Blog Instant Traffic Booster

Your blog lacking of traffic?
Of course it isn't this traffic that I meant

Vast Traffic Jam?

What I meant was blogging traffic! The visitors of your blog!
I was actually wondering how much can facebook boost my blog's traffic
Thus I gave a try on one of my latest post on my phone buying journey
Thus a post on facebook at 3.30pm ++ on that particular day
The post is very simple, quick and easy (took only seconds)
Those who never seen it before, well here it is

Two hours at the point I'm writing this5.55PM, 29/5/2010

I thought it would add by just a little bit by bit throughout the day
Well, things were different as what I predicted as it skyrocketed in a large scale
From practically "NO VIEWS", it rose by 1300% (Compared to 1 hour before)
Well, let picture do the talking now

From 1 Visitor at 13:00 to 13 Visitor at 15:00
Where's 14:00 anyway? No one at all?
Sigh, no one visits my blog

You want traffic? Advertisements are important to do so
Advertise your blog in facebook! It works extremely well all the time

I tried doing that again at the later part of the day
Results? Another extra 13 unique visitors.
Believe it, it's proven

-Signing off-
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Story of Mr Chan and Mr Ow

One sunny afternoon, Mr Chan and Mr Ow went out for lunch
During the lunch, Mr Chan mentioned that he wanted to go for a lookout for phone
Thus they made the decision to roam all around Kampar for phone shops to check the price
It was at 2.30pm, where the sun is blazing hot and it's burning their skins to crisp

Places which they went?

Kampar New Town

Kampar Tesco

In which we can't find a price which matches Mr Chan's budget
Thus, they've decided to go to Old Town to check out for cheaper priced phone
How? Typical Kampar transport. By cycling! Duh. Well, the plan failed in the end >.<
They decided to continue searching all around New town for the phone hunting mission
They bargained, bargained and bargained using the skills they learn from aunties
Finally, they got a deal of RM890 in addition for some rather useful freebies
Thus, Mr Chan went to the bank, took out money and paid.
Came back with a burnt pocket and burnt skin
But Satisfaction

Ahh, my SE C905.
I iz rike you verli mache

-Signing off-

I still miss you and I still love you,
But I know the current situation
It's just that things aren't meant to be
I'll let the future worry about itself
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Long time since a post (minus the time-table post)
First thing to say right here is that my CSL phone is dying very soon
So much for getting myself a 200 buck phone last year in Tesco
It lasted for 1 year and is now facing numerous problem

Frequent Disconnection of line
Almost Zero line detected all the time
SIM card unreadable every few hourd
Uhh, boleh-land phone rawks!!
(minus the time I dropped it)
Will need a new one soon

I also need a new External HDD very soon
My laptop is only left out with 700+ MB now
Deleted almost everything I can delete but still
I have insufficient hard disk space in my lappie!

Bike's worning out already, rust and paint all coming off
Pedal getting faulty and tires are going flat

Conclusion which I can get from this?
I need money! money! and a lot of money!
I guess I won't get it anyway lol
Start saving Jeff, you can do it^^

-Signing off-

P/s :- Now in Kampar alone, those fellas went back to Ipoh for no reasons at all -.- Thank God I have internet line with me today. "good" housemates shifted out. PPS-free house!!

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My Timetable=)

Aloha!~ Nice to be back after busy days in Kampar
Now let's just see whats up for my timetable this semester

oh wait-
I haven't pay my bill yet
Sighs, Seems that I have a holiday for this new trimester

-Signing off-
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If I can go back to the past
I'll appreciate every moment we had
I'd rather be the loser in every arguements
I won't take things for granted

But I can't

-Signing off-
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I'm tired

I'm tired physically and mentally
I would really want a break right now
I'm just gonna explode if this continues
I need a rest long enough to heal
Yet deep inside, I don't want
Which is the true me now?
Gimme a break here

-Signing off-
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Its raining now
Very heavily and here am I
Sitting down in the living hall
With my laptop on again

Sometimes I'd really hope that miracles happens
And I really hope that I can eventually wish for a time machine
At least, I can go back to the past and correct the things I want to correct
I knew where I was wrong and what did I do wrong
Yet, I'm stuck here, can't do anything at all
I just need a chance for a change now
Why is it so hard at this stage?

