How right I am?

The clock is ticking at 3.32am right now. In front of my computer and TV, with the match between Cameroon and Denmark. It kinda late, considering that I would need to wake up at 8 tomorrow for church worship service. Yet, things are puzzling in my mind and I can find no answer at all. I've never actually faced this kinda situation for a lot of time, or perhaps this had never happened to me before since year 2008, where shit happens all the time of the year.

I used to be an extremely care-free person, who takes things very easily. Or what we Malaysians call "chin chai". I remember very clearly, what my instructor told me last time, not to take things so lightly, and when a problem arises, solve it immedeately and don't delay. Being me at that time, I didn't changed much and thus, causing a lot of problem to the people around me, or perhaps the whole band started crumbling, because of me. Yes, because of me.

2 years later, at year 2010. I am proud to tell the world that I've changed. I'm no longer the care-free Jeffery Chan. Whenever problem arises, I put my heart and my mind to look for solutions. I try my utmost best to solve a problem as soon as possible so that it would not get ugly in the future. I know my role when problem arises, I simply know that when things happen, I should do something to prevent it from getting worse. Yet, I wonder did I ever changed for the betterment or for the worst now. Whenever I try to solve anything, it gets worse.

Where do I stand? At this point of time, I do not know what am I supposed to do anymore. Even a simple chat, can evolve into a war. Do I actually look too high up to myself? I do not know who am I anymore. Every word I say is actually offensive. I've tried to put my ego off, but what am I actually doing right now? Why am I even writing this post? Am I even trying to mend off situation now? why..

Who Am I?
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Few things I hate about blogs

It's been quite a long time since I started blogging few years ago
I love blogging, but everything has its pros and cons right?
Today I'm gonna write about something.
The few things I hate in blogs

1. Music players in blog which autoplaysC'mon man, when you are actually listening to your song, classical aka sleeping songs. You were listening to it attentively, feeling very relaxed. Suddenly Lady GaGa comes in with her Bad Romance and the songs comes crashing together.

"I want your love, I dowanna be friends!!"

Urrgh, Ewww .. Darn.
It's not that i hate the song, I LOVE HER.Well, everyone loves gaga right?

2. People who comment in chatbox
Well, somehow many blog readers love to type comments in chatbox in the blog. But well, comment should end up in commentbox! Chat's are for chat. So talk crap there but type entry-related post inside the commentbox. Ya know, for memories sake =)

Some creative bloggers need to do this to stop ppl from writing comment at chatboxes

Well, trollz. Ya know, the trolls! Yes the big troll!

Sad, you are wrong. What I meant was the troll who comes and go just for the sake of it or the ones who interupts your FRIENDLY chat with your friends in the chatbox just to get a link to their blog. Well, pictures!

So you want sexy girls? Well, go to =)
Private treat from me. Oops!!~

Despite everything, there's one thing I definitely like in blog
Readers like you!

Okay, he don't seem like he's reading
But you get the idea right? Nevermind lah!~

Btw, It's my 200th post!!!
Hard way trying to reach here =)
Thanks for my readers up to this moment
(If there's any)

-Signing off-
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The state I am in now is like what I wrote in my title
Confused and confused.
That's all

Everything that had been taught since young
In my school, in churches, by parents and other people
Being naive, I thought that it is the gospel truth and I'm right
But looking at the situation now, is it even true?

I remember being taught by some adults from my church saying
Alcohol intake is scripturally wrong and Christians ain't supposed to be taking it
But, what made me curious is I saw him going around with wine during Adrian's wedding
So, where's actually the truth? Is it true that as Christians, we shouldn't do so?
Now, teenagers just love going to clubs to hangout
I was also taught not to go during the past
But, how true can that be?
I don't know

Somehow, I don't know whether the principles I had up till now is right, or wrong
Can anyone kindly enlighten me about this? Will be needing it loads
Encouragements from bro. and sis. from CoC?
For those who reads of blog of course

-Signing off-

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Have quite a lot of things to blog about today initially
Being in a slumber for 2 hours before dinner was what I need
After the awakening, it was all sorrow, pain and suffering
I thought that things would be better throughout time
But why doesn't it get better at all now?

Why on earth did you come to Kampar?
Why not in the morning? Why the evening?
Why staying overnight at this place?'

I have feelings too, I am human
Why do I have to understand everyone on earth
Yet, no one actually understands what I actually want?
I'm willing to step down from everything
Can't there at least some respect to me?
In Ipoh, in KL, I dont care. but why here?

After enduring everything alone and keeping everything a secret from you
Just to ensure that you would continue to be a happy person and live cheerfully
You call me silly. You ignored me
Who am I to you actually?
I'm beaten, totally beaten.

Never had I felt so bad before
Yet, the only thing I got from you
"Go home, take a rest"

One of these days, I'm gonna do something
I call that something R.I.P.
Rest In Peace

-Signing off-
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Blood Donation Drive

UTAR had another blood donation drive this May 2010 Intake
As a GOOD citizen of Malaysia and also a GOOD student of UTAR
I took the initiative to go for this blood donation drive to donate my blood
(I'm not donating this to vampires though, they can just suck it out from me if they want)

I dont mind sucking hot chicks blood if I'm allowed though

5 person went together to the Heritage Hall in Block A for this donation drive
Unfortunately, Wai Keong didn't want to donate his blood and Wei Hao can't donate
Left with only 3 which is Me, Chee Cheng and Kar Kheng, we proceeded as planned (did we?)
At the final stage, Kar Kheng can't donate due to some reasons with her haemogoblin ??
Sad thing to happen after snapping her finger on the "make-the-finger-bleed-machine"
Left with only two strong and mighty warrior, they fought the battle on the bed *LoL*

The mighty warrior Jeffery and

His mighty side-kick Chee Cheng

Feeling tired, the warrior, myself needs to power up myself with potions
Therefore, Milo comes into place to heal myself to regain HP
Being too tired, I'm actually fed by a good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Wei Hao

-Signing off-
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