Christmas Is Coming !!!
It's the birthday of christ !!
Happy Birthday to you !!!

Are you sure about that ??
For those who love God and wants to follow his words
do visit this web and read the article
I'm not here to stop everything
Its just that I feel that I should be voicing these things out

It's okay to celebrate but not to the extent of treating it as Christ's Birthday

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I'm Back !!

I'm finally back from hiatus(I hope). 
Was kinda busy for the last 1 week if u consider fun as busy though I was off from Ipoh for 6 days already. Where was I then ?? Well, had been to the annual YDP organized by Klang COC. It's in Gunung Ledang.. Around that area I guess since I dont have to know !! I'm not driving there.. Yet the most memorable part is the journey to Klang and back to Ipoh from Klang ... Each journey is like ... 4 hours 30 mins long !!! and the worst part is, I CAN'T SLEEP.. Practically I've been dreaming all along in the bus waiting for it to turn on its nitro ... But well, it didn't

Photo with some of the ppl there at the end of the camp

Pretty much enjoyed the time in gunung ledang.. Initially wasn't looking forward to it due to the introvertness in myself where I'm quiet all the time but well, I'm glad that I'd actually been able to start knowing people around me already... Everything there is memorable.. The people there, the overgrowned lizard, the cat who loves coming into our dorm and the freezing shower... I'm just regretting that I'd wasted the 1st day being so quiet bcoz I was preparing for my devotion which clashed with so many ppl (I prepared 3 devotions, ended up to continue with my initial devotion)
Don't havta explain do I ?

Anywayz, really had lots of fun there but things end very fast... The next thing I realised is the camp is over and good byes come flowing in... I'm really gonna miss you ppl coz I wont be meeting u ppl till nez year considering the fact that I do not know whether I'm going or not for next year's YDP.

Me and my group members (handsomes and pretties)


After that
There comes the farewell for the form 5 band members in SMI
Nothing much to say about that actually but well
I'm glad that ended
Many things happened in the past when I was in the band
Perhaps that's where I actually forget where my priorities are and should be
It's time to 'fong sao' (let go)
coz in the end
everything in this world would eventually come to an end

Form 5 group (not all are here though)
Form 4 and Form 5 woodwinders

Message to my fellow bandsmen
Thanks for organizing this farewell for the form 5's.. I'm very grateful for that as I know that there's a lot of trouble doing that... It's been fun working with you ppl and well, I've learnt a lot from you ppl...Somehow I do not wanna leave everything like this but I believe that my time had ended. In fact, I wanted say something in the lecture hall but I stopped myself from doing so... I tried to fit in sometimes but I realised that I'm not at the correct path anymore... You ppl had gave me many ups and downs.. And even for the form 5's, I believe that you guys are the one that formed myself now... 

From being someone who is hot tempered, demanding, selfish, unreasonable and etc etc etc to the current me.. I believe that everything listed above would be the same as to now if you guys never change me... I whole hearted thank you all for this.. Most importantly, I've learnt how to be a leader and not a follower.. I do believe that I'm never good at leading something as all I can do is to follow the flow but leading the band had led me to many trials and error and although I believe that I'd failed many and caused havoc in a lot of sense... I've learnt something which can be used in the future

many thanks to all of you and good luck in your future undertakings


I take my leave

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On Hiatus

Hence the title, it's been a long time since I ever posted anything in this blog.. Well, its practically because I dont know what to post anymore .. Everyday is like the same for me .. Eat, Sleep and Game... Thats all I see in my life currenlty .. In fact, I'm still gaming now... Hahaha.. Why am I updating this then since I'm so busy gaming ?? Well, basically I dont want this blog to die out.. So I've decided to give this a little update although i practically dont know what to write in this blog now.

Many ppl took their license to drive, many went to work, many went outstations, for camps, jobs, and even studies (this are ppl who can't wait to get drowned onto books).. But I, Jeffery chan is not doing anything at all.. I'm basically slacking off everyday, everytime and everywhere =) hmmm. perhaps I should be finding something to do already.. 

Anywayz, I would be going for my church's YDP tomorrow and thus I wont be updating for the next one whole week(as if I would if I'm in Ipoh). Pray that everything will go on smoothly and well.. Till then, I think I'm signing off from here.. Nothing much to write about my life.. It's just waay too smooth with no ups and downs..
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