I'm all set

A lot of stuffs happened and a lot of new things are added into me since the last time I posted into my blog. Well, I'm not gonna do much typing but instead I'm gonna let you see pictures since a lot of you claim that 

'A picture speaks better than a thousand words'

The arrival of my new spectacles
Yup, I got myself a new pair of spectacles since my eyes are kinda blurry and sparkly these days. Somehow or rather this new spec seemed to be a little heavy compared to my old one but well, it's much nicer in my opinion. Much more expensive too of course. What's the price of this spec ?? I'm not gonna tell you. Hahaha.

A new *ahem* bicycle
Due to the fact that almost everyone cycles to campus in UTAR, Kampar and the bus isn't cheap(70cents per ride). I've decided that I'll cycle everyday too. The biggest problem is, the last time I ever cycle is when i was in my kindergarten. When I tried to cycle in my grandma's house yesterday, walah !! I forgot how to balance myself. Darn, 18 year OLD person who don't even know how to cycle ?? Learning how to cycle in front of a 4 year old kid ?? This is embarassing but well, better than walking to campus everyday xD

P/s - I know it's old and rusty but thats my life =) Just gotta spray a coat of paint onto it and give it a nice wash and it should be good to go.

And now, the most important thing
The beauty in my house

Studio 1435
Do mind me advertising for Ucpro =)

His skin colour isn't like mine. It's blue 

His brothers and sister

I'm all set to go and I'm just waiting for the time to pass now. Alrighty, I think this would be all

-Signing off-
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Whats ahead of me now?
For those who do not know, I'm going to UTAR to further my studies(at least that's whats happening now). Just hope everything goes well there. It ain't gonna be easy IMO but I'll just have to live with it and see how it goes. What am I taking ?? I'm taking my foundation in arts first and then continue on with mass communication in advertising.

Wish me luck
Just a short update of information of myself

- Signing off -
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Outcome of SPM

Well umm....
If u are wondering about my results of the SPM.
I'm gonna post it here so stop asking me about my results !

Feeling super sad here so dont msg me anymore

I've something to say anyway
(highlight below)



This is my real result. Dont worry it's not another prank

Ain't quite satisfied with the result but for the 2 months of hardwork, I think that should be what I get.  Too bad I didn't study much in my Physics else I would get another A2 at the very least.

Where am I heading to?

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Every beginning have an ending

Congratulations to me because I've finally completed Persona 4 with all 3 endings watched.


The game was simply superb, but too bad everything needs to end no matter what. In fact, I was touched by the ending when the MC leaves the place. Especially when teddie said this phrase. 

"No matter how far are we from each other, the bonds which we had forged wouldn't be broken easily"

Perhaps that's something that I have to really take it into my heart as a lot of my friends are already leaving this small town Ipoh ^_^. As for myself, I do not know where my future lies but time will still pass no matter what. I don't care though since I must finish my Persona 3 FES before I can start thinking.

Results are in 3 days ??
Lets see how it goes.
I ain't afraid of the result for myself coz I knew I did the best that I could but I'm just afraid that it'll dissapoint the people around me. I've been dissapointing a lot of people since years ago. My music teacher in Yamaha, during my PMR, even at the time when I was the BL. Now at SPM ?? I wonder what'll happen. 

Coming up next in 3 days

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