The One Chance: The Turning Point

I'm brought into the situation of pondering on the word chance, or opportunity

A simpler term that can be used perhaps is the word "Luck"

Everyone in this world, especially famous ones usually have the 'ONE' factor, or perhaps moment that changes their life. Well, even in games like Leagues of Legend, it simply takes ONE mistake, or ONE opportunity taken  in order to simply win the whole game, or losing it all together. 

Bringing it back to a game of soccer, basketball or even to a simple game of chess

Sometimes, the determining factor of failure or success is very simple

It's just this ONE chance

Whether it's taken or not, THAT makes the difference

Then it made wonder 

When will such 'chance' appear before me?

Or perhaps it had actually appeared, just that I don't noticed it

I'm actually pretty frustrated with life these days as although I want to continue moving on, pushing forward, there seemed to be so many limiting factor stopping me. Obviously, being myself, I can fight to move forward, but it's simply not what I want to do because it will eventually go 'over' my principalities. 

And yes, because of such situation, I'm stuck here, waiting.

Sometimes I felt as if I just need that ONE chance

Just once, to prove myself

But honestly, I do not know when it'll come

Perhaps by writing this, it'll serve as a reminder for me

To take it and embrace it when it comes.

I just need that ONE chance.

Just ONE to make the turning point of my life
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In reality...

In fantasy, things come to those who wishes and believes in it
In reality, things comes only to those who work their ass off and are blessed by God

In fantasy, as long as you've put in effort, you'll receive the growth
In reality, even if you've put in effort, disappointment is what takes place after that

In fantasy, when you let things flow/happen, it'll happen and you'll live happily ever after
In reality, When you let things flow/happen, nothing will ever happen

In fantasy, when you achieved what you want, it stays there for a long time
In reality, when you finally achieve something, it may be robbed off you the next moment

In fantasy, you just have to ask; and it is given to you
In reality, asking gives nothing. You have to fight for it if you want it

In fantasy, I would be happily pursuing my dreams and spending time with my loved ones
In reality, I am here wondering how to work things out, and sitting in the hall alone


Sometimes, I just wished I live in the fantasy world

The real world have too much limitations that I don't know how to go against

Then again, that's the reality

Jeffery Chan,

Live with it

-Signing off-
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Everyone have their own dreams; their vision and also what they want to do most in life

Most definitely, as a human being: I have mine too

Most unfortunate for everyone, dreams are somehow just too hard to achieve.

I believe that most readers of my blog who knows me personally would know how far my passion for music is. How much I can actually commit for music. I started learning music since I was 4 or 5 years old? Got myself enrolled in Yamaha's Music Course thanks to my parents. It was them who ignited this interest of mine; and this is what made the me today. I was trained in many many different aspects, piano playing, music theory, improvisation, listening, pitching, and even singing. It was perhaps because of this that my interest of music grew so much that I decided to join my school band when I was in Form 1.

I joined the school band in my secondary school: Form 1 to be exact. Picked up the flute as my instrument and with blessings from God and also my parents, I own a Yamaha YFL-221. It was then I realised how interesting it was for so many different instruments ranging from the Piccolo to a Tuba playing together that forms the music everyone hears today. Perhaps, it was here where my interest was actually fired up, and it soon became my passion. This however, took too much of my time too. When I was in the Mid-June period where so much time was put into Band, and I simply do not have time to practise my Piano for my Exams in the Yamaha course, I was somehow just left behind in every single aspect of it.

It was discouraging, it was somehow just sad that I find myself being far behind everyone in the same class. I soon begin to lose my interest and at the end of the day, just quitting everything that I had done for the past 9-10 years. Indirectly, it was the band that caused me not continuing what I've been learning for such a long period of time. Waste of time and money? Perhaps so. But the main reason why I stopped and lose interest is actually because I don't find it interesting playing solo pieces on the piano any longer: because playing in an orchestra, give more colours to the music created.

My eyes and ears were opened wide

It showed my how much music can do to an individual: specifically myself

And it actually led me to actually find out what my dreams are.

What my dreams are? I'll further explain in a bit

For that 'interest' of mine. I was very enthusiastic towards band practises every Saturday. While all my friends spend their weekends sleeping at home, gaming in Cyber Cafe's or hanging out with friends in shopping malls. I spend the whole morning and afternoon, sometimes even evening and nights in school for band practises. I was perhaps talented, capable or maybe just lucky because I ended up as Band Leader in my Form 5 years (2008). I was the student conductor for SMI's band. Under my Band Instructor, Mun Ming, I've learnt several things in regards to conducting and I was also given chances to actually conduct in various events; wedding ceremonies. That was until I left school after my Form 5.

