I was so confident in my paper just now. I thought that I can score the paper 70/70 and I came to realise that I made a terrible mistake in my exam. With just one concept wrong, I lose 6 marks already.


Seriously, I'm speechless. In computer, I get crappy paper and I'm expecting it not to be good. Now, in economics. I get one of the easiest paper and again, I screwed it.

Disappointed, especially with myself.

-Signing off-

The only reason that I can smile
Is by looking at your smile all the time

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Hectic weeks

The sky now is crying, shedding tears upon mother earth. Perhaps the sky feels what am I feeling now. Perhaps because of that, I tend to think into that particular matter again.


As the title, I've been very busy for the past 2 weeks with exams and assignments and well, I believe that it'll continue for the next few weeks as the final assignment would be handed in, maybe in around 2 weeks time? But I'm blogging here just to tell my readers that well, Jeffery is still alive and is fighting to strive for the best.

Some of the TB-sixers
To make readers worry (or not even a single bit). Due to my over-hardworking-ness. I think I've gotten myself into the word 'flu' again. Hopefully it's not the H1N1 flu cause I'm going back to ipoh later to spread my flu. Things should be alright though but I pity my class. I think 1/4 of them are having the same problem all thanks to the assignments and test. Grrr...

My Public Speaking talkshow group
Having my econs exam later and well pray for me and right after that, I'm going back to Ipoh's stadium! Will have the night there and going back to Kampar on saturday morning. Great, I think I know how dead tired I'll be on saturday.

-Signing off-

Drizzles falling from the sky,
Sadness appears by and by;
Hopefully, when the time comes by,
We wouldn't have to say good bye.

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Luck? or Strength.

I just finished my computer studies paper and mass communication paper just now. From there, I think I've finally learned and understand some stuffs which would always be happening in studies or perhaps, life. Often do I hear people saying this particular

Work hard = stupid
Work smart = not good enough

Therefore, I came up with both of them together and formed this

Work hard + work smart = still not good enough

What's the next one that I've finally realized? Well, the word luck came into my mind at this particular hour. If you people don't know, I've been studying quite a lot for my mid terms this time as I'm aiming very high in my CGPA for my uni grades and well, I think I just screwed it, not because I didn't work for it. But it's my bad luck.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you wont get what you want unless you are giving the opportunity to get it. And when you don't get it, you'll never be able to get it. That happened to my CS' exam I guess, I got the paper which have the ONLY question which I don't know how to do. Blame it on me but, other questions was so bloody easy!

To be frank,
I was disappointed to the point that tear starts to flow out, but well. Man don't shed tears don't they? I just endured it and kept it inside throughout the day.

Therefore, my new equation

Hard work + work smart + luck = Success!!

Nothing can be done I guess, well that's life eh? Life still have to go on no matter what. Anyway, don't have to worry about me because I just wanna rant things out using this blog, therefore, I'm not that emo-fied actually, just sharing what I feel throughout the days :D

-Signing off-

The time we spent together,
Is the factor that made my day;

Without the presence of you,
What's ought to happen to me?

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What's my price?

This particular phrase struck my mind just now when I was cycling back from a group discussion for an assignment tomorrow. Somehow or rather, I do feel myself kinda 'useless' in the group other than acting stupid and being lame. When it comes to the discussion part, I'm never one of the idea giver but instead, someone who just sit by the side and listen. That really made me think, who am I actually in the eyes of others. Most importantly, do I even have a price? worthiness? usefulness?

What's my price?

Anyways, crap aside. I've just finished my public speaking mid term test and well, to be honest, I think it went quite well although I do get blurred. I finished the whole paper in 5 minutes! Blergh, nothing to be proud of. Anyway, will be having more test in days to come so do wish me luck.

-Signing off-

You and I
Separated by great barriers
That's not what I want
But what can be done?

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Mid term test

As stated in the topic, I'm having my mid term test starting from this week up till next week. Well, I think I've never put in this much effort on a normal test like this. We'll see what is the outcome of this test. Not gonna blog much today but well, just blogging here to tell you that I'm still safe and sound with not much problems to face (that doesn't mean that I have none!)