We've persevered so much up till this stage
Why are you giving up on it at this moment of time?
All I want is a chance to change for the betterment for us
Yet, all I get is cruelty and harshness directly stabbed into my heart
My heart crumbles in pain and my mind is blank
Knowing not what to do anymore
Yet I can blame no one
Nobody but me

It's exactly one year when the new semester starts
I just hope that things can return to what it is before I became a jerk
Hope, is what put me through these days of pain and suffering
Hopefully, it won't be the one that starts another series of it
Sorry, perhaps I'm just to stubborn to face the situation
But I really want another try, one last try
I really hope its possible
I really do

-Signing off-
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Walk away

Read something quite meaningful from Rita's blog
Inspires me for this entry
"Leaving the picture doesn't mean that you're a coward, it's just a method to differentiate determination and desperation"

I wonder how true is that
Hopefully, What i have is determination
and not desperation

Having my car test later at 10. (Finally?)
Hopefully I'll pass, ain't in the right form these days
Have no confidence at all at the moment

-Signing off-
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I'm a vampire

I am now a certified vampire
Waking up in the middle of the night
Sleeping when everyone's wide awake
That concludes my life during break
Sleep is all I do

Too much thing is running on my mind
Sometimes, I just prefer to escape and run from it
I don't understand anything anymore
I'm now a certified vampire

But would I be a handsome one?
Like the one all girls crave to meet?

Oh wai-

I guess I won't

-Signing off-

Sem Break is coming to an end
I'm craving to meet up with you
But not in this condition

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So they want man to deliver cum?
So, am I up for the job?? I wonder how's the pay

-Signing off-

Not feeling good
Enduring and moving on
Hopefully, I can

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Collaboration > Independence

Went visiting MMB yesterday in a function
Function comprising of 3 bands namely ST, AMC and SMI
Something which I hoped to happen, took place
Instead of rivalry, laughter took place

Which makes me felt, happy
Organizations should be there to get to know more people, not war
In competition, rivalries occurs
In reality, everyone are friends.
That's what leads to
World Peace

Okay, enough crapping. Took some pictures on that day
Here goes:

SMI, AMC and ST -> 1Malaysia?? All Chinese though

I somehow managed to pick up a Sax on the floor too

-Signing off-

Stop me if you can
But I won't stop no matter what
I love you

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I thought I was holding the black jack all along
Only to find out in the end, I'm the one who is naive

I'm not the perfect guy for you now
I may not be the perfect guy for you in the future
I may not even be the perfect guy in my entire lifetime
But I assure you

I'll strive tirelessly, never-endingly and relentlessly to achieve it
You are my motivation
You are my only reason
You are my love

-Signing off-
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Please.. I don't want this to happen

I don't want it to end
Can we just appreciate the time we have together?
I do not want to find faults with each other anymore
I just wanna be with you

-Signing off-
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When life gives you lemon

It's been a shitty day today
Everything goes haywire throughout since I woke up at 12
Games, Life, and even my Lunch
Went to bed again at 3 till 9+
Tried to solve issues with you
Only to be disappointed badly

Mad? 1 hour ago, yes
Now? Fortunately, no
Thanks to mainly Joel and Ian
Having you people as my friend is the greatest gift I'd received
Having to know you is also one of the best thing that took place
Perhaps the better way is to continue moving on and on
Will continue living life to the fullest for the betterment

When life gives you lemon, You make lemonade

You'll always be in my heart

-Signing off-
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"I wont give up until you tell me that you don't love me at all"
"Yes, I don't love you"

