In the end...

After so long of trials and problems being thrown and faced head on,
I thought that I'm not gonna get emo-fied this easily anymore
I thought that I'm not gonna throw my temper anymore
I thought that I'm not gonna do this meaningless thing anymore
I thought that I'd grown up to someone rather matured
I thought that I'd succeeded in everything I thought I would be on top of the list
Seems that it's no longer the case now
I don't know whats happening nowadays, being 'emo' and moodless throughout the whole day for no reason at all, perhaps I don't even know the reason. Perhaps I know it but I'm trying to avoid from it somehow. Well, just too bad. This gotta change ASAP, but how?

Indeed, when I believe many readers would forgot that one of my new year resolutions is something somehow simple, "stay happy". Seems that I've failed after this 6 months.
Just too bad

-Signing off-
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Be a Man!

Adapted from russel peter's dumb and stupid quotes, I realised that this particular phrase is something very meaningful especially for me. Well, I joined the outing session with my fellow classmates last night and something ying jie said actually strike my heart right on the spot. I don't know how to write it in english though but she basically told me that I'm not firm with any decision and doesn't make a single decision in any matter.

This, basically made me think quite a lot last night.

Am I basically being haunted by the spectre's of the past in which I dare NOT to make any decisions anymore due to some of the lame reasons and things I faced last time? There's a lot of things that I want to say but after thinking for some time, I'd decided not to say anything just to 'keep it safe'. Perhaps this is something I should start to strive to change already.

Indeed, this is something that I should ponder upon these days as I know this particular 'fear' would be distrupting the path that is laid right in front of me now. As what russel peter says

Be a man, do the right thing!
Simple to say, yet is it THAT easy to do so?

-Signing off-
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There's no take-2 in life

Something made me realised again that there's really no take-two in life just today. Well, I just finished my speech presentation just now and well, I don't know what the audience or tutor thinks but for me, I am not satisfied with it. Sometime I really want to blame myself for not updating the copy my pendrive and end up having the wrong slides and format. At that particular time, I'd really hope that there's a 'rewind' switch on my hands where I can actually turn back time
Unfortunately, there isn't.

I really wonder why didn't I check it earlier
Why didn't I update the supposed cut-short version which would save me more time.

I know things can't be turned back anymore, but I seriously am not satisfied. That was not what I planned and wanted it to be! Well, I really hoped that there's a take-2 where I can go for a redemption for the mistakes that I've did but well, that's just too bad. There isn't such thing in this world

Life on earth is like a one-way train ticket, once you boarded the train and it moves, you'll never get back. - quoted from "I forgot who told me this"

Ok enough rants.
I've finished my presentation and that's it
NO more TRASH talking

-Signing off-
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Day-maker in Kampar

Today, perhaps yesterday was one of the best days of mine in Kampar. Can't believe I'd say this but I really felt that I had made the right choice coming here. It's not due to the campus or lecturers or whatever that matters about the uni though. But, the ones who made my day right here is those whom I call them friends. Today was a real blast! Although I end up coming home late at night at 1.30 and I have to do my laundry till 2.00am which is basically now-.- I do feel that I'd made the right choice to come here.

Friends and people whom I know here is truly a blessing for me as it's really cool to be able to hang out with them =) My one and only wish is that this doesn't change at all for the times to come. Afterall, I do think that it was a blessing in disguised that I actually 'chose' this particular place to further my studies. Peaceful and quiet. Non-polluted by bad influence and the people here are nice. Well, the bottomline is.

I'm starting to love this place!!

Noticed that there's no pictures in my post this time? Well, there's just too many camera shy people in utar. So they won't let me post their pictures, threatening to kill me >.<. Hahaha just jking, it's just that I didn't take much 'nice' photos Well, I think thats all -Signing off-
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Perseverance is something that I really need to have yet I'm now still lacking of it. I do remember every time I start something, it turned out to be very good and nice in the beginning. Take note, in the beginning. Then, it starts to slow down and finally ceased from existence. Sometimes I do think, do I really lack the capabilities to persevere and carry on despite other factors? Truly, this is a question I should ask myself and not to post it here but well, up until now, no answers were found and I don't know when would I obtain the answer.

