Ended And A New Chapter Begins

And well, boreness is haunting me already
Everyday I'll just wake up and game the whole day

I practically can't believed that the day almost all of the form 5's are waiting were just a boring one.. Practically I still can do anything at all ... yet ... I have so much things I wanna do but practically I'm still lazying around here ... Some might ask what do I expect for this year's SPM result of mine ?? Well, we'll see after 5 months perhaps .. Dont wanna talk bout it here coz it's quite anti-climax here as it is HISTORY now.. I'll never ever sit back for SPM ever again ... Unless I failed SPM which is by failing BM .. Now,  would I ?? lolz
Anywayz, the night after SPM was fun .. At least I think it is .. But I think it's a bit pro-longed (you would understand what I mean).. We went to MP for some steamboat .. We'll, it's already the last meal where my class 4sc1/5sc1 can ever sit together and chat again .. I guess our group was the noisiest and the most retarded ones there.. Pictures were taken .. but sadly, it's not with me .. might post it up when I get it =) But , there are some pictures of some retards on that night.. Haha .. We shall see who are they
4sc1/5sc1 sleepologist =)  -> Retard number 1
Desmond aka NganGor -> Retard number 2
Sai kit ?? (He went to the wrong class party) -> Retard number 3
Andy aka Starfish (look at the hands !!) who's beside ?? -> Retard number 4
It's LOUIS !! -> Retard number 5


Besides that, we've the ice-cream gang in MP, they eat ice-cream like never before .. Who are they, we'll we are about the see them in the following pictures =) Look at them, they are eating ice-cream in plates like their major meal instead of eating seafoods !!
Yan hoe (His face reminds me of something>.<) -> retard number 6
I guess u know him -> Retard number 1

         After that night, everything was boredom ... went to school the next day to return books but well .. the teachers screwed our mood bcoz of some stupid reasons .. just too bad .. anywayz, these are the ones who came to MP that night.. 1/3 of the people went home early.. and 1/3 didn't come .. so we have 1/3 of the class in this picture ...

5sc1 ^_^

I guess thats all for now
Signing off 
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Last and Final in my Life

Today is the day where everything ends for most of the form 5 students in my school ... It's finally the last paper for SPM 2008 (except for some pitiful accounts students and some art stream students). I wouldn't have to step foot into that hot and stuffy exam hall again !! Not much of a post here .. I think there'll be more tomorrow since I'll be going to MP for the final dinner with my classmates .. then thats e end =) Gonna go hardcore gaming soon and since I'm gonna get COD4 soon (I know I'm outdated) I'm gonna shoot everyone off =)


Last Mission - Destroy SPM in my life
Mission Briefing
ID - English, Science and Technology aka EST
Type  - Writings in black and white
Age - Officially starts at 11.30 and ends at 3.00 (breaks in between)
Rating - 1.00/5.00 (easy)

!! Lets Roll !!

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Just Updates

Just some lame updates =)
Enjoy this group of ladies singing acapella version of timbaland - apologize
Human's voice are indeed fantastic ... 
So much things can be done with it >.<


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Finished 4 paper already which consist of BM,BI,MM and SEJ .. 
I survived this 4 papers, which means I think I did quite a good job .. 
Coming up next is really driving me nuts .. 
Next tuesday would be my Additional Maths exam .. 

I want an A1 .. 
But when I tried doing .. 
I can't do anything ..
I really do wonder what's gonna happen .. 
How can I continue to fight this war when I've already lost my confidence before even facing it ?? 
I really can't continue on if it goes like this .. 

-- Help me --
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Good Luck

Hot Glitter Graphics Icons n Comments @ orkut-scrapbook.com
Without much crap
I wish all form 5 and form 6 students good luck in their exam 

Do your best,
Have no regrets,
Let God do the rest.

Wont be updating much this few weeks
Wish me luck !!


Hope I won't be like this before some of the exams
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Hence the topic
I'm wonder how would SPM turn out for me after studying so 'hard'
Can't sleep tonight


not because I'm worried of my SPM examinations
It's just that I slept throughout the whole morning and afternoon and evening
How am I supposed to sleep at night too??


Ok, cut all the crap 
Just a very short update so that I can fill in my extra time that should be used to study
1 more day and the war starts
I'm kinda like waiting for it but don't want it to come 
When it comes, a lot of things will start to move away
Oh well , we'll see what are the changes that will happen when that happen 

Sure thing is SPM would never come again anymore .. 
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Final Days

Yesterday marks the last day for all form 5's and upper 6's for their life in St.Michael's Institution. Well, they would be facing a war sooner or later but whether they'll be alive or not it's another case.. Anywayz, this was the day I finally came after 4 days of lazying and slacking off at home.. If you do not know, I've been sleeping all morning and afternoon during these 4 days. NOT studying.

Good thing is, yeah.. I got to meet up with friends and have great laugher esp when andrew and e gang is around.. Jokes just comes flowing in.. Lolz.. Sadly, as soon as the assembly ends. That marks the doomsday of all form 5 students. Teachers who are superbly free during that period took around 2 hours just to spotcheck and do some hair checkings on the form 5 students who are actually having their last days there.. Well, practically almost 1/10 of the school got caught with long hair and most of them got caught with handphones in their bags.. xD.. I almost wanted to bring my phone to school actually. But I had this 'sixth sense' that somethings gonna happen !!

Sigh, I wonder why would they waste time doing that.. With the amount of time, I can complete one whole chapter of my history (which I actually did when Mrs.Lim is giving the briefing). Just too bad.. They rather use the time to spotcheck and give "presents" for the outgoing form 5's. Sometimes I just don't understand.

The current me -It seems that I'm getting fairer already- =)
I didn't get caught .. And I dont even know why ?? Face problem perhaps ?? My hair is quite long actually =.=.

I'm glad that I wasn't caught though... At least I don't have to go thru hell's barber by En.Helmi the barber of the day... xD

Things have been coming to and end and it's going away one by one already...Even my tuitions ended yesterday. Last one at Steven's.. Really gonna miss all these tutors... Although I might be going back to them next year at my form 6 if there's no other changes. Many thanks to my PAST tutors. It's already the past now... Namely, Steven,KCleong,Mr Ng,Mr Liew and also Mr Lee.. If u tend to read this post.. well, I played a lot during tuition.. I know .. Perhaps even sleeping.. but well, thanks ! =)

Mr Ng - My Physic's Tutor
Do not know when this picture was taken but somehow i found it in my phone. I think it's taken by Careena.. xD I still remember the flashes when she took this picture

LTC 2007 in Penang

As for my friends who are leaving to colleges next year .. Well, good luck =) we still have one month together and we'll depart and go on our own path... Do keep in touch and I've alwiz appreciate the time spent together.. Oh yea, I just realised I dont have any pictures of the ppl in my class taken together le.. Perhaps we should take some soon.. Otherwise we might not have the chance anymore

Bye guard aunty =)
I'll miss saying "hi" to you everytime I enter and leave school
Although up till now, I still don't know you actual name xD
(I know I'm Lame, But it's the FACT)
Had been staying up at nite to study nowadays..
Gladly, I've almost finish my history as exams are near too =)
But frankly it's all thanks to ..

Magee Mee for keeping my stomach full (not to mention hair loss)
-Signing off-
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