I've lost my light, my dream.

There are phrases in games in which I think is very inspirational and I can remember 2 phrases which was actually in my mind all along. Think I'm gonna share with my readers (If there are any) today about it.

Still searching for the light? Well, don't lose sight of it - Auron - Kingdom Hearts II
The most important thing is to embrace your dreams - Angeal - FFVII :Crisis Core

Unfortunately, I'm here without any light and dreams right now. Somehow, I tend to lose hold of whatever I had for the whole Sem-1. The pressure is too much and I seriously felt that I can't handle it anymore. Sometimes, I just feel like giving up once and for all but knowing of the things I've done and the people who put their hopes up for me. I simply can't just do so. But, I can't find the reason anymore

Everyone sees me as someone 'special' in whatever I do now. I don't like it
I used to take my education in a very fun way. Now, it evolved into a burden

I really want to go back to the old me. Whereby I can actually be the same as last time. There are people who actually told me not to think so much as I'm just thinking too much for the past 1-2 months. I've tried, and I think I failed in it badly.

-Signing off-

Searching for the light

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Sharing is caring, NOT

Sharing and caring.
A phrase that everyone loves to say especially when they want to get something from you.
I believe I don't need to explain much about it since most of you would've known about it
But, I believe that sometimes, this phrase is overused.
Simply because somethings can't be shared and should NOT be shared between two users
It's always best to get things cleared sometimes but I do not know why it is so hard.

Sighs, I dont even know what am I typing now.
Perhaps one day, things would be made clear and thus I can actually sleep.
I can't bear it trying to sleep every night but ended up thinking what is happening on the other side.

What am I to do?

-Signing off-

I seriously don't know what am I heading towards anymore
Things I thought I can handle ended up the opposite way I wanted
Getting more and more aggressive and hot headed these days.

Please, help me
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Learnt a new word today.
It's called
Don't know what it is?
It's very simple.
You just have to look at me and you'll see this word
Something in which I want to change but I don't think it'll ever change.

Just a post to release my weird thoughts
Thoughts in which I can never control

-Signing off-

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Adventures of Lamerz

This is the story of a 3 lamers who went to Kampar to visit another 4 lamers. Shall we see what's happening in this lame adventure? Anyway, the credits are to Mr. Lamey. Lets enjoice the story

Yesterday, a trip was organized by lameey to kampar ..
Together, Lamey brough Lame fat and Lame lai together with him.
Lame sleeper came n meet us outside when we arrived,
Together we went to lame thin's room

At lame thin's house,
Lame sleeper wanted to scare him and ask Lamey, Lame fat and Lame lai hide under the starirs
But the 3 of them =.= at Lame sleeper
Lame lai started to say WoW when he say lame thin's toilet
Then lame fat sat at lame thin's jacket
Lame thin went O.O
Lamey tried to get some food
And lame thin also went =.=
Lame sleeper always hit lame fat chest
After 1~2 hours of chat at lame thin's room
Then lame lai suddenly talk bout hair leg
Lame fat start showing off his leg
Lame sleeper then go ENOUGH!!!

As the lamers are going back
Lamey notice there r 7 bicycle 2 motorbike and 1 car
Lamey also noticed there is a very mini bbq by the house
Lamey noticed that all the houses r the same

Lame sleeper decided to show off his room
So.. he asked us to go to his place
Lamey entered his room
And started to play the most famous game in the world..
Left 4 dead
At lame sleeper's room
He had a fishing rod
Lame Lai was wandering wat he do with that coz there is no place to go fishing
So we assume that lame sleeper try to use that fishing rod to hook women
lame fat then show us a dumb choir at youtube
Lts related to a complain
Lamey came just to meet lame thin n lame sleeper
But lame bone was there
So 3 of them came with us
To eat at some chinese restaurant

At the entrance, lamey realise the entrance to the place is retarded
With small place to enter
There come great mind
Where lamey starts to enter with his "pro" skill of driving
Finally they reached,
The 6 lamer sat down
And slowly order food
After that
Food came
And all the lamers started to eating
After finish eating
The lamers start to pay bill
Where lame fat dunno how to count
Then after tat
Lame thin took the rm5 and split with lame bone
Lamey wanted to buy kacang
So he took at rm4 to buy
Lame sleeper n Lame thin share RM10 and bought so bloody 3 big packets
Then all the lamers entered lamey's car
Lamey drop them back to their prison
Lame thin's prison first
Then lame bone's
Finally lame sleeper

Lame hao cannot attend the reunion that day -Sadz-
-Signing off-
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Day after day
Time pass away
And I just can't get you off my mind
Nobody knows ... I hide it inside
I keep on searching but I can't find
The courage to show ...
To letting you know ...
I've never felt so much love before
And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out ...

