Cameron Highlands Band Camp - LTC -

Hey peeps =)
I was back from Cameron Highlands yesterday actually but only manage to find time to update now because I was too tired from the 'not enough sleep nights' I spent there. Hahaha .. Well, about the camp, I joined this camp no longer as a member of the band anymore since I've already left the band 2 - 3 months ago. Time passes really fast eh .. and well, I enjoyed it I guess ... Most of the time, I would be spending time with the juniors .. Hahaha ..

The first day was a killer for me actually... Because of not sleeping during the night before, I was like walking around like dead man ( If you guys realised that is ) Went to skol at around 8 and I thought i was late but, the bus was later than me .. So I'm not late eh ?? Stopped by Simpang Pulai for breakfast where i ate nothing ... Then , the journey continues .. The journey was quite exciting and fun because of the entertainment from the back of the bus and the 'performance' by me ?? only to one person though ( you should be proud le ) .. hahah .. Reached there and did some visiting .. I'll let the pictures to explain it since I'm too lazee .. Hahaha .. Anywayz, places we went that day was mainly bee farm and cactus valley ( did not go in coz I don't wanna pay ). Had our lunch at Berinchang too :D

Some of the peeps there In Bee FarmFlutist ( except sean , coz i dono where he went )
Our Lunch At Berinchang. Had Hainan Chicken Rice there :D

Reached our dorms and had our first session at that evening .. Our speaker was Liang Hin .. For those who do not know him .. Well, he's one of the seniors in e band and u can find his blog in . Not promoting for him k :) sadly, i hav no pictures with him in it .. hahaha .. well, really had fun during this camp especially when i whack people's hands when playing games and well , it was cool .. no doubt with it .. Just too bad for those who didn't actually went to this camp. Main thing I like there is the temperature coz it was raining every night and it's sooo cooling ... Love it so much :) Unfortunately , things hav to end also and it ended on the third day , went for some visiting around too after that and reached ipoh officially at around 6.00pm.

It was Hot that night , Really hot ~~
Flutist that came for the camp ( I'm the Eldest !! ) old already
Form 4's, 5's 6's and even school leavers :D

Went for a dinner after that and reached home at 8.30 ... Was actually watching olympics closing ceremony but fell asleep till the next day .. Great ~~

The 'Prison' where we were held throughout the camp

Well I guess thats all for now ..

Signing off ~~~

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Week Of illness ^^

Sorry for the long absence .. Well for those who do not know what happen, i had a terrible weeks with aunty German Measles aka Rubella, high fever, flu, swollen gums and cough for the whole week. Terribly bad but I'm still alive now so no worries at all ^^. Anyhow, this darn sickness actually took 1/2 of my whole holidays and tomorrow I'll be leaving for Camerons already. This means that I've used up my whole holidays eh ?? Thats great, I used up all without even blinking my eyes. How fast time passes >.<

AND !!

SPM trials is expected to be on the 8th of september 2008 and guess what ?? I'm not ready at all .. I should've been using this time to studee but end up lying down on couches and beds the whole day, hardly able to eat .. darn !!! Well, pray I'll be able to face it le .. At least la a 'b' for each subject .. Best is 6 - 7 A's coz based on Mr. Leong K.C.'s "special formula to SPM results" which goes like this .. hmm ...

SPM Results = SPM Trials Results + 3 to 4 'A'

So, if i get 7 ... Then the equations goes like this ...
SPM Results = ( 7 + 3 ) A = 10A

Hahahaha , pray that that'll happen ...
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Devoured by darkness

- Left out in the dark -

Do not know what's happening nowadays ... Just doesn't feel right ... Sometimes I'm really wondering whether am I suffering from depression or it's just merely crap because when I look through the symptoms , it's very true ... I really do not know whether I can widstand if anymore, Wherever I go nowadays, I'll be with my phone with the headphone on ... That's merely because I don't wanna get involved with the things happening around me anymore * yeah i know i'm running away from problem*... It's just too much for me to handle already ... There's nothing left for me to treasure anymore I guess ... It seems that the only thing that I can click with now is just the melody in my ears singing and trying to confort myself ..
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Freedom ??