So that's what I get in the end
For trusting you all along till the end
Despite everything

Jac, Joel
What you said are right. I shouldn't had doubted you people and defend her

Kar Kheng
I hate you. But in the end, I still love you.
If that's what you are telling me after everything
You shattered my heart into countless pieces
You're not my friend anymore

-Signing off-
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My final trimester for foundation in UTAR had been release.
For those who wants to know, view it on the picture below

Good results, but my 2nd trimester's results pulled down my CGPA
Can't get full scholarship but only half
Gotta find a way to squeeze out the money for other part of it

Well then
What's the title "appeal" for?

I realised a lot of people are trying to appeal
Appeal for reinstatement for study
Appeal for better results on a subject
Appeal for a second chance to continue studying

I'm just trying to appeal to you
For another chance though I know
A lot of chance had been given

I wanna appeal for another chance
Just one more chance

-Signing off-
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Sometimes I wonder what am I doing these days
I'm tired of acting just to fulfill my supposed role
I don't know what are you thinking anymore

Gave me hope and the next moment, u threw it away
I'm tired. I really am
Just tired

What do you want from me?
I'm speechless already, speechless

-Signing off-
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Ya know, sometimes I'm confuse
When I talk to you, knowing that the way things are going, the feeling sucks
When I don't do so, knowingly, the feeling that I'm facing sucks also

Either way, both of the things I'm doing sucks
Everything these days seemed to be wrong and wrong
I need to wake up at 6.45 later and I'm still awake
Great! Good! Congratulations!

Emo? No, again. No.
If you think that reading this blog pisses you off
Or you think it's pointless doing so, I ain't forcing ya
It's just that you don't understand the feeling of losing someone you dear most.
And you just don't know what you heart feels at all times
You are what I call a heartless (Kingdom Hearts)

Want a hug? Nay, my hugs are only for you

-Signing off-
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One trend I realized about blogging from the visitors list in my blog from nuffnang

Sad post brings more readers!!
I shall be sad from now onwards for more inspiration for sad post
Short one here =)

-Signing off-

Guess you didn't see after all
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I won't forget

Despite everything discussed today with both of you
That doesn't change anything at all of both of us
Call me naive, dumb or perhaps stupid
I still want to walk front and forward

It's not that I can't forget about you now
It's just that, I don't want to forget about you

I don't want to
Can we be together once again?
-Signing off-

I'll let God be the judge
See, and I shall rewind everything
See not, and I'll leave at it is

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How are you doing?

Dear whoever it may concern,
How are you now? It's been a very long time, at least for me since we last communicated. Days and nights I've been wanting to at least send you a message to see if you are okay. It was not being carried out however due to some personal reason and I'm always trying to imagine and think of the possible answers to my questions.

Up till this day, to be honest. I'm still having a very big question mark in my head. Doubts and worries, whether I've actually took the right action and made the right choice. I'm not sure at all of the consequences behind everything I've done for these days, as I don't even have a chance to see you at all. Nevertheless, after going through your profile just now. I'm convinced I've made the right choice.

However pain is it, I'll endure. As long as you are happy that is.
Sorry for me being so naive and stubborn for not listening to you
I just feel that this is one of the way, although I'd never want this to happen

- Jefferychan -
-Signing off-
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I'm not lying

I'm not lying when I tell you that

I love you
I want to be with you

I want you to be happy
I don't want to see you hurt

I'm also not lying when I tell you that

I can handle things on my own
I can forget about you anytime I want

I can live my life as usual without you
I will disappear from your life forever

The only time I lied is when I tell you that

I will forget you from that day onwards

I was lying,
I didn't want to do it.
I'd never want and will never put you in the past

It's not that I can't, it's just that I don't want to and will never do
I won't give up on you, not at all in my life

-Signing off-
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Day 5
Looking back at my recent post
I realized how naive am I hoping for a change
I think it's now time to face reality rather than fretting over the past

Having quite a bad day these days I guess
Everything just ain't going the way I want or hope it to be!

