Somehow or rather I kinda lose my interest in blogging again. Perhaps it's due to my 'busy' life is starting once again and I really do not know whether I should be grateful towards it or not. Lets see, what do I mean by busy. Busy to me simply means having stuffs to do which includes gaming. So yeah, you are correct. I'm busy playing the same old game

. DOTA .

Gotta say that this is the game which I've been playing so long and yet still not bored with it. Perhaps it's bcoz of the arguements and fighting inside which kept this game on fire. Somehow or rather everytime I play this game. There'll be arguements all around. But well, with arguement, comes good relationships(just don't go into homo relationship)


Well then, what else ??
Trips and outing perhaps. I believe you would know that I went to genting for the 2nd time in one month one week ago and well, it ain't cheap. Somehow or rather I don't feel like going anywhere at the meantime due to financial constrains since I'm not working and I'm like eating "slipper rice"(if you understand what I mean) everyday. If you wanna know about the trip, don't ask me cause I don't have any pictures at all due to my "good" phone camera, I didn't have mood to take any pictures. Others are with my friends but well, lazy to get it from them ^_^

SPM results would be soon released. Most of the students are expecting it to be released on the 12th of March. 

Some say they won't go and take the result
Some are worrying about the outcome
Some don't wanna care about it
Some say that they are scared

Well, which category are you in ? As for myself, I believe is the third one. Yes !! I don't wanna care about it. No point caring about it too. Just have to enjoy the happy moment now before I face the awful moment of truth(adapted from yosuke hanamura from persona 4). I just can't imagine where am I gonna be after I get the results. Whether or not I'll be leaving ipoh depends on the results itself. One part of me wants to leave but another part of me shows the heavy hearted part of me. Well, I just have to see what's gonna take place in weeks to come. Pray for me in this matter for those who are reading it.

For those who are wondering what am I currently doing at home everyday. It's simple

Persona 3 fes.
Quitted Persona 4 for the meantime because the boss is so friggin hard !!
Adachi is simple but right after that, 2 skills and I'm dead meat and there's 2 more boss ahead ??
Blame me for taking the difficulty level so hard. 

Well thats all for now
-Signing off-
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I am yet to be making a choice in the future. Both choice provides me with pros and cons and it would be done quickly. I really hope that I won't make the wrong choice and to pick it right this time. Pray for me in making this important choice.

I do 
I Do not

- Signing off -
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Jeffery Chan is back !! Well, not for long coz I'm just coming back to make sure the blog stays alive while I continue on with my Persona jouney. I have the feeling the game is gonna end soon since they 'so-called killer' is being hunted now and I'm gonna save 

*wait for me~~Dont die so fast*.

Ummm okay cut the crap. I'm basically not doing much of a thing nowadays. My time would usually be spent on stuffz like gaming and online. Browser game like tribal wars are used to spend my free time since it's just clicks to play the game. I'm not sure how long is this gonna be or how long can it stand since I do feel that all games are gonna end soon.

Have been going back to help out with the band. Just gonna do what I can do rather than focusing on stuffz which I cannot. But as I thought, things aren't the same anymore. It's never and will never be the same anymore. I'll just have to see whats gonna happen soon.

Upcoming events 
Nan hwa band concert
Genting trips with friends

Can't wait to start and kick off my final event I would be sharing with these friends of mine. After these 2 events. I doubt we'll ever meet that much again. So many are leaving already. Some are going overseas, some are going outstation to study, some going to the jungle to hunt for food and stay there for 3 months =) Would be missing them much although I'm practically sweet talking now. Hahaha
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Hiatus ??

As you all would know, I'm going on hiatus now. 
Why ?? 
The reasons are kinda simple actually.

I got hooked up on this 2 games which causes me to dream onto my PS2 rather than PC anymore
Therefore I might take at least 1 week off from my PC and then to continue doing stuffz here.
Bout what game am I playing ?? 
This 2 is the game which I meant

Dynasty Warrior 6 (Ps2 Version)

Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 4

Alright, thats all for now. 
I'm going for GAMEEE now

Till then, 
C yaz
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