It's 4:06AM, 15 November 2010, and I'm not yet asleep. Thanks to someone who is willing to spend me for my 2nd supper of the day :) I can't imagine how fat can I be in the future.

*thinks* I dont think I have any other thing to write for today *thinks*

Yeah, I have nothing to say other than telling myself that I ate waay to much for today. If this continues on, I'm gonna get FAT. So, STOP eating mang.

-Signing off-
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Gazing upon the future

It's been some time since I ever updated my blog. Yeah, kinda lost the passion and feel to actually update it as I spent most of my time sleeping and lazing around my room and Kampar. Perhaps being in this town makes me a lazy arse already. Anyhow, there's nothing in particular for me to pen down (Perhaps type would be a better word) here. but just to kick start things, I'd opt to just write something here.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of things in my ponderment these days. UTAR Kampar is going to have their first batch of students being graduated already. I wonder, after 3 years. When it is actually my turn, how would it turn out? Would the friends now be the people I share the joy together? Or would I even reach that stage of graduating? What's next then?

-Signing off-
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