The already-broken New Year Resolutions

To ensure that my blog have at least 1 post per year, I've decided to keep a note of my resolutions for 2015 here. It's not done on the 1st January 2015, but it'll do for now.

I'm dividing my New Year Resolutions into several sections I deem important in my life: Career, Spiritual, Health, Fun & Social

CAREER: I'm not really sure of what I would be doing in years to come I'm still pretty much lost at the moment. That being said, I want to start my Masters Degree this year. Everything is pretty much ambiguous at this stage, but I've actually promised myself to start my Master's Programme 1 year after working.
Target: Start a Master's Degree Programme

SPIRITUAL: In Year 2014, I've been a very bad Christian (like, really baaaaaad). This year shouldn't replicate what I've been doing last year. Will have to stop myself from sleeping through the entire Sunday morning, 'unintentionally' skipping worship services and avoiding possibilities of being given responsibilities.
Target: No skipping worship & place membership on a local church

HEALTH: My health had been terrible ever since I left the band, where I was 'forced' to exercise nearly everyday. As I am inevitably getting older, my health needs to be taken care of. Although I actually 'exercised' by walking to my car to get to work every morning, I will have to do a little bit of running this year, as well as to ensure that my sleeping schedule is actually according to the Malaysian timing.
Target: Go for runs at least 3 times in a week; Get to bed by 2330 & be awake by 0730

RECREATION: This part had been overstretched last year with my involvement with eSports-related events & activities. This year, I'll be cutting it down but supplementing it with some music-related stuffs. Mom would be proud since I'm reducing gaming and actually using my time with 'relevant' stuffs like music.. yeah right
Target: Join at least 1 music related group & keyboard skills are performance capable

SOCIAL: Get a girl friend maybe? Nahhh... I'm just gonna stay in my room all day with myself. To be serious though, I hope I could be a little bit more sociable. I'm reaching the point I want to be, but not quite there yet!
Target: Just, don't stay at home all the time. Get real life friends!

I think I'm breaking all of it, today itself. That being said, that's what resolutions are made for isn't it? Well, perhaps I should put it as a quarter-year resolution rather than a year.


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