I'll keep you update with my new "girlfriend" during the next post. Don't know what or who is it? Well, just wait and you'll know ^^

Everyday I sit down and ponder upon the stars,
Realizing that I am still waiting for you;
Until then, I'd finally understood,
I was waiting for you all along.

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Procrastinate? Think again

I came across this particular phrases and I find it meaningful, thought that I should share this with the readers.

If you're mad with someone ,
and nobody's there to fix the situation,
You should go and fix it .
Maybe today, that person still wants to be your friend .
And if u don't, tomorrow may be too late .

If you're in love with somebody,
but that person doesn't know...
You should tell her/him.
Maybe today, that person is also in love with you .
And if you don't, tomorrow may be too late.

If you really want to kiss somebody,
Go ahead and kiss her/him.
Maybe that person wants a kiss from you too.
And if you don't kiss her/him today, tomorrow may be too late.

If you still love a person that you think has forgotten you...
Go ahead and tell her/him.
Maybe that person had always loved you.
And if you don't tell her/him today, tomorrow may be too late.

If you need a hug of a friend,
Go and ask her/him for it.
Maybe they need it more than you do.
And if you don't ask for it today, tomorrow may be too late.

If you really have friends who you appreciate,
Go ahead and tell them.
Maybe they appreciate you as well.
If you don't, and they leave today, tomorrow can be too late.

If you love your parents, and never had the chance to show them,
Show it to them and do it now,
Maybe you have them there to show them how you feel.
If you don't, and they leave today, tomorrow can be too late.

-Signing off-
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Looking back to my past

Went through all my old photos since year 2006. Well, that's when I actually started keeping my photos and well, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Indeed, I've changed too much ^^

Year 2004

Year 2005? or 2006? - I dunno

Year 2008

Year 2009 - In Genting

Year 2009 - Current Me

Any difference in me? Well, I'm not too sure of what you people think though, but this is just a random post. Anyway, I do spot some similarities between all the pictures. All are the *ahems* hand *hem* some me =)
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Things' meant to be

I'm recently being taught about this particular phrase in perhaps the hardest way. All along, I believe that 'when you think you can,you can' is something very true now. Sad to say, that's not the thing that I see now. What I see now can be expressed in just one phrase
If things are meant to be yours', it'll be yours
If things aren't mean to be yours', it'll never be
Indeed, for me to accept this particular phrase is the hardest thing that can be because I believe that everything is decided by our actions and choice but this time, I'm leaving it to God and perhaps fate to decide. What is this particular matter? Well, it's something which is better left untold. It's just a simple secret that I want it to be a secret until something change the scenario, allowing me to move on.

Sighs, sometimes I do wonder why things have to be done using the harsh way. And why things doesn't go the way I want it to be. But, wondering won't change anything because it's not for me to control anymore. What I can do is just to say one word.


-Signing off-

If I were given a wish,
I'd wished that things wouldn't change;
For I know that I could never find this feeling,
From anyone but you
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These days.

Things had been kinda rough nowadays as more and more assignments are pouring in. Mid term test are pumping into our bloodstreams and well, it's seriously getting stressful here. Fortunately, I think I've started quite early this time, so I shall see how it goes. Actually, I've nothing to blog about these days because the life here is just too simple. Wake up early in the morning, go to campus until evening and have my dinner out at night. Then I'll either do my assignments or just msn and sleep throughout the night. Seems fun right? YES =) It's fun due to the presence of some idiotic people. Anyway, not gonna post very long this time. In fact, I posted this because I woke up at 5.30am this morning and is dying for something to do. I'll let the pictures do the talking for now =)

Roti Twin tower =)

Hopefully no one kills me for posting this
Me and the "cute" girl (you'll nvr beat me in cuteness)
Oh, to tell you what I'm actually doing now.
I'm downloading this
So much for people telling me this show is lame and kiddy. I brought my laptop to campus and watch it in the reading room and guess what? Girls swarmed around me just to watch this show. Woohoooo, I'm a lucky guy :)

-Signing off-

If I take the action,
what would eventually happen
Joy and happiness?
or sorrow and sadness

I'm confused

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