I shall start with a few aspects of this particular computer. Where shall we start now ? Hmmm, lets see. We'll check out with the first aspect, performance. Performance wise, with the 2.oghz speed, it's kinda slow for me especially the startup, perhaps it's because I didn't pump in enough cash to get a faster speed but instead, my graphic card is much more decent and relatively good for a go. Too bad, I can't start killing humans in CoD, it allows me only to get my guns on zombies

I enjoy shooting zombies

To continue, I must say that the design of studio 14 is plain superb. To give a better look, do enjoy these self-taken lame and retarded superb photos

Look at the sideview of this noobbook notebook, simply fantastic

Something bad about it, well I bought it for around 1 month already but in 1 week or so, the dumb dell label starts peeling off, send in some enquiries for dell service but yet no reply until now. Arrgghh, if you want to take a look at it. This is one of the snapshot I got just now

See the lower left part of the label ?? It's coming off !!

And did I tell you that this PC gets hot very easily ?? I turned on my PC 10 minutes ago and it's already burning hot now. Maybe it's due to the retarded weather nowadays but nonetheless, it gets so hot that I can fry an egg with the heat being released. If you're getting this notebook, I suggest you to get multiple cooling fan for your laptop to prevent yourselves from getting burnt by this notebook. Stacking up multiple cooling pad works too if you dare risk your cash =)

Conclusion, this is a rather decent notebook. You can use it for almost everything under the sun if you aren't those hardcore PC users who wants perfect graphic, perfect sound effect, perfect everything about your computer. It's cheap !! for it's specs though.

-Signing off-
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Current Situation

It's been awhile since I ever blogged since I'd came up with some kinda regular updates nowadays. Anyway, since wednesday, I was down by some cold(despite the weather being blazing hot), fever(it's hot), cough and well, I guess I need not to explain. I consider this as one of the worst cold I ever had since this is the first time I ever get myself to the doctor. I've always ignore these sickness and let it heal automatically. Well, ignorant is bliss right? but it made me suffer much more for the next few days>.< Worse of all, it affects my beautiful, melodious and superb voice. Hahaha.^.^ I'm serious -.-

Anyway, was doing quite some stuffz for the past 3 days and this actually used all the power I have in my eyes and also giving me a lot of deafening blow to my ears. Whats that ?? Well, just take a look at these stuffs I'm posting on the pictures below

Super eye spoiler machine

Electronic ear deafening blow device

Not gonna write anymore cause I think I need to do some re-editting on the song. I don't like the outcome and ain't satisfied yet. Until then, expect less post from me due to he vast amount of time put into this thing.

-Signing off=
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Earth Day

Lights out !!
Does it seemed familiar ??
I believe that all of you got to know about the earth hour which took place few weeks ago where everyone turns off their lights and go dark throughout the entire 1 hour. After that, everything seems to be forgotten. They continue on with their excessive usage of electricity so that they can use up all the resources on earth to ensure that they can end their life asap

Humans realised that the one hour during earth hour wasn't enough.That's why there's another event in regards to earth on the 22nd April every year. Claiming that 1 hour is too short, they lengthened the time frame and changed it into
I see, frog + Earth = Earthday
Let us save the world by doing many random and lame activities listed below
  • Planting trees and plants
  • Planting more trees and plants
  • Planting even more trees and plants
Just some lame post to stir up some lame jokes but well, it failed >.<
-Signing off-

p/s - I'm so retardedly sick since yesterday morning, do pray for my recovery although it's rather stable now.
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Health is Wealth

It's 3am in the morning now but I still can't seem to get my head onto the bed to sleep. Well, I actually went to sleep at 11.00 just now, knowing that something is happening to my body tonight.(Hopefully it doesn't transmogrify into coffins like in persona 3). Sadly, I woke up at around 1.30am and can't sleep since then. My cold(I know the weather is hot) caused the phlegm to get stuck in my throat and well, it causes me to have breathing difficulties and coughing non-stop that made me wake up until now. Somehow it gets worse when I'm lying on my bed.

A lot of people says that health is wealth. Well, I learnt it the hard way. Geez, wondering when can I actually sleep. Anywayz, for those of you who are wondering how I spend my time at this time of the night. Well, it's plain simple.
  • Songs and music
  • Chat (lucky me, there are 'people' who are awake to chat with me)
  • Run my 24 hours restaurant in facebook
My 24-hours restaurant which would beat McDonalds soon

I noe this is lame but well, I'm always lame especially when I'm bored
-Signing Off-
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Food Festival

Steaming hotpot
Went to Good Times Restaurant just now and had another steamboat. Well, I'll let the picture speaks for itself and make you starve a bit. I don't usually do this in my blog but well, I have my own reasons to get some people starving. Hahaha. Anyway, reached there at around 6.15pm and ate until 8.00pm. I consider it rather short because last time I went there with my friends, we ate until 9.30pm =). Anywayz, I'll just gotta exercise more soon to prevent myself from fattening.

