What I seek

I am a person of low self-esteem. Many may feel the opposite of what I wrote, but this is the tiny truth of myself that I would never want to show to people; never reflected in the things that I do or how I actually act in public. However, truth are truth and I can never hide that - I am a person of a very low self-esteem. A lot of things and issues people deem easy and simple to be done such as going to a person and talking to him/her is so hard for me as if it is asking me to go upstage to talk to over 1 million people in public (Which I am not afraid to, but not to a single person). Also, in everything I do; I ensure that I've given 300% of my thoughts and consideration before even daring to mention it out to people close to me. It is not that I am cautious or careful, but simply because I do not have the courage to do so!

To be honest, even after saying so - a lot of people would disagree to me because every single time this situation arises, I'll portray myself in a different way where people say that respected me for being so. But honestly, I guess I'm at the right side of the story to tell them that "I know myself better". The thing is, everyone have the personal side of them and perhaps this is more of the personal problem that I have; I have bad communication skills and low self-esteem.

Thus most of the time, I only ask of ONE element from the people around me

That element is encouragement

And I guess I'm getting a lot of it these days

Thanks ^^
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