Trust ....
An easy word yet very hard to express and practiced.What is exactly the meaning of the word trust ?? Or perhaps does this word even exist in our human life ?? It seems that there's a lot of things that I know not about this world. When would i actually know all these things instead of being under the bush all along ?? Sometimes , the people closest to you are the ones which you turn to when u are scared , afraid or down . But why do things doesn't get better by making the ones you always turn to is the one who actually gave you all these trouble ?? What should be done if things happen in this way ?? How are we suppose to get rid of these problems ?? Seriously , I do not know. Things had been harsh to me but I know that worrying doesn't solve the problem. Band competition date is brought forward for around 2 months .. maybe even 3 months which is around late march. What can be done at a time like this if there's no unity at all ?? I'm doubting a lot of things now. I'm doubting other people , myself or maybe the word that suites best is everyone. What shall I do ??
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Hey Peeps, it's me again yeah. Have been playing lots of real-time strategy war games nowadays. I dont know why but i seemed to be hooked up to Age Of Empires III too much till i have to play few rounds before I go to bed. But the funny thing is, through gaming, I realised something very important in life which is applied in these games too. Hahaha , a lot say that gaming is pointless but here am I telling you how gaming helps u in your thinking. Well, I've been playing quite a lot and I started playing the expert level of gaming in this game and well, they ARE really experts. >.< . Never have I got the chance to actually defeat them at all. But the main question is why ?? Well, let me tell you why. There are plannings being done even before the game started and of cause being a AI player, most of the things plan will go on very smoothly. In the word planning , lots of definition can be acquired.

Planning can mean to be setting up everything so that there'll be no mistake , working up very hard , or even strategize and fix what you wanna do for the next 1 hour of the game. Of cause there's an aim to win it grandly and nicely. So what does it help at all ?? Try uploading these stuffz, input it into your mind in our reality world now. In your studies, do you ever do any simple planning of what are you going to do even after step foot in the school compound ? Or do you have any plannings of what are you going to do after a certain activity is done ... Practically and theorically i can tell you that out of 10 person, only a number of 1 to 2 person would do that. Wow , where am I actually going now. Well you see, the thing that actually struck me onto writing of this planning topic is due to my unpreparedness which happened to me all the time where last minute things are being done. Things which is done by me is always a last minute action and things will start to stress out if it starts at the wrong way. Lets put into my SPM this year. Well, I should actually start planning from now but frankly I dont feel like doing it which the reason can't be found in my mind now. I've made a promise to myself that by February 2008, I'll start planning my study programme and I'll follow through it to face my SPM end of this year. Would it be a success ?? Well It WILL !!!

Went through the net last night and I actually found that that dynasty warrior ( US ) version is realeasing this year on february. Man , I like this game so much but then I wont be able to get to play this game so early on february. Why ?? Coz, it's only released in the Ps3. I only have a Ps2 and I wont be able to buy it till i actually save enough which would be at around 1.3k if I'm not mistakened. Ps2 nowadays are plain worthless since I dont see any new games around compatible with Ps2. All my favourite game such as final fantasy , dynasty warrior and those cool graphical games are moving to Ps3 and it's definitely a loss for me as i can't play those game at least until july if things gets right and I have enuf cash when combined with my bros. Hahaha. Well at the bottom there would be the trailer for this game. Trust me, its one of the best game i ever played. Mass killing mobs is fun and easy to play. Lemme add some pictures into it shall I ??

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Well first of all, sorry for not updating for so long ... It's just that nowadays I feel so tired and exhausted after so many things happen and there's so much work to be done on that day. Frankly, I actually slept 2 nights on the sofa just like that for no reason. Guess I'm dosing off so easy is due to the tiredness i face throughout the whole day but sometimes i do feel curious of why am I so tired since there are also people who actually asked me that. Well, 2 days ago was my bands' induction and yesterday was of coz my band 1st pract for the form 1's to come.

The induction was really crazee as stupid news actually came to be that our induction can't be held due to mr woon's send off. Thank God it's not true and so it's carried on eh .. Everything was quite okay i guess for that. Performances was hell of a blasting off only. I can't even listen to the sound of the flute I'm playing. But hey , the result is quite convincing actually 78 form 1's turned up on saturday which means we are at the top. Scouts have 74 and band have 78. Good or bad ?? Well practically I haven't actually seen the members since wai hin took charge of the members on that day. Sometimes, it's indeed very encouraging to see seniors around to support us. Is it truely the 'Michaelian Spirit' which causing them to do this ?? Or it's just they are plain boring and therefore they come. Hahah , I guess it'll remain a mystery for now.