Was in english lesson today and the teacher started an article about freedom. Somehow or rather this topic got hot because it actually attracts the attention of the gang sitting behind me ... My teacher actually asked our class to share their opinions and stuffs like that after reading a passage from the newspaper and shockingly, this is the first time she's able to control the class .. Everyone sat down on their place and listened attentively and after that, some people came in front and gave their sharing on "freedom which parents gave , enough or not at all" Everything started with alex's sharing and well, thats the starting of everything. What amazes me is that even Dinesh came up in front and share about his 'truancy' everyday and why he actually did that ...

Most of the people claim that freedom is earned and we must work for it. Some also claim that they have infinite freedom because their parents allow them to do things which they want. I actually wanted to go in front and talk about it but sadly, the bell rang. Saddening case .. Thats the main reason why am I actually writing here .. As what people always say, a blog is to express and not impress .. Whatever i write here is what i feel and i don't expect to brainwash anyone or to rebut anyone's definition of freedom ..

Well, what many people say today is that parents don't give any freedom to their child. Saying that they doesn't allow him/her to do what they want and always put full control on their child and do not listen to what the child wants. Everything is being planned earlier on by the parent without even asking about what the child actually wants. Just as all chinese drama shows .. Even their marriage is pre-arranged by the parent. This is what they call their life to be .. Yea, frankly, it's really very miserable to be like this. Honestly, they are still parents who are like this. Well, is that what we call "no freedom" ??

Lets go to another area of topic , there are also people who claim that they have infinite amount of freedom where they are allowed to go wherever they want, do whatever they want to and also to be able to decide on anything which they want to do. Parents are always by their side, supporting them in whatever they want to do and giving all choices to the child. These area the poeple who actually claim themself to have infinite amount of freedom and they aren't pressure at anything at home. It's a life of their own and things they do will not be objected by parents. Again I ask, is this what we call "infinite freedom" ??

Well, in my personal point of view, those 'terms' up there isn't anything for me. In my opinion, everyone have their freedom to do anything they want. It's just whether you wanna use it or to let others to grasp hold on it, thus controlling you all the way. Disagree with what I say ?? Well, lets have an example ...

A kid wanted to go out of house to his friends' birthday party in the evening. He asked his parents whether he is able to go or not. His parents disagrees and do not let him to leave the house claiming that it's too late. Is this no freedom because his parents' doesn't allow him to do so?? NO !! Yes, his parents said that they do not allow him to go out. But, the child alone have the rights and have the freedom to go out of house that night. What can the parent do if their son insist of going out and just went off just like that ?? The answer is nothing .. Everyone have freedom to do what they like and what they want ... Of course, the things that would happen after that is another story because with every single action you take, there must be consequences on that particular person , good or bad ..

Our life is always in our hands and we can't just say that we dont have the freedom to do this because someone is controlling our life. I do believe that some things are fixed from the start. But at the same time, i believe that things can change in any way we want if we want it to change. Everything have a limit and the limit doesn't bar us from going through it. It's just that after breaking through it, we'll have the face the consequences. This is something I hold on for a very long time and finally, I have the courage to voice it up...

Nothing is always correct nor nothing is always wrong ...

There's no such thing that you did something wrong and that particular thing is a definite wrong ... nor can we say that we did something right and thats 100% correct. It's like what my Sej teacher used to say whatever it takes for you to complete it doesn't matter .. As long as in the end, mission accomplished and the job is well done .. It's already good enough .. There's no such thing such as a "guidebook of good morality" or a "guidebook of correct ways to accomplish goals" but there's only GUIDELINES to do things in a proper manner. We do not have to follow guidelines in depth but as long as it works... It's alright for me ...

In conclusion of my post ...
I believe everyone have their own infinite freedom in whatever they do ... Whether they are doing it right or wrong, it doesn't matter much because at the end of the day, they are the ones who would be facing the consequences or the great achievements ... There's no "law of success" but there's a "guideline to success".
Well, with this ...
I end this time's post ^^
Kudos ~~

Ps :-
Prefects handover was last monday and well, thats the end I guess .. Going for the final outing later

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