Chicken wing hoping that I won't eat him. Sadly, that didn't happen

Would be planning to watch this movie in the future, but I can't say when it is because most of the comments of it are "scary" except for one guy(noob) who calls it lousy. What show is that you ask ? Well, it's coming soon. Not that the show is coming soon, it's that the title of the show is "Coming Soon". To show more about it, well here's the poster of the show. Seems that I'm posting more and more ghost pictures in my blog. It's becoming a ghost blog I guess.

Coming Soon Poster

Perhaps that's all for now
-Signing off-
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I came across this video from youtube and it really shocked me right on the spot. This video is about a simple lady joining Britian got talents 2009 competition thing. She'd indeed did a wonderful job that I can find no longer anywhere. This post is dedicated right here for her based on the hardship she'd faced in the past which can be read from her biography.

Click to watch the video here

Below is a simple biography of her. Despite all her problems, she endured everything and finally achieve success. Who says that people who are born with bad luck can't achieve success, do change your mind.

Boyle is the youngest of nine children and lives in Blackburn with her ten-year-old cat, Pebbles. Boyle suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, resulting in learning disabilities. Her classmates teased her because of this and her appearance. Early on she received some professional voice training in Livingston, Scotland. Boyle recorded a version of "Cry Me a River" for a charity CD in 1999. She stopped her pursuit of singing to look after her sick mother, who died in 2007 at the age of 91. Her performance in the regional finals of Britain’s Got Talent was the first time Boyle had sung after her mother's death. Boyle stated in The Washington Post that she entered the contest at the behest of her late mother, who urged her to "take the risk" of singing in front of an audience larger than her parish church.
Salutes and kudos to her !!
-Signing off-
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Alma Mater

St.Michael's Institution
Only by the name of my alma mater, many felt proud and honour. I was a Michaelian since I ever entered my primary education in St.Michael 2 at 1998. By then, I'm basically just a kid who knows nothing. Somehow, with a speed as fast as lightning, I've already left my alma mater for 4 months and counting. I do believe that the past 11 years was the best of my education for my high school studies and I'm very proud of myself being a Michaelian.

I started my secondary school life as a form 1 student in year 2004. At that particular time, I'm still a young kid with no idea what is the 'Michaelian Spirit' being mentioned by the principal at that time which I consider the best principal there was, Mr Louis. I believe everyone would agree with me that he's the best. He's the man! I joined the band at this year also and got to know my life partner. My flute

This was in year 2007 if not mistaken. Spot me^^

After so long, I do believe that this school had indeed nurtured many great leaders and students. It had really cause a great change in myself especially in my leadership abilities. I'm indeed very thankful for my alma mater for forming me into this particular shape. When it comes to form 4 and form 5, where I'm slightly old more matured, I joined the prefectorial board. Here, I've also learnt numerous leadership qualities from this particular board and I'm indeed thankful for this.

Michaelian Prefectorial Board. Again, spot me^^

Finally, to say that I care not about my alma mater is something I can never do. But alone as an individual, what can actually be done ? It takes unity and teamwork and I can say I've never regretted anything up until now.

-Signing off-
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I love TmNut

This is what happens after I post this particular post

Lightspeed !

My internet line for the past few days was very abnormally slow for the past few days. Therefore, I took the initiative to actually check out how 'fast' is my internet line provided by tmnet(streamyx) aka tmnut. I went to the official streamyx webpage and looked for the speedometer. Had the test and this is the results

102kbps is the speed of my current internet line ??
Of course, I did not trust the speed shown there cause I paid for a 1mbps line ! In fact, more than that. I thought it was a glitch or maybe there's some mistakes in calculation. So, I went to another website and check. This time it's Mcafee's speedometer.
Guess whats the result ?

Under 20kbps !!
Arrggh, I can't stand it anymore. TmNUT !! Please get ur line back to the fast line I used to receive(although it's still relatively slow). This darned line had been causing me to be unable to play and games. Not a single game can be played cause I just kept on DC-ing !

