Friends .....
How should we actually explain who friends are in our life ?? Someone who is important to us or just someone to fill in onto our life to prevent boredome ?? I really do not hav the answer to this question .. After going to melaka for my church YDP , i should be happy coz i actually met quite a lot of friends and people .. Thru this camp , i really learnt a lot which is to appreciate one another.. Life is really short ...Have u ever tried looking at a particular person at one time and the next thing u realised is that he's not here anymore ?? Well, practically I've faced this during the YDP , i've lost a friend of mine.. AGAIN it's water who is the killer again ...

Last 2 years, it was one of my band comrades who was drowned upon the sea waves ... Now , it was my church brethen who drowned upon a pool ... What next ?? When a person is right beside us , we'll never appreciate that he's around u. After he's gone , u'll start to realise that he's important to you... Even tears would be shed non-stop just because of a particular person ... Now I really have things to think about... IF the next person is to be me... what will others think or what will be the reaction of others towards that issue ?? Who am I exactly thru other people's eyes and not thru the eyes of mine ?? I really do not know what will it turn out.. Life is seriously very fragile and it may perish any moment from now...
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Offt To Melaka

Well as written in the title , I'm going to melaka tomorrow ... So , hopefully u guys dont miss me coz I want girls to miss me more ... Hahaha ... wont be onlining for this whole week till friday i guess ... Wish me a happy time there would ya ?? Oh ya , it's my church camp anyhow. I'll meet you peeps back on friday then ... till then , i'll leave a picture of mine for you fellas to stare on it during my absence k ??
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Heart Of A Violinist

Well, you all see that picture over there Hahaha , it's my violin ... Bought it for around 700+...All from myself man ... imagine my wallet now.So please dont ever ask me to treat u anything k ??Many might ask why I wanna buy for no reason since i already have a flute at home which is seldom practice =)I've great aims but perhaps it shouldn't be told ... But currently still learning BASICS in it ...
Gotta say it's not easy learning basics coz it's BORING !!!
Just , Wish me luck in it yea ... Wonder if i can be one of the good players around ???
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Trip To Sg. Klah

Hahaha , ever tried dipping your legs in a 50 Degree Celsius water and wait for it to heat up your feet ?? Well i tried it today coz i went to a hot spring ( Sg. Klah ) this morn till evening. For those who tried to call me but fail , well thats the reason . I went to a place near forest and mounts so no line. I slept at around 3 last night to find some sources to get a nice media player for this blog but ended up sadly without anything and I wake up at 7 this morning to get ready. 4 hours sleep only le !!! Imagine the tiredness. Well, it's indeed very fun and tiring as i slept in the car on the way home, causing a full cramp on my legs. Ouch !! Reached home and watch or perhaps "boil" TvB Drama , Dicey Business .. Watch till around now only start blogging again. Addicted le. Perhaps i'll continue watching after this post again !!!

My face isn't funny !! It's bcoz it's burning hot there !!!
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Midnight Ponder

Man , time is really going very slow here as I'm rotting in this place .... My days are just plainly sleep, online , and eat ... Makes me fatter from day to day ... Can't someone get something for me to do ?? Most people say that after busying for 1 month last month, I should get some rest but i'm the hyperactive type yea ... Lemme something to do !!! I'm Rotting Here !!!!

Well, i've search for a FLV converter for around 2 days already and finally i've found it !! One of the best converter i've found and it works superbly ... Able to convert anything that u can say so if those who are hungry for these kinda stuffz ,feel free to ask me yea ... I'll be glad to help you with some payments ... *evil laugh*

Well , practically i only noticed this picture in Alex's blog not long ago
Heheh , it's the cute me !! I tot no one would even care to take photo of me .. but it seems that i'm quite popular too eh :) Well m it's 2.30 now and my eyes is suffering bcoz I'm typing with YELLOW !!! And mind you my bacground now is white =)

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What's My Aim ??

What's my reason in life ???
What's my interest ??
What do i like or dislike ??

Thus the question , can someone actually what i want ??
I'm like hanging around without anything to do esp during holidays ..
Whole day was like a sleeping day,
I've got nothing to do at all ...
Someone , tell me what am i supposed to be doing ???
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