Calm before the storm

Well, it's been a while (perhaps just a little while) since my last post and I'm glad to say that I'm still alive and happy here in Kampar. Currently undergoing my 13th week out of 14 week of studies and lecture and well, we are all now preparing for a war. Whats the war called? It's called end term exam. Hahaha. Anyway, to cut the crap, I've finished all assignments and presentation and I'm glad that it's over, for now I'll have a whole load of crap assignments the next trimester

As usual, Tb-Sixers cam-whoring session after presentations are normal
Lets have a look at the pictures

My group for Computer studies (Xue Ying is missing though)

Jackie, Jeffery, Sharon and Hands(Wai Keong)

Some shoes (guess which is mine) -.-

Jeffery and S.H.E. =)

Uh, I know I'm lame but the camera-MAN is lamer :)

Anyway, as the title stated

The calm had begun
Students starts to get indulged in books
People like me starts to get lame and sick
All used to prepare themselves for this day
Final exam day

OK I'm crapping a lot
Seems that blogger doesn't want me anymore here so tata!

-Signing off-

Putting back everything aside
Patiently waiting for the day to come
Hoping for a change in everything
Surely, there would be no regrets

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Letting go

Perhaps this is the word which I should use to express myself now.
I do realise that sometimes, thing meant to be will always meant to be
Opposing it, things aren't meant to be will never meant to be yours.
Rather than to continue to pursue this particular 'pain'
Why not stop all this meaningless pain?

It ain't supposed to happen in the first place
Why did I put this meaningless dream into this particular picture?
Perhaps, this is the only way to solve this problem

I'm cruel?
Well, perhaps so. But this is the only way to stop things from happening again.

-Signing off-

Now it's time to face the truth
I will never be with you
Now that it had come into this situation
All that I can say is "I love you"
Sorry for the trouble I've caused
It's time to end everything

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Simplicity mainly exist in the mind of the young and also babies
As for us teen and adults, simplicity is something which would never exist in our life
Somehow, I do wonder what would happen if everything in this world is so simple that it's either

Yes or No
or Wrong
Joy or Sorrow

How good would it be if everything on earth would be this simple.
By having this kind of simplicity, one wouldn't have to waste so much time on hopeless questions
I wouldn't have to think so much either on so many things happening around me
Just a short post this time to allow me to continue thinking

-Signing off-

Pondering upon the midnight star
Hoping for the best to reveal far
But if it doesn't happen
What ought can ever be done?

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Over the limits

Had you ever felt that all things are actually getting onto your nerves?
Things which you think that had gotten better turns out the opposite?
Everything positive evolves into something so bad?
You think that this is bad enough? Think again because

Worst of all

You can't show or express it to anyone and it must be kept a secret!!
I ain't sure how long can I deal with it anymore and sometimes I really do enjoy sleeping as it can actually solve all the problems. Allowing me to forget everything and just leave it like that, continuing my dreams in slumberland.

How good would it be if sleeping could be eternal

Mixture of feelings indulged me
One on the decision to continue pursuing
Another asked to let go of everything
What should be done?

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Choice making

I'm not sure of what's gotten into me but I think my blog is going to be a philosophical blog very soon if this continues on. Yeah, I realised I've been posting a lot of things in regards to philosophies and I know some people hates it but well, these are the things that comes into my mind nowadays since my life is so monotonous peaceful here in Kampar

Not sure of what am I supposed to write about but I think I wanna share some terms I learnt in my Principle of Economics class in UTAR

This simple term is actually Opportunity Cost
In simplicity, it's something that we actually sacrifice to gain something else which we want.

In life, there are just too many choice and alternatives which we can actually choose. Obviously, we can never choose all of them to be in our life but we can always make a choice on which one would we be choosing it. There are several factors which affects these decisions which includes money, self satisfaction, guilt or sometimes, there aren't any reasons at all.

But in the end, all these come into one single conclusion. We still need to make decisions and choices in our life, no matter the reason.

Some may choose to avoid
Some may choose to ignore
Some may choose to run


No one ever succeeded

I've tried it myself and it's proven, we can't escape from making choices in life
Perhaps I'm a very selfish person living on this planet,
I choose to satisfy my own needs although I try to suit the preferences of others too.

Decisions are never easy to be made
But sometimes, decisions are the only way to solve problems

Do it, take the action which you think is right
And that is all that matters in the end

It's your choice after all

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Slight updates

I think I need to update the blog to prevent it from dying off. I've been updating my post quite a lot lately but I end up deleting it. I wonder why do I post when I'm deleting them one by one after that? Anyway, to write more about this post. I'm here to say that I'm still alright. Although I got some running nose here and there all the time, I'm still here to say I'm healthy.

Wednesday was the economic presentation day and that's where most of my classmates and I wore our formal attire to campus. Uh, everything went well I supposed but since it's a 2 hour preparation presentation, I can't say that I'm quite and very satisfied with the result although I havent get the marks yet. Anyway, to show u what my class did after everything, I'll show u some pictures.

