What Am I Feeling Now ??

Woke up this morning and felt so depressed that I didn't wanna do anything ...
Up until now I still dont know the reason why I'm like that ...
Whats happening and what happened ???
Why Am I like facing so much problems everywhere ...
Seriously , I do not know ...

I tot that I'd accepted fact ..
But it seems that I haven't be able to do so ...
Help me ,

Whoever u are ,
wherever u are ,
whatever you do.
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Band Competition 2008 Down Into Void

Well , as what is written in the topic, I guess that most of MMB members would know what've happen and what've been told last friday during the practice. Some sayings which actually struck my heart and caused it to break into pieces. Basically I know why that decision is made and I actually understand why things had to be done this way. But, it doesn't actually make me feel okay with it. It's funny where humans wont actually appreaciate things until it actually perishes away and vanishes down till it is unseen anymore. I guess this is what happened because there was no appreaciation made for the past few years. Competition this year would be interesting but basically I'll only be one of the spectators there this year I guess due to the fact that we wont be joining this year. I wonder what can be do, or whether will that decision be changed.

I'd believed that many would not submit and agree to this particular decision . Some even start cursing when the news is being told to them. Arguements breaks up everywhere and everyone's emotion can't be kept anymore. Some still want to participate though they've know that the results would be mainly disasterous. Sometimes I really wonder why does things have to be like that. Actually I'm quite speechless here as I dont really know what to type but I can truly say to you that I missed the moments when I actually stepped on the field and performed as a band. Can't believe that the chance for me to perform like that ended during the sportsday last wednesday. I believe that everyone felt the same as me but I can tell u that there's nothing we can do. But, perhaps it's time to realise our mistake and start moving towards the right direction. Prepare a platform for the younger ones that will help continue the journey which I'd failed. I'd knew that no matter what decision made , whether the concert or the competition. I'll finally regret it no matter where I go. I'll never forget this in