-Signing Off-

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2 down, 1 to go

 after long hours of playing
longer hours of slacking
and numerous times of kicking shadows' ass

I finally finished persona 3

Yupz, I've finished this game alright and I know I took quite a long time cause I got too bored playing too much of it considering I play in non stop since I started hitting on Persona 4. Now that I've finished p3, it's time for FES. Started the game just for a fresh look and it seems promising but the mobs are really tough. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

To update about my education

Yeapz, I'm offered this course long ago but the offer letter doesn't seem to reach at all. I planned to blog as soon as I receive the letter but it seems that I can't wait anymore. I'm going to UTAR tomorrow to claim my offer letter. lolz. Would be leaving very soon and I can't wait for it.

-Signing off-
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Blogger Award

Blogger award presented by Erlina to me
Can't say much but it's indeed a motivation to me to blog more from now on.
To continue the job, I'm passing this award to few persons in particular

I noe it's very little but these are the blogs I often visit and find it interesting 
For those who didn't get, well don't screw me up >.< 

-Signing Off-

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Movie Day

Today was another day of my life in the cinema
Went to JJ to meet up with kenghuei, wai keong and tihn chern today.
They were late so I'd hooked myself up with some bowling game and it goes on and on.
We planned to watch a movie but we found ourself stuck with some malay horror movie due to the unavailability of "underage kids" to watch Shinjuku Incident and Fast and Furious 4

What did we watch at this particular day ?
Presenting to you

Well this 'scary' poster is the poster for the movie and this is indeed the first time I watch a local movie. Shockingly, the cinema is packed with people and needless to say, most of them were malays except for the 4 idiots which includes myself ^^

Comments ?
Being my first horror movie watched in the cinema, I don't have much to say. But to make a conclusion, I laughed more than I feel scared in this movie =) Some scenes are just too funny even if their intention were to scare the viewers. 

Means ?
Epique Phailure
It's good for a casual movie though 
You'll laugh your ass off till the end of the movie. lol .

What's the best selling groceries being sold this week ?

Due to the fact that everybody likes to eat eggs it's easter, eggs are the hottest groceries being sold currently in  all stores. But, I'm wondering why is it even celebrated

It's not even stated in the Bible
It's not commanded to be done by God
What does the bunny related to Christianity ?

This are what makes me wonder nowadays although I believe that no one would be able to answer my question. Oh well, that's life. Anyway, for the others who celebrates it, I do hope that it doesn't offend any of you.

-Signing off-
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Sportsday from a different perspective

SMI had their sportsday just today and of course, I went there today just to visit/waste some time in school rather than rotting at home. Nothing much to be said before that cause everything was basically the same as always esp with the band which I've been facing for 4 years in sportsday.

Well then, what's with the perspective thing which I wrote in my title ?
Well for the past 4 years, I'm the one at the center of the field
That's where I'm called a 

I'm the photographer and that makes me a

Anyway to cut the crap, sportsday 2009 was as usual this year and the performance by MMB was ongoing as usual continued with the competitions such as 'tarik tali', 100m finals etc. Too bad, I have no pictures on those since I have no interest in those. Well, the final programme of the day was the so-called traditional marching competition for classes.

Looking at kids marching
Looking at normal boys marching
Looking at old boys and girls marching

Thats all I've been watching for that day and it practically ends with some results and speech. 

One thing I realised during this particular day is somehow very simple

When I'm the spectator,
 critics comes out so easily like flowing water
When I'm the performer,
 I consider everything that I performed is GOOD

Therefore, I urge viewers/spectators to stop the critics on performers cause I do believe that the performers always wants their best whenever they do a performance and performers not to be contented with your performance cause it might not just be as good as you think so

"Talk less and do more"
This would be the best way to describe everything

-Signing off-
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Fresh Face

Blog Banner of My Musical Journal

Just changed my blog template all over again.
Perhaps this look would be better than the "all-black" template
The coding took me hours and hours of trial and error and it's 100% hard


Here's the outcome

I gotta say that the time spent was worth it rather than sitting at home doing nothing

-Signing off-
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Sunday with a difference

If you people knows me well, you would know that I goes to church every Sunday morning followed by a slacking off session in the afternoon all the way until night falls
(I know that I'm lazy)

On this particular day - 5/4/2009 -
I did something different at last and to comment about it. 
Well, it is kinda weird yet inspiring but at the same time dissapointing.

To tell you what I did for the whole day is simple. I followed my friends and went and take a look, a peep, observed or whatever u want to say of the churches around Ipoh. For the past 18 years, I was in a nutshell, not know what is happening around me but right after yesterday, I finally understood what the elder members of my church is talking about all along.

Apart from everything, I'm thankful that I'm actually placed onto the right place and is not by following the majorities.

Matthew 7:13 - 14 
 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and fewthere be that find it. 

Guess that I'll have to be studying more onto it to seek the truth from now on.
That means

-Back to the bible-

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