Back in Ipoh

Well, after many weeks of studying and the 6 exams paper being completed since the past 2 weeks. I'm glad to say that I'm finally back in Ipoh for my semester break. Didn't actually count the days of how long I'll be back here in Ipoh but I'll most probably be here up till the 18th since my next sem starts at the 19th October. Which is, 1 day before my birthday. Great, seems that I'm celebrating my birthday in Kampar (not that I usually celebrate it in Ipoh either way).

Alright, so what am I up to since 2 days ago?
Well, due to the fact that my internet connection in Kampar is SO slow, of course, the first thing to do is to download everything I can and I want and this includes lots of songs, lots of videos and lots and lots of games. Oh yeah, did anyone tell you that I actually 'bought' myself a birthday present?

If not, well, I bought a PSP-3002 just few days back
Perhaps that explains why am I downloading so much *ahem*
I think you get what I mean anyway

Perhaps that's all for now, can't type much since what I do everyday is download, eat and sleep. I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts II also since Kingdom Hearts 358/2 is coming out followed by the one in the PSP. I'm gonna go ahead and finish all this when it comes out. At the meantime, let me finish Kingdom Hearts II again first.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days - Roxas' story

I think that's all for now, I'll continue to update this in the near future when there's anything worth remembering or perhaps when Aliens start attacking planet earth. That would be when you can be sure of a post in my blog

-Signing off-

Been days since we've parted
I'd missed every single moment we spent
The joy, sorrow, pain and enjoyment
That's what kept me moving on
I'll remember it forever and ever
I just want to let you know
I <3 U

P/s :- I'm still not used to use the PC in the living room. When I'm blogging, I felt like being watched and I certainly don't like this!

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Your's or not?

I've been thinking a lot these days on the recent happenings around. Perhaps I've been thinking too much or maybe I just enjoy thinking far beyond what I should actually think of. Sometimes I do wonder whether the principals which I held on all these years are correct, or wrong. Rather, I'm quite clear in some of the "realities" which are happening in the current world now

Had you ever gave your everything in something you want the most and end up getting none? All these while, I have the belief that nothing is impossible and as long as you do not give up, things would eventually fall into place if there's an effort being laid. But well, now I know whats the gospel truth behind that. It can be explained with only one phrase

If it's meant to be yours, it'll be yours eventually no matter what happens.
If it isn't, sad to say that it'll never be yours no matter what you do.


I think I've been taught this phrase the very harsh way. Harsh up till the extent of me not even able to stand up on my own feet once again but well, I think I've stood up now so everything is actually history. Life is like that sometimes.

Perhaps another phrase of mine would go like this

The good will always be the one left behind
The evil and cunning continues to move forward.

Is it the truth or not?
Well, I do not know but it seems to be true to me

-Signing off-
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I'm okay

Big apologies to my crazy post yesterday, wasn't in a good form I guess. Anyhow, everything had calmed down I guess and well, I can't say that I've recovered totally and is able to continue on without problem. Sometimes, things just can't be healed like this. It's just gonna be a scar in my life from now on. Sometimes, life is just unfair.

Things that you dislike and hate would come into your life one by one
Things in which u want and hope it'll come true, will never appear in your life at all

Perhaps that's the cruel fact of this world
To those who are wondering what am I talking about, (I know you people are blur). Yes, I'm facing this problem known as the BGR. If you understand it, then you'll probably understand. If not, well go google around. Sometimes, you just have to put in some effort to find out things.
One single fact which I'm very sure is this,
I'm not giving up this easily.
I'm going to continue moving on

I believe I need not to explain this anymore.
I've my reasons and it's very clear for me.

Life's tough,
Perhaps I should had gone back to the past and enjoy my kids' life

One a brighter note,
The final paper for this trimester is this Wednesday(23/9/09)
After that, I'm getting out of this place for good
Perhaps I need a break too.

-Signing off-
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Quotes representing me

It's now 6.35am and the clock is still ticking.
I'm blogging now but it's not because I woke up too early,
it's just that I didn't sleep at all.
I do not know whether I should be happy or not from these circumstances
Being awakened from a dream I don't want to be awakened from.

"Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion."

Indeed, at this moment of time, I simply have no one to refer to anymore.
I used to have you to look and refer to when there are problems and ordeals
But it seems that it won't work in this case.

"Who do you turn to when the only person who can stop you from crying,
is the one who is making you cry?"


I really do not know whether I should be happy because I've met you or not.
For you really brought joy into my life, yet the worst sorrow I've ever faced.
Sometimes I do wonder, should I be happy or sad?

"Should I smile because you're my friend, or cry because that's all you'll be?"

You told me in many ways that you loved me.
I believed in it and I never doubted it.
But, what's the use of it now?

"So you love me, but you just don't want me?"

Comparing with loads of people we've saw, everyone says that we match up well
Sadly, I've got to known you too late.
IF everything were to be earlier,
would the situation be better?

"We are the perfect couple, we're just not in the perfect situation."

Just some quotes of sadness for those who share the same sorrow with me.
I have one more paper for my final examinations,
wish me luck in pursuing my target
Till then, good bye

-Signing off-

"If I had never met you.
I wouldn't like you.
If I had never liked you,
I would have never loved you.
If I had never loved you,
I'd never miss you.
But I did, I do, and I will.

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Exams ahead!

Had been wanting to update this blog these few days but I end up slacking off and falling asleep in the end. Anyway, I would be having my final exams from tomorrow onwards up to 23th of this month and then well, I'll be back in Ipoh! Hope to get hooked on with my friends in Ipoh when I get back and at the same time feeling sad because I won't be in the same class with most of my old Tb-6 classmates anymore due to the screwed up system of UTAR

Went to Golden Sand with most of the Tb6-er and well, it might be the last

I've finally obtained all of my coursework marks.
Not very satisfied with it but well, it'll do well I guess and hopefully
Public Speaking - 42.1/50
Mass Comm
- 34.1/40
Accounting - 32.3/40
- 35.95/40
- 33.2/40
- 40.25/50
Conclusion of the coursework marks?
Well, to get A for all subjects, I need to score at least 80/100 for the final exam
Can't say that I'm ready for the exam but I think I've did my part
Just hope and pray that everything goes on well!
Or else, I'll go nuts and start jumping off from the second floor!
-Signing off-

To dream, to endure and to wait
Hoping for changes to take place
I can't imagine any possibilities ahead


I'll be right here waiting

Because I believe it's worth trying
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Happy Birthday!

It's been quite some time since I last updated and now I'm back with a dedication post for someone's birthday which obviously, falls today (2nd September 2009)
Who's that you're asking?
Well, it's

My mummy's birthday!! =)

Well, nothing much to write but I would like to dedicate this post to you.
Indeed, I know that being some 'annoying' kid in this family, I've caused a lot of problem
Thanks for being so patient in bringing me up until this stage. (I know its not easy)
Now that I'm away, perhaps it's time for me to carry on moving forward.
Thank you for everything you've done for me!!
I love ya!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

P/s:- Don't kill me cuz I've uploaded this picture coz I just realised that I do not have much pictures of you and me together. Sighs, really need to take some soon.

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