Although I would be disappearing from your life like that
Nevertheless, some things just won't be forgotten just like that
The time we spent and the joy we had together
I shall cherish it forever

Low Kar Kheng
I love you

-Signing off-

Hopefully, no more emo sad postings anymore from me. Havta move on anyway
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When people gets overly bored

When people gets overly bored about life
They'll go around giving pranks on other people

Best example.

PS:- Exam results were never out

And the replies.
I think you can't see but well, just for the sake of it

+++Extra post+++
By Ms Chan =)

Got owned and pawned totally >.<

-Signing off-
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Day 4

Day 4
I slept in the living hall today
Wasn't feeling good today, so I didn't want to wake up while taking a nap just now
Only to be awakened by a dream
I hear your voice
But I couldn't see you

I tried, I tried
Only to find myself awakened
It will never come true anymore
Everything is eventually done in vain

This feeling sucks
Didn't sleep since then and going to church later
Again, I'm not emo =)

-Signing off-
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Cognitive Dissonance

Day 3
Ever wondered what the title actually meant?
How does it feel, when your mind ask you to do a particular thing

Your heart and deep inside you, it was never even in your mind?

After you took this step in which your mind ask you to do
Is it even possible to struggle through the pain and suffering of it?
I want, I hope, and I pray that I can do it
And this would be my only way

Withdraw myself
Separate myself
Consume myself

That's the only way

-Signing off-

Emo post? Naah, I ain't emo
Just a little gloomy perhaps, just a little

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Just a simple song that my bro got hooked on and I like it too
Represents on how I feel on things currently

Lyrics Translation
If I should go, should I go close to you?
How would you think about it? so I am fallen-heartened.
If you should leave, should you leave me?
How could I let you leave? continuously I am scared.

the reason that I ,Being fool, am only but watching you from a distance
is because maybe I am worried about your heart
probably to turn my feeling away
and so becoming more alienated between us

the reason that I ,Being really fool, cannot say 'I love you'
is because maybe I am afraid of the pain
and the saddening days expected after falling in with....

If you should come, should you come to me?
How I should do? really I have no idea.

the reason that I ,Being fool, am only but watching you from a distance
is because maybe I am worried about your heart
probably to turn my feeling away and so beco ming more alienated between us

the reason that I ,Being really fool, cannot say 'I love you'
is because maybe I am afraid of the pain
and the saddening days expected after falling in with....

the reason that I ,Being fool, cannot say 'I love you'
is because maybe I am afraid of the pain
and the saddening days expected after falling in with....


-Signing off-

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Day 2

Life sucks, but still living
If things are going to be like this, let it be
Don't have the strength to continue this dumbness anymore

Going out tomorrow and everything would be alright
Ok, I'm cheating myself
It wont

Quote of the day: By my mother
"Why do your eyes seemed like you are crying when you are not?"

-Signing off-
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Hello everyone
I'm back again to blogging
Don't really know if this would be a good way to start my blog again but as the title above,
Rage - What is it?I've been told since young by my father that my anger and impatience would end up causing me a lot of trouble in my life and well, I believe it did once again yesterday. As I got into a serious rage and caused the people I loved to be hurt again. From a simple small matter, I made it worse and it ended up as a large havoc, something I'd promised not to happen again.

Well then, who is to blame for this matter?
Can I put the blame on the situation?
Being so tired, yet trying to stay awake just to accompany you and yet getting thrown and bombarded with things which I don't like? Frustration that bad things were coming one by one to the extent that I can't endure it anymore?

Perhaps I can't, everything was from me afterall

Perhaps, I ain't the perfect person for you in the end
Sorry isn't even usable anymore at this stage

-Signing out-
This is Day 1
I wonder how many days are there left?

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