Valentine's Day

The 14th of February had never been an important date for me; I'd never actually bother taking note of the day ever since I was born. People may claim that the reason I would say so is because I've never actually got the 'other part' of me at all. Well, after considering and putting things into deep thoughts, I guess I 'could' consider that one of the reasons but I am definitely not going to talk about that issue at all for this post (because it simple shows how sad of a person am I sometimes)

I am someone who believes that things happens best when it happens naturally, without any element of force being put into it. Perhaps that is also the reason why I am never usually the person who would take note of festivals, celebration or perhaps even specific dates such as anniversaries. I do not know, whether it is actually a good thing or a bad thing; but to me, there is not much a value if people only do something because it is a known 'date' or 'time' where 'something' just have to be done.

It's like, do I really have to wait till my birthday to say that I've grown one year older?
Or do I really have to be gifting someone items during Valentine's day to express the love I have?

Definitely not, and it's also definitely not something that I can forsee myself doing. Of course, I do not discount and displace the importance of such dates because it does give an impact into people's life and also attitude towards a particular issue, but if it is only done on that specific days, it becomes a little disturbing.

Anyhow, from the deepest from my heart; I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy Valentines Day. =)
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Ever heard of the word "Nomad"? If you've been through Form 5 History, I'd hope that you would actually know else I will be wondering what have you guys been doing in high school. But for the benefit for my readers, nomads are usually a group of people in ancient time who do not have a specific settling place. They live from day to day, travelling and changing their settlement every time they run out of resources. In other words, they have no place in the world that they are actually close to and can go to when they are really in need.

That's for this group of people. What about me? To be honest, I use this word to represent myself after thinking and pondering upon my life for the past few hours. I've been going group by group, places by places, societies by societies; getting to know so many people but yet when I ask myself who and which part of it I am actually an "ingroup", I couldn't answer to that. It is as what one of my friend used to say; "A person who joins numerous groups, having gatherings and activities lined up, but do not actually have a place or group of people that can be called "home" After such realisation, I finally found out that I'm just trying to hard to fit into groups, and getting into groups; because at the end of the day - I'm more like alone the whole time.

I don't know why am I feeling this, whether I'm thinking a little too much or not. 

But truth to be told, I really feel lonely all the time. 
People asked me to embrace the loneliness and enjoy it.
But honestly, I do not know how

You know, when I look back into my life since Form 1
I just realised I've never actually 'had' a proper 'in-group'
Which made me wonder

What had I been doing since that time?
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