Early Morning Post


Thats what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks

Blogging quite early in the morning now ... Well , I kinda did not sleep thoughout the night coz I woke up at around 3.30 today .. Slept at 9.15+ after watching "The Four" in astro despite sleeping for 3 hours in the afternoon.. I wonder what makes me so tired ?? 

Cut the crap... I woke up, started studying again till around 5.30 (if you understand what's my studying). A lot of catching up to do is what I realise especially my add-maths .. Well, good luck.. Re-learning everything in 1 months time and get A during SPM.. Hahah .. mission impossible .. 

Anywayz ,
I'm having my Chemistry and Biology paper 3 today.
Most importantly,
add-maths paper 1

Well , killer subjects .. 

Just hope i remember how to do my addmaths and not to fail AGAIN -.- 
-it's been a tradition for me to fail all addmaths exams - 
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Trials ??

Drowning with books

            Having my trials currently ... Last week wasn't that bad but ain't that good either ... Well , will just have to hope for the best now .. The real war hasn't begin yet actually coz last week was mainly language, moral and the so-called simple maths .. I'll be having physics paper 3 tml .. Really do not have any confidence in it now... Really don't know what's gonna happen... Just pray for my luck eh .. Many things happen throughout last week but I dont think I'll be writing much here coz I am lazy dont have the time ( if you treat this as an excuse ). Well, just wish me luck .. I'll nid a lot of them .. Hahah .. Till then .. 

My stack of notes needed to be done tonight

Signing off from here right now
I'm not homo-sexual but
Love ya lots

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Raymond Lam's 2nd Album - Your Love

Picture Courtesy of Yes Asia

Went online and realised that one of my favourite chinese singer, Raymond Lam released another album right on today =) Titled "Your Love" and consist of 10 songs. Oh yeah man .. I'll have the chance to listen to another 10 new songs. Although I already have one of it earlier on from Moonlight Resonance, insufficient love. There's another 9 songs. Await to listen to it one by one =). There's a duet piece in it too and it's between Vincy Chan ( ^.^ ) and Raymond.. Of coz.. anyhow .. Just some details abt the song list. Thats IF you can read mandarin

強力推介: TVB劇集「溏心風暴之家好月圓」片尾曲 – 愛不疚 

01. 愛不疚
02. 愛人與海 
03. Tonight 
04. 明天以後 
05. 憑良心說再見 
06. 影子的愛情故事 
07. 浮生若水
08. All About Your Love 
09. 夏雪 
10. 明天以後 (Mandarin)

Signing off from here, getting busier nowadays with last minute studies =)
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Vanilla Mood

Was slacking around youtube instead of studying... and I found this ... Was amazed by this group of 4 and well.. just to share this to you guys .. The song played was the twinkle twinkle little star :)
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New Template

As you all see ... 
This blog evolved into something different
Well, it's just too bad that i accidentally deleted my old template
So, I'm left out with this template
I'll miss my old template 
But well 

Just like the old saying

"If the old doesn't go,how would the new come?"
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Weird Dream

I had a dream 2 nights ago and well, it's kinda weird I guess... Weird until I can still recall a bit of it right now. Somehow I dream about the situation right after exams when the results are out .. Most, in fact everyone is busy searching for their own pathway in life to walk on to. They have their ambitions and most importantly an aim in their life of what they want to be. Courses had been applied and they got the offer and thus they start to leave one by one to further their studies.. All are happy and anxious about what are they gonna see in the future of their life and yeah, one by one they vanish and go out of my sight.

It was just a moment when I actually realized that I'm the only one left behind without anything to do other than to stand at a side, looking at them pursuing their dreams and ambitions. Whereas I have none. The dream ends when finally everyone got to their own pathway and perhaps the friends I had and the friends around me is moving away one by one to far away places and town, leaving me alone at a particular place.

To be honest, I don't really understand the dream and what does it stand for but having a deep thought towards it, I feel that this situation is definitely gonna happen very soon. Where everyone I know starts to go their own way. Even now, the people around me are already discussing of where would they be after SPM results are released. TARC, Australia, Singapore and perhaps many other places more. Courses like piloting, engineering, accountancy and stuffs like that are their choices and definitely, they're leaving for good.

Which made me wonder, where am I supposed to be after that ?? What is my future like and what it's gonna be ?? It's kinda funny when people ask of my ambition, my answer would be "I do not know" Is my life really THAT aimless and meaningless ?? Things which i actually wanted is fairly impossible and merely a dream. Especially at this situation. But where am I going to move on from here ?? I wanna see the world, yet I don't have the chance to, yet. It's just me and my own world now. Things are really getting blurry now. Where's my ray of light ?

But, one thing for sure ...
Right after the final paper of my exams when people would one by one start leaving ... I'll be missing u guys very much ... I enjoyed the time we spent together ... 

P/s : This dream made me unable to wake up on tuesday morning, causing me to be absent from school =)
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