Age Of Empires 3
Well, practically I got hooked up on this game instead of Dota now. This game is frankly superb in every aspects of it. Some might say it's quite old and out. For me, this game is really one of the good strategy war games out there. Played for around 3 days already and I'm like playing in hard mode now. Man , when can i challenge the expert level. Waves of armies just keep coming in that I can't stand. Well, I downloaded this game. So it's exceptionally free. Yea !! U heard it. FOC !! Well, just here to share a bit about it eh... Good thing is, i found a new game. Bad thing is, I can't stop gaming now !!! My Japanese army is soo strong and yet is beaten by AI players. OMG. Hahah , I'm crapping around here now anyhow so please dont mind k :D

Back to the sad thing, I cut my hair already. Damn !!! Hate it man when i actually tried not cutting my fringe for so long till it actually passed my ears. Now I have to cut it because of school. Haihzz . Sad thing but well, can't do anything actually so I'll just have to move on with it. I promised myself not to cut my hair after my band competition. I'll cut after competition and then thats it !! Till SpM over also I wont cut my hair already. Heheh, it's really one more year till the end of my secondary school life unless i actually go to form 6. Frankly, I dont wanna go back to form 6 due to the school rules actually. So hopefully i can get good results and I'll RUN to other place. Hahaha . Well for those who actually wonder how do I look now.

Do I Look Weird. Man , sad to say this but it'll go on till at least september or july. So sorry to disappoint those who love my long hair. Heheh. I Cut till like this just to satisfy one person which is my teacher. For your info is ONE teacher not teachers and its really stupid la. Swt, why am I actually still talking about it when it cannot be changed anymore?? Hey nice toilet i have there :)

Most of you might be wondering why do this picture of a guy appears in my blog this time. I've changed ?? Hahaha. Basically I started liking this guy's song. Raymond Lam Fung is his name and he's like starting everything from acting in the TVB drama, now he released an album and I actually got the whole album with me now. Practically, his songs are superb. Very emo-tic and have really good expression in it. I simply salute him for his capabilities in doing such things and producing this superb song. I wonder, can i actually sing that good ?? with these high pitch and nice voice ?? Hahaha, I'm not too sure about that actually though I'm actually trying to sing quite a lot nowadays. Music and songs are like my life since ... I also dono when... Hahaha... Anyhow, here I'll upload this song which is seriously one of my favourites so hope u like it eh ...

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Procrastination. Indeed a very strong word which is actually looked down. Many thinks and feel that procrastination is something very normal which every human have in their nature and it's okay to have it in our life. Sadly, no one knows that this simple word which continue to move on in our life, it'll definitely cause a big problem in our life. Well, this is one of the main problem in me myself or even for every friend of mine. What is it ?? It's just a simple "later la" which would cause it to happen. No doubt many aims had been set and although it's right in front of you. Most people wouldn't do anything and will say "I'll do it later". Does it includes into myself ?? When I promised myself that i would be studying and no more last minute things should be done ?? Ironically, things that I've vowed and promised myself happens to the opposite side.

I wanna do a lot of things but whats actually holding me back ?? Is it the fear of doing wrong ?? Tiredness from overloadings of activities ?? Or it's just a plain word which everyone knows. LAZY . Well, I really do not know about it. Perhaps it's something which would be shown sooner or later but till then I'll continue to seek it. School had started for around 5 days and gosh, time passes really slow as I'm already waiting for the chinese new year holidays where I can finally get some rest. Overloading homeworks, holiday assigments, and even tuition can kill 9/10 of my energy everyday. Even with the computer in front of me, I dont have the energy to endure forward. Thats one of the reason I update this blog quite irregularly nowadays. But well, as posted in my new year's resolution. I'll continue updating it more..

Continue to pray for my life so that it'll go on smoothly as this year, I'll be really facing a lot of challenges and obstacle. Sadly speaking, I hate those but without those, improvements can never happen yea. Guess I'll have to strive forward from now one. Well, guess that's it then. I'm offt to bed now. Good nitez :D
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Reflection Onto Year 2007

Thus the topic , I'm very sure that most of you will say that there's no point looking back to the past because things which passed is passed and can't be returned. Well, thats definitely not the way I deal with ways because we move on and be better through the problems and things that we've faced on the past. I myself am glad that I've changed a lot for the betterment since the year 2007 and that year have passed. Perhaps its too late to even reflect back since it should be done on 1st of January and not now ?? Well, I woke up at 5am just now due to the tiredness i get from school and tuition today. Went to school at 7am and reaching home at 4pm followed by a tuition at 5.30pm and continues till 10pm. Finally I reached home at 10.30pm and have my dinner. Frankly, I'm exhausted and i just tend to sleep on my house sofa which I always do :D

Back to what i want to say is like back to January 2007 where I started my form 4 life. At that time, sad to say i'm still my "kiddy" type of person where I get angry easily for no reason. In fact I don't like much people in my school. Especially teachers , well you know who it is and i do not have to mention it. Many obstacles had been faced and it's definitely hard and painful throughout the year but I'm glad about it because some people don't even have the chance to face this kind of stuff.