Yi Xiang and I

Some of the guys

KK and myself

The ones presenting on that day

Chuen Chie, Yi Xiang and Yours sincerely

To prevent your eyes from straining, I've actually deleted a few pictures in my list so that it won't appear in my blog which would strain your eyes to the extent of spoiling it. So, you do not have to worry about obscene things. Hopefully that there won't be any problem with my deleting system.


Oh nooo!!! It should be censored!!

-Signing off-

I want to be the angels in the fairytale
To turn into wings which would protect you
You must believe that we would be like the fairytales
With a 'happily ever after' ending
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It's now 5.03am and I have the urge to blog for no reason. Perhaps the early dozing off last night was the effect of me waking up so early, stuck at home with nothing to do actually made me feel like blogging. But, deep inside me I feel like going to the lake again to stare blankly into space and start pondering on myself but sadly, doing that would eventually make me end up having another "imaginary friend" by my side. So I'm staying at home!

7 weeks more till the end of this particular semester. I wonder what would happen in the future? I really hope that something can actually take place but I understand that is something that no one can actually decide and do something. Perhaps the word 'hope' which I posted in my previous entry is the only adrenaline which keeps me going on.


Guess I should really start to appreciate the people around me
The time that I spent with them, hopefully it'll give an impact to them
My only hope is to leave something inside them
Anything other than that, is a bonus

-Signing off-

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.

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Adrenaline of mine

I believe everyone of us have something to pursue. Something that we really want and something that we actually strive for. No doubt that things would never be easy to be obtained and well, that is the cruel fact that everyone of us, including myself have to admit. Yet the question is, why do people still manage to gather all their strength and energy to go for it? what is the adrenaline that cause us to move forward and face all the problems that would cause pain and sorrow to us?

Perhaps, the adrenaline of this particular thing is called hope. A hope that there would be a change. A hope that something would happen. A hope that there's always a way to move forward and a hope which everyone believe that things will change if there's a will. Nothing is impossible perhaps? I'm not too sure about that.

But, I do believe that hope exist and am believing in its existence up till now.
And I'm will wait for this hope to unveil.

-Signing off-

I wonder how we can survive

This romance
But in the end if I'm with you
I'll take the chance
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The true value

It's once again whereby I have too much time to use up since I'm not in the form to study, nor in a form to do research for my presentations next week. In the end, I end up being in a dilemma in getting the correct definition for the word value. Not very much into the definition but on which particular thing we should put our value into.

Business minded people would be asking us to put our value into things which would bring profit to us. Things that don't bring any benefit or good results to us should not be done because it would only waste our time.

Religious groups would be asking us to put our value into things above rather than the things in this world. Things on earth is actually temporary and it don't make much difference since at the end of the day, we would only get to look at it, not owning it at all.

There are also some other groups which claim that the experience is the most important and valuable things which we can get in our life. The outcome don't matter as long as we actually obtained something from it. In this case, it's the experience and the memories which we obtain throughout the process.

Also, there are groups of people who say that family is the most valuable things in our life. They are the ones who brought us up and they are the ones whom we can actually find and go to if we are facing problems and trials. I believe that most of the people who went away from their family for a period of time would realise this particular fact.

Finally, there are people who takes friendship as their most valuable asset. They have a perception that friends are one of the most important thing in our life as they are the one who are closest to us despite of our family members. Therefore, they are one of the most important things in our life

Now, the biggest question is actually this. What is actually MY valuable things in my life? Frankly, I do not know. At some point of time, I say that it is the experience that matters. After some time of thinking, I do feel that experience without outcome is also useless as in the end, it's still a failure. That's where I'm now in a dilemma in this particular matter. Well, that's life. The only way to get the answer is to get out of life. Which means, R.I.P. Hahaha.

-Signing off-

Why bother to look for the supposed heaven?
Because of you, I no longer want to wander off
I'd rather be ordinary and it doesn't matter if i don't possess anything
When I have you in my heart
It's already heaven

P/s :- I do realise that I've been starting to look into the meaning of everything that is happening to me nowadays. Perhaps the meaning of things is actually the most important thing in life?
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Half way through

As written in the title, yes! I'm half way through my semester now that it's the 9th week of the entire trimester and well, I think things had been going pretty well for these days (if it hadn't been well, you'll see me blogging very often) But to summarize what happened for the past 1 week, actually nothing happened. lolz. perhaps that's why there's no post at all but I'm forced to post here to prevent my blog from dying off. I think this time, I'll let the pictures do the talking for the things that had been happening for the past weeks. Am just too lazy to put it into words

Kampar being an easy going town, we are getting crazy like this =)
But I must say, the scenery here is superb!

Some of the group photosSeems that I need to start 'introducing' some of the friends I got to know here in UTAR already. Well, I'll leave it for the next post.

-Signing off-

Tiada lagi kata cintamu
Takkan lagi ku bersama mu
Biar ku simpan semua
Kenangan ku bersamamu

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