Hence the title ...
I'm procrastinating a lot nowadays ... 

Planned to wake up at 3-4 yesterday to study ... 
When i heard the alarm ( for the 1st time in my life i heard the alarm )
I woke up and shut it down and continue my sleep .. 

Till when u ask ?? 
1pm this morning .. 
I do not know how am I gonna continue this journey towards my exams if i continue to be like this ..

Arrgghh ~~
Wish me luck man ^_^
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Time Flies ~~

Well, one word which can be used to describe what I feel .. 
-- Time Flies --

Without a trace, it's now the end of the month of october already. Which means, it's around 2 - 3 weeks before my SPM examinations. Weird thing is .. I'm not feeling anything but instead I feel even more relaxed compared to my trial examination. What does this mean ?? Well, I do not know... Had been drilling myself with loads of past year papers and model papers bcoz the fact is .. I do not know what to study anymore. Everytime I open a book, it seems that I know everything .. But when I start doing the questions. Its obvious that I know nothing. Something I actually realised is actually not to have any pre-conception before even facing it. I alwiz had the concept that Additional Mathematics is hard and tough. But now I realise it isn't that hard after all. BUT IT'S NOT EASY TOO.

Today is the 22nd of October already. It's 2 days past my birthday but I'm STILL gonna blog about it. Well, this year's birthday is considered one of the birthdays which I received the most gift's or maybe even greetings. For those who wished me through sms and I didn't reply.. Sorry, I'm kinda busy these few days >.< 

One day b4 20/10/08, went out for a dinner to 'celebrate' it earlier. Went to Mapo Restaurant opposite Jusco and well, ate there till my stomach bloated the whole night. Finshed my pokemon diamond on that day too. Hahaha. Well, when the food came in, I wanted to take some photos to comemorate this day. Thankfully, I brought my camera phone with me .. So, I took it out and wanted to take a snapshot. Unfortunately, when i brought up my camera, what I see is this 

This is what happened when I turned around and took my phone

The most important part !! The present[s] yeah !!Lets have a look at the present.. Most of the presents were given earlier though. So, they are playing cheat .. Hahaha .. lets have a look at it.
The ones who gave gifts for me are actually only 3 person. See if u can guess who are those people and who gave what for me ?? Many thanks for those who actually did something for my birthday =)

Mr Barney holing Mr Letter with twinkle-twinkle little star

I have another one from my mother =) Well, it's a wallet which goes like this

BUMS wallet.. The best wallet for BUMS like me =P

Well I think that's all for now
Signing off from here
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Ending Journey

SPM is like weeks ahead ... 24 days more to be exact ... It seems that everything is gonna end very soon and right after that ... I'm no longer gonna be a secondary school student anymore ... Is it good news ?? Or is it bad news ?? Hahah .. I'll have to wait for it to take place right after 27th November 2008. Marks the last paper of my SPM examinations ... EST !! .. I dont think I'm gonna do anything with that subject since I dont even know what to do with it .. Hahaha

Life nowadays isn't that great but it isn't bad either way .. Reflecting back, I used to be alwiz putting a grip in what I have and will not let go upon it but well, I was wrong .. Sometimes, when things are released and let to go on its own, it does have a positive effect. Some of the realistic changes that I actually realised in me is ...
  • I'm ACTUALLY happier now
  • Things which I taught impossible turns up to be possible after all
  • Do it rather than thinking so much crap which turn up to be nothing at all
I'm very glad that the changes around me actually changed. Thus allowing me to actually ENJOY my school life now *I've nvr enjoyed school life as much as the past 1 month*  Even things as bad as things which u can never think of can still be used as a laughing stalk as laughters still manage to break out from it.. Well, thats life ^_^

Back to SPM .. 
I'll just put on my trial exam's result here ba 

BI        - 83
MM     - 83
EST     - 73
BM      - 72
CHEM - 66
BIO     - 63
MO      - 63
PHY    - 62
SEJ      - 32
MT      - 30

Not good =.= 
I have only 2A1's, 2B3's, 1B4, 3C5's and 2G9's .. 
There's still time , would be hoping to push up my ABC's into A's and G's to at least B3 .. 
Just gotta do what I gotta do =)
Wish me luck !!

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One Week Break Passed

          Well, thats it for my one whole week of break after my trials. Really nvr touch any of my book at all throughout this holidays. Must start already from the day I post this post but it seems that I'm still procrastinating. Hoping to achieve at least a B3 from a G9 and an A2 from a C7 indeed seems impossible. But well, who knows ?? Just gotta do what I gotta do for this 4 - 5 weeks. Good luck to me =) Sadly, my father bought a Nintendo DS during the holidays for some program game that he wanted. Sadly, it makes me get addicted to a stupid game .. PoKeMoN.. Better finish it fast or I can never study >.<

          Went for the prefect farewell party this evening. In fact, didn't touch the floor of my house since 9.30am today coz I was out for the whole day. Still, I'm updating this blog.. Sigh .. 

          Basically, the farewell was better than last year's farewell I guess. Maybe coz I was busy emo-ing during last year's farewell party... Hahah...Sometimes I do wonder why does things pass so fast but well, when I start thinking bout it, other things passed without a trace. Got a really SMALL little souvenir from the prefectorial board and it looks like this

Do you see the wrong spelling that have in this thing ??
Sigh, everyone spells my name wrongly

In comparison to that, SAC members gets an extra credit to their collection. It looks like this ..
Super jealous weh.. Can anyone gimme more than that ?? 

            After that, went opposite to 'yum cha' with wei hao, kwok sing and choon keat while waiting for my bro to finish.. After they finish packing, went for 'yum cha' round two with my bro's gang.. Haha.. but I didn't have to pay a single cent =) Thx to choon keat .. Wahaha =)

At Kopitiam 
I look weird somehow

                Anywayz, just some pictures to show u ppl bout the farewell thing.. I dont think any of the pictures have me in it... Coz I took it from the pictures my bro took using the camera, my pictures are with faris and kam wah ^_^

The Food We Had

Building of the tower of HOMIES

The tower of HOMIES standing firm

Menara Condong "Dono What Comm"

Well, practically thats all from me for tonight after so long of absence.
Will post more soon.

- Signing off -
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