I do hope that I can persevere through these 14 weeks and get something out of it. I can't afford to lose this chance and try to console myself that I still have loads of chance ahead of me. Urrgh, time to work hard I guess. Working smart ain't good enough anymore.

I'm deeply indulged unto you. Perhaps that was meant to be?
Ok I'm crapping.
Did I tell you I cut my hair yesterday?
If no, then I'm telling you now. I trimmed it and it became like this

Rather short and my fringe is gone but well, I'm a GUY not a GAL,
or what my classmates call me.. GAY =)

-Signing off-
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Express before you get depressed

Learned this particular phrase today and of course, it is through actions.
It is only now that I realized that things need to be expressed especially if it keeps storming your mind or you'll definitely get depressed soon. Well, glad that I've cleared my mind with all these things now. Gotta keep on moving and get my head in the game!

To get on with this post. Well, life had been kinda dull and interesting at the same time. Urggh, I can't seem to find anything to write today but well, I'm gonna show you my study area in my room since I've studied quite a lot nowadays. Yes, I studied!! =) Gotta work to get what I was aiming for. CGPA 3.9(well thats the requirement for a scholarship from UTAR)
Look at my study area in my room. Yess! It's my BED

Wasn't actually revealing my aim all the time but well, since a girl in my class is daring to reveal it. Why can't a MAN like me do so. Yeasssh! I'm aiming for CGPA 3.9 for this foundation year. Can or not, we'll see :)

-Signing off-

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Early morning

Well, to prevent my blog from self-dying, I've taken the decision to post at least something in this blog today. Although it's like 6.30 in the morning. And I'm still blurred about what I should be posting, here goes. Hahaha. I'm making it so serious that it became not serious at all. Anyway, life had been pretty okay with me other than being so tired cycling on and off for classes and some classes are like from 8 - 8pm. It's been quite sometime that life's been so 'fun'

Nothing much to say bout my life in utar, kampar. But, I think I'm being like one of the outstanding ones there (despite the stupid and freaking dumb assignments). Why?

  • I'm one of the ONLY banana speaker there(for those who don't understand what's a banana, go check the dictionary). You won't find there either. =)
  • I'm one of the ONLY guy using laptop to get notes throughout the lecture in my stream. Imagine the eyes looking at me during lectures
  • I'm one of the ONLY guy who have a 'cacated' studio 14 cover since it came off 2 days ago. Now mine is self-customized with tissue paper and super glue
If you don't understand point 3 of mine. Just take a look at this picture

Self-customised using tissue paper and super glue Dell label. Cool isn't it? =)
Despite all the dumb things of me. I'm proud to tell everyone. I'm different!! I'm special!! Just like the kanak-kanak istimewa!! Oops >.<

Ps :- My mom told me that I'll be one of the ones who will lost his keys. Sadly, Ian did it before me. So, Wooooohooooooo ... although he found it back. IN HIS BAG =)
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Tagging spree

Perhaps it's tagging season since 2 person tagged me in a row.
But since I'm free now, I'm gonna do it one by one.

Tagged by Joel
1.)Before Starting, Select 3 People to do this Tag


2.) Who is The First Person Who Comes Into Your Mind When You Are In Trouble, Happy or Whatever (Initial will do if you wanna keep secret)
No one. I'm a soloist when it comes to trouble

3.) What Do You Do When You Are Free? (3)
Study. Duh!~
Blog?? Like what I'm doing now
Sleep(human needs 8 hours sleep per day)

4.) What is The Most Memorable Thing In Your Life? (2)
Being able to perform in the Stadium at year 2004/2005/2006

5.) What Do You Feel When You See/Hear/Touch The Initial from Q.2? (3)
I think I can ignore this question =)

6.) Define The Meaning Friendship In Your Way
Someone I can trust?