But if I let you go
I will never know
What my life would be
Holding you close to me
Will I ever see
You smiling back at me
How will I know?
If I let you go ...

Night after night
I hear myself sayin'
Why can't this feeling just fade away?
There's no one like you
You speak to my heart
It's such a shame we're worlds apart
I'm too shuy to ask
I'm too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose
And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out ...

Once again I'm thinking about ....
Taking the easy way out ....
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Out of nothing

Each day ends with memories
Memories in which people remember
But during this rainy night
Nothing, I plan to remember
But the past, I shall

1st June 2009
The start of something new
In UTAR, Kampar.
Monday was the day,
10.00am was the time
Here, I'd actually met you.
And thus starts my story
Joy and sorrow alike.

Day by day,
classes by classes.
Trying to get to know you
Was it by chance or by fate?
You were in my assignment group
There, I thought there was hope
Up till the moment of truth
Cruel facts are discovered
I was just too late

Sad was I, indeed
Disappointment enveloped all
There was no light to be seen
But it was then, I've decided to create
The ray of light of my own
I call that,


It was hope that endured all
It was hope that kept me going
It was hope that brought joy
It was hope that gave me a path
But it was hope that gave great disappointment

Time passes by
We got closer to each other
And thats the maximum point
I can't hold onto my feelings any longer
In the end, I confessed everything

Happy or sad
It turned out not as bad
It was a two-way relationship
The ray of light I once had tend to shine

But I didn't know
it was the ray of warning
Warning of pain
Warning of sorrow
Warning of sadness
Warning of suffering

Ignoring the warning was my decision
Thus, the consequences was for me to bear
Everything that happened all along

It's all because of me

I'm sorry

-Signing off-
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Love is not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

I wonder if it's actually true? Frankly, I disagree with this. I believe I failed in this and I'll only believe in things in which I can see. Thus I conclude, this phrase is a scam. Do not believe in it.

Just a short post to digest myself from everything today
Am I emo you're asking? Well, yeah

-Signing off-

Tomorrow is gonna be a long long day

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Out of boredom

Hiya all,
Since I'm just too bored now and I have an internet line, I think I'm just gonna update this blog a little. Currently listening to the song "October" and well, I think it suits my current feeling and situation at this moment of time. To be frank, I do not know what I want to type when i started to get into this blog but well, urrh. It doesn't matter. I just need to find some things to do to make myself busy.

I think I need to wake up. I can't indulge myself into this slumber anymore. Sad to say, I failed in this because I got sick yesterday and up till today, I can't get my mechanism in my body to function well enough to wake up (I almost skipped todays lecture/tutorials) xD. So much for the 4.0 =.= Giving me the stress out of nothing.

On a brighter note, Chee cheng is coming to meet up with the Kampar gang on wednesday!! Well, it SHOULD be something to be happy about isnt it? Just hope I don't get some last-minute-oh-my-gosh-assignment-group-discussion or I'm gonna piss them off. XD

On the other hand, I believe that I can finally rest my case, with an open heart. I think this is the end of my story, playing this particular role which I want to play but lack the capabilities to do so. And, if you think this post is emo, do look at the older post. This is actually an emotionless post. Which I dont even know whether I should be happy or sad

-Signing off-

P/s :- If you realised, I didn't really post pictures in my blog anymore. Well, mainly it's because my camera phone have a 1.3mp camera. Which means, there's no point taking lame pictures with ugly resolution. Wait till I get a camera or a new phone

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It's been my 3rd week being in my second trimester here in Kampar and well things are actually almost the same. The only difference is that my PC went turtling and my line is as usual, slower than anyone would have expected. Anyway, nothing much to post actually but I think I just have to post to keep this blog alive.

Things that I'd actually did for the past 3 weeks:-
  • Went for lectures and tutorial as usual.
  • Paid my fees, a whole sum of Rm xxxx.
  • Joined the boardgames club in UTAR (proud?).
  • Met some cute and pretty chicks (LoL).
  • I think I became stronger, physically and emotionally.
Just gotta keep pushing myself to the limits. I'm having a test in 2 weeks time and well, some lecturers are better known as photostating machine or a radio but well, lets give them time and see if there's any changes. Future things which would take place??
  • Andrew and Kelly's wedding!! Gosh I'm gonna miss this. Tomorrow :( Congrats anyway
  • Management test (Week 5)
  • Marketing test (Week 6)
  • Writing for business test (Week 6)
Uhhh, appreciate the time u have. You'll never know when would it be taken away from you. For some particular person, hope you're alright after tonight and continue to live life to the fullest!! Perhaps I'll end this post just like that. Not in the mood and I'm afraid that my line would go "buh-bai" again.

-Signing off-

Nothing to hope for but just that you're happy
If you are happy indeed, I'm satisfied!

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