I wanted to pursue music in my Degree

Simply because I know it is my Passion, my Interest.

But somehow, things isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I looked up for information to pursue a Music Degree. Unfortunately, the obstacles to achieve it is just too much. Many many things such as financial constraints, family and also on qualifications was an issue to me. Pursuing a music course just takes too much money. My parents do not encourage me moving to KL to further my study, and I just do not have the required qualifications to get into such college as it requires ABRSM Grade 5 for practical and theory, which I do not have to start applying. Most importantly, the music industry in Malaysia is simply too weak and it's like almost impossible to get a job unless you are of top notch. It was then I believed I should face reality. I gave up, got myself admitted to UTAR and major in Advertising instead.

I gave up my Flute, I gave up Conducting as I do not learn from my band instructor any more. I was even approached and was given chance to do music arranging. Even though it was a norm for alumni of the band to visit and encourage the juniors once in a while during practise, I did not do so. I still remembered in the farewell dinner organized by my juniors, I did not give any speech or said anything to the current batch of juniors. I still remember Louis Chong telling me how surprised he was for me not to address anything for the juniors. Know what, I simply do not want to do that, because I do not want to get attached to such activities anymore. I wanted it to be the end of it the story, I do not want to waste my time pursuing something that would not happen. Even when I was studying in UTAR, never had I ever take out my Flute. It was like that for almost 3-4 long years.

And guess what?

That was the biggest regret of my life.

I regret for not giving a try in the things that I want to do and just leaving it at that, only to realise how stupid was I back then. It was only during a campaign talk show that I organized, that actually made me realise this fact. It was Chui Ling, the speaker for the 1st night that made me realised, that dreams are meant to be pursued, and if it's not pursued. Regrets will simply just follow. Also, it was a story of someone that actually made me feel how pathetic I am, giving up something because of small matters when he, himself faced so much just to achieve his dreams. Interested to know who? Read the article below

It was because of these reasons, I actually started to look up on ways to re-ignite this passion of mine. This is where I found KVWO, the Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra, and the conductor itself is no other than Eugene Pook himself. You know what, perhaps it was just a twist of fate, but only then I realised that I was actually under him for one rehearsal in the year 2004 when I was in ISB. It was a sleepless night and I was just looking and I found information about this community band. Eventually, I made a bold move to join. I am a person who hesitates a lot, and to be honest, even I am surprised of myself making such move to join in. I went for their first practise even though my instrument wasn't with me. I just sat there, and listened. 

It's been three months since then, and I am about to go to Taiwan to perform with this group of people. To be honest, I'm very excited and I'm definitely looking forward to it. But if you ask me if I have achieved what I wanted, unfortunately, no. Many people thought that what I wanted was to excel in my flute, or perhaps to perform and to make music.

It is unfortunately, not what I want to achieve. 

What I want is not to be part of the group that produces the music. But what I want, is to be the one who design, create and enhance the music. Yes. I aspire to be the conductor itself. The music director. The mastermind behind the music. I want to perform, not as a flautist, but to be the person who leads the group in creating music. 

That's what I want to be.

Which leads me to a great dilemma at this time

Because I simply do not know how am I supposed to do it.

I'm mid-way through my degree in Advertising, and I definitely don't plan to defer from it (My parents will kill me if I do that) but at the same time, I don't think I'll ever let go of this dream of mine. Perhaps taking another degree may work out, but the fees would definitely burden my parents once again. Most importantly, I do not have the qualifications for that too. So how am I supposed to carve my way through? People will say, let things happen. Then take the opportunity given and make do with what I can.

Know what? I don't believe in chances

If I want things to happen, I need to make things happen

But honestly, I do not know what I can do now. As of now, I guess the only thing I can do now is to stay in touch with music. Performing in events organized in UTAR, play in KVWO, and perhaps try to get the required certifications from ABRSM for my flute and also theory. I'm also trying to be tutored in conducting by my current conductor. 

Honestly, to juggle between this and my studies had been a very tiring job. Travelling through and fro from Kampar to Ipoh every Sunday is tiring. I even find myself coming back for rehearsals on Sunday, going back on the same day so that I can sit for an exam on Monday, only to go back to Ipoh for sectional rehearsal  right after my exam, and finally going back to Kampar on the same day. I am not sure how this seems to you, but it seems crazy enough for me. There are some of my friends who asks me, why am I acting in such manner? It's only ONE practice session

My answer is simple:

It's my passion.

I have wasted over 4 years running around it. I really do not want to waste any more time.

Which is why I promised myself from the beginning

I will do something for this.

I don't know how

But I just want to try

At least even if I had failed

I know that I've tried

-Signing off-
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