7.) Now! From the definition you made in Q.6, Who Do You Think Is Your True Friend?
(can be as many as you want and be honest)
Almost everyone. I trust everyone, but no one trust me. Pity

8.) Right Now, Think Of What Is The Most Precious Thing In Your Life? (2)
The people around me
My own life(duh)

9.) What Fan Are You? (3)
Kamen Rider - Henshin!!
Nobuo Uematsu =)
The girl from the opposite house -> GG-ness

10.) Before Finish The Tag, Who Is The 3 person You Are Gonna Tag? Don't Look Up!!!

Tagged by Christine
The person who tagged you is

Your relationship with him/her is :
Bro/Sis in Christ?

Your first impression of him/her is:
Crazy, and she IS crazy now =)

The most memorable moments with he/she is:
I don't even know u that close =)

The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is:
You're handsome(LOL!!)

If he/she becomes your lover
I'll be crazy due to her infection to me

If he/she became your lover, what should he/she improve that
Try to be 'normal'

If he/she becomes your enemy, what will you do:

I'll finally be a 'normal' person =)

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be
I wanna be 'normal'

The most desired things you want to do for him/her now is
Finish up this tag ASAP

Your overall impression on him/her is

The characteristic you hate most about yourself:
I'm too handsome. Urrgh

The most ideal person you want to be is:
The not-so-handsome me(it's tough being handsome)

For people who care and love you, say something to them:
I love u if u show me the money =)

Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you:
1. Joel
2. Andy
3. Sai Kit
4. Ee yen
5. Yan hoe
6. Andrew
7. Wei Hao
8. Desmond
9. Yong Yang
10. Ken Hoong

Who is 6 having a relationship with?
Somehow, he don't wanna tell me

Is 9 a male or a female?
Male(almost all in my list are male)

What is 2 studying at the moment?
E & E engineering

Who was the last person you had a chat with?
Ken Hoong

What kind of music does 8 like?
All kinds of music

Does 1 have any siblings?
Yeah, but I don't know them =(

Is 4 single?
No, he's attached with his Studio 15

What is the surname of 5?

What's the hobby of 3?
Emo-ing? Gaming? Online?

Do 7 and 9 get along well?
I don't think so, but I think so also. Therefore, I don't know

Where is 10 studying at?
UTAR, gay-ing with me

Say something casual about your eyes:

Have you tried developing feelings for 2?
I ain't gay

Where does 9 live?
Ipoh langz!

What colour does 4 like?

Are 5 and 1 good friends?
Ehem, I'll keep quiet

Does 2 like 7?
Both of them like me more.

How did you get to know 8?
Since primary? or band

Does 3 have any pets?
No(lazy fellas)

Is 7 the sexiest person in the world?
No! I'm more sexy

Are you sexy?
As written on top, I'm UBER sexy

What am I doing now?
Falling asleep(Ian will start saying "mou ah jeff!!~"

Finally done.
Signing off
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Aftermath In Kampar

Well, it had been about one and a half week since I've ever stayed in Kampar and quite a lot happened recently. As all of you would know, cycling is the main means of transport here in Kampar and of course, I'm one of the people who cycles everyday to school. Guess what happens after these few days of cycling? Well, my saddle got tore, my pedals broke into pieces and is replace with "alloyed" or "adamantium" pedals so that my foot of death wont break it into pieces again.

My tore saddle. Pity my ass, needs to sit on it all the time

My newly made 'adamantium' pedal.

Oh, for those who are dying to see my room but is unable to see it, I'm gonna post it right here so that you can actually feel and enjoy the beauty of my room. I stay in houses by the way and it's called 'tsing hua' for some reason. Anyway, I'm gonna make it short and sweet since the electric got cut off just now. Causing me to lose so much of what I've type. To make things simple. This is my room.

My room, I know it's messy

Pretty empty right ? Perhaps this one would be much better cause I've added something special into it. To cut the crap, here's the particular picture.

My room with the handsome me. =)

Now that seems much better doesn't it. I believe I should end this post by now. But to end it, allow me to warn all who are studying in Kampar, UTAR to park their bicycle properly in the campus. Most importantly, don't park too near other bikes whom they call themselves noob or this will happen


Ps :- I'm not updating this because you asked me so michelle. It's due to 'other factors' which occured opposite my house. xD . To other readers, cheers and good night
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