Time is something very important, yet it may disappear without a trace when you don't even realise it. Heck, even ask I am writing this, time is already passing by one second by second. The thing with time is, you won't know how much time is left in your clock; by that I mean our life. Anyway, I believe that talking about how much time is left doesn't make any difference as we cannot change it. What's important is how you use your time.

Is every single second of your life spent in a right way where it is worth it? How much time do you actually waste by staring up into space, thinking and pondering on nothing at all? In my case, I try not to waste the time I have, but inevitably, I feel as if I'm already wasting my time now. Most obviously is my University student life. Being bonded with the need to perform in my results, most of the time I spent in my University Life is simply moving on through assignments and studying for my finals. Other than that, none.

The thing is, it's actually an exact opposite of my high school life I enjoyed most. I didn't bothered much with my studies but got the chance to actually mix around and learn a lot of things through experience (My academic part is still average kay!) I'd be interested in getting back into the life I had in the past, but a lot of thing is actually stopping me from doing so.

How can I still maintain my CGPA to get into first class when I graduate? With the extremely large language barriers in my University (Yes, EVERYONE speaks mandarin. Banana's like me don't stand a chance!), how am I going to "speak what I feel" when I need to? Most importantly, with the crazy workload I have and crazy strict lecturer who bans every single idea and design we do, how can I adapt? It just seemed too impossible!

Nevertheless, I believe I can adapt. I'm trying to slowly blend into societies and clubs. Blend into certain events and functions. I hope I can get some excitement in University before moving on to the working world. But yeah, I don't wish time would move on so fast. There's still a lot things I want to experience. Time is ticking, my wish is to utilize it!
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Methods of learning?

Was discussing this topic with my friend last night and I find it interesting to write about it over here. He claims that in learning, one does not have to actually be immersed inside the field itself, as the world nowadays are connected with so many different sources of information especially in the internet. However, I am in a different mindset that although a lot of information can be obtain, it can never replace first hand experience.

In the current world, speed is what's most important. If you were to get information fast and accurately, providing that you know how to adapt, accept, and use it, you can actually be one step ahead of everyone around you. You can be the one leading the way, rather than the one following people's footstep. If I were to only get information and insight from external or secondary source, where is the competitive advantage already? Speed and a timely action is needed, and it can NEVER be obtained from a secondary source.

In addition to that, being in the current industry and lifestyle, old tactics and strategy rarely works anymore. As I've written in the last paragraph, everyone have access to an information, so everyone would practically be able to grasp hold of the information or strategy, and with that; i believe they WILL be using it. New things and innovation needs to be present in order to gain a competitive advantage against our competitor and how are you going to do that? Lets just say that being IN the situation itself would allow you to understand things better that viewing it from a further perspective. Does it help? I believe it does.

Yes, no doubt that in this world of ubiquitous connection and networking through the internet, information can be sent across split second. Everything you want can simply be found in the internet. Like what my friend used to say, "if you don't know anything, google it" I must agree, it's true. the question is, where does these information come from? One simple word explains it, human. Human are selfish in nature, they may share but most of them would keep the best for themselves. How much can you gain from that then? You'll always be lagging behind instead of being in front if you only rely on secondary information.

To succeed, we need to constantly try to be in front. Not only in terms of your academic studies but even your general knowledge, and the ability to adapt, learn and USE what you gain from other sources. In my Advertising field, how are you supposed to help promote Starbucks if you have NEVER step foot inside the shop? Or how can you help promote Prada, Gucci or any other brand if you don't even know what is it? If you don't even know what is Haagen Daaz, how are you going to promote it? What is Prada? What is Gucci? Is it something you can eat? Are they selling the quality or the brand? No matter how much change my viewpoints and perception, this never change and I believe that it shouldn't change.

Just my 2 cents of viewpoints --
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There was something that struck my mind recently by what my lecturer had said to the class one morning. She was criticising the students for not having proper general knowledge in the field they were supposed to work in the future. Words such as "You are advertising students, but you don't even know popular advertising techniques used by big companies. How are you going to work in the future?" Many people may say "That is why I'm studying this course" but perhaps to me, this isn't the case. Education in University only gives us the basic theory, but a lot of the required extra information comes from one's self, through reading and experience.

For myself, I am never able to experience this type of things as I'm just a kid who lives in a small town called Ipoh. The number of quality advertisements are just so limited that nothing can be learned by observing and experiencing, unlike people in bigger cities such as Kuala Lumpur. Honestly, I was actually doubting myself, being in a very low morale. I mean, I don't even take the LRT more than 10 times in my LIFE. If I were to be asked to create a ad in mass transit, how am I capable of doing so? I am someone who NEVER looks at brands, how am I supposed to trust in the power of brand? Honestly, it's quite impossible.

That is why I believe that I need to change. Not for the sake of changing, but for myself. For my future, and for my future competency. Since I can never experience things first hand for the next 2-3 years. What I need to do is to read and spend time creating new things instead. Thus my current lifestyle. I do not sleep late; as I tend to get worn out after class. Studying means nothing to me at that time, I rather spend time lying on my bed and read articles of the industry nowadays.

In campus, rather than wasting time chatting and walking around. I turn on my iPod and surf the net. Through social media such as Twitter, I'm linked with many articles and information that may help me in the future. Yes, I may have neglected my studies academically and also slack a lot more on my assignments. But to me, those are just grades. No doubt, it must be done in the best ways possible. But I believe that thing learnt from textbooks isn't what's important in the future. I believe in the knowledge of current trends and ways things ought to be done.

One thing I'm simply lacking of now is the chance to actually do things practically.
Doing things I've been doing when I was form 1 until form 5 which ceased since I've entered UTAR

I just hope things would go on smoothly--
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What I want to be

It's been a long time, I know. I went on hiatus not because I want to, but every time I wanted to write, I end up being stuck and not being able to write anything at all. Perhaps the expectation of the post is just too high and I can't simply write and post anything at all already. Everything needs to be properly revised and reviewed before being published. Now that it's early in the morning, and LoL server is down AGAIN! I guess I can write something.

Ever since I'm young, I've been wanting to be someone special to the people around me. I do not hope to be someone who stirs up the crowd with joy and laughter, nor someone who becomes the middle of attention in anything but to be someone who can inspire others. Yes, to be an inspiration to others. Thus, in every single thing I do, I try to do it in a way people never thought of doing. I try to be different, sometimes even philosophical.

Which comes to one big question.

How does other people view me at the end of the day?

Honestly, I do not know. Reality and dreams looks so alike yet they are different by miles. Even if you felt you are living in heaven now, does not mean that you really are. Also, sometimes when you think people are treating you badly, their motives may be as pure as you have never imagined. So how am I supposed to know? The heart is not something I can see and understand in definite terms.

I am someone who tries to treat everyone honestly. I say things according to what I think, and most of the time, I tend to neglect what others may feel about it but what I say is always what's inside my heart. The question is, how many people can actually accept what you say? How true is my view on life for them? How much does my words ever affect them?

Doing good is a good act, but sometimes, it may turn out into something other people despise. Something you would despise. I am trying to be someone honorable and respectable. But to fulfill so many different people's perception of life. How can I do so?

Just my 2 cents --
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