This year is also the year where I exprience one of my greatest lost or perhaps one of my band's greatest loss since I joined the band where we lost to our greatest rival. Tears are shed during that moment. Many of us are heartbrokened when we even hear the news. But, there's one point that everyone must know that is nothing can be done. Many question me why most of them shed tears except me when the results are released. Frankly, I'm just putting up a tough stand out there and kept everything to myself. Up till today, I realised most of them had that memory brainwashed but for me, it's still clear in my mind.

And then it came to 070707. A very special date and it's also the day where I'm given the Band Leader post. Frankly, at that time I was glad that I'm given the chance finally to actually lead the band with my own hands. Great visions have been set and high aims was what we plan to grasp. It's just that time that I didn't realise that I am given the chance to bring up the band, but at the same time, it's also a chance where i can actually destroy it if things are not done properly. Through this, I simply learnt that things are not as easy as it is seen to be. Often I and my friends complain that exco's are not doing their job well and slacking off. But at the other hand now, I can't say that me or the team is doing our job perfectly or well also. I used to be one of the people that opposes a lot of decisions of the exco's and definitely I face the same thing now where people opposes me. How does it feel ?? Well perhaps if you people wanna try then you should be doing it and you'll know what is the feeling of it.

I've faced lost , sadness and many other bad things. At the same time, good things also happen. God is fair eh ?? Haha .. with that, it reflects back to me to 310807 where the national day parade is held and my band emerged champion for DM and Band. But at the same time, it's also one of the worse days of my life where I actually blasted out ALL my feelings throughout the entire time I am in the band since the last time i actually blasted out, which is around 3 years ago also. Perhaps it's was my mistake, perhaps it was not fully mine or whatever it is. It's not important anymore as there's definitely no reason to debate over it anymore. Like what most people say, the important thing is to find the solution and not to seek for the reasons of the problems. Gotta say its not easy, but as men ourselves, things had to be faced just like this. What we can do now is to just continue striving forward and move on through our life as if it's our last day on this earth as we all know that we'll lose it anytime and anywhere since the time we were borned

Bleh, I think I've been bragging too much about my band scene. I shall move on to my studies. As everyone know, my studies have been dropping. Yeah, dropping. Gotta say that form 4 life isn't hard. But at the same time, it ain't easy at all. Practically , it's my first year which i actually studied for exam and it's also the year which i actually got the worst results. Perhaps it's due to the classes and tuition which i skipped, or the tiredness which affects my ability to focus. These reasons seems very true. But all of it only comes to one conclusion, the problem is in me where I didn't manage my time properly and not being well organized. It is definitely something that must be changed ASAP as it'll really affect this year since it'll be very hectic and much more tougher compared to past years. SPM ?? Most of you will think that I'm carefree about it, well I tell u that I'm taking it very seriously ( Just not the time to show it ). Well, can't do anything now except to pray that I'll be able to do well in my next exam yea. Wish me good luck. Heheh

Well , I'd have many other stuffz to talk about, but i think it's kinda long already for I've been typing for the past 20 minutes. Perhaps if I'm able to recollect my feelings in my past, I'll be writing more about it. Why do I write so long ?? Well, some commented that my post are way too short. Thats why I'm writing it LONG now. Hahaha, well, it's kinda late but early now. Guess i'll have to take a short break later before going to school for my band practice yea. Till then, wish me luck and good luck to you guys too yeah.

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School season starts again today onwards .... It's indeed very hard to grasp hold on what's gonna happen in this year 2008. Well, it's just a matter of time when i once again step foot onto my school and class to study again ( Not to say that i go to school most of the time bcoz of band ). Just wish me luck in my life during year 2008 k. Really gotta control myself this year. My final year of secondary school life unless i go for form 6. This is the time which I must focus everything i have and had and put in on a final push ( Lolz , Dota meh ).

Hmmm, getting late already so I think I'm gonna sleep now yea. Good Night Everyone. Oh yeah, just for your information which a lot of you have mistakened. NO . I'm not quitting any gaming especially for Dota !! I'm just gonna control myself yea .. no more addictive gamings already. FOCUS !!!
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Happy New Year ...
Well , year 2007 hav come to an end and it's time to move on to year 2008 ... Whats up in year 2008 u may ask ?? Well, theorically this year would be a very hectic year for me as there's too much things to be done and the time is little. Guess I'll just have to do my best to accomplish all of them , or perhaps most of them. I'll write down a list of my resolution shall I ??
  • My Final Band Competition 2008 ( Top 2 placings )
  • Do Good In My Studies , SPM ( 9 - 10 A's )
  • Focus On Important Stuff And Avoid Procrastination
  • Dare To Speak Out More Rather Than Being Quiet
  • Update This Blog Regularly !!

Well , theorically thats what i wanna do, but whether Can I do it or not , I'm not too sure.. But where there's a will , there's a way... Believe in this folks. It really does happen. Pray that I'll be able to do this then. To end this post, allow me to wish ya'll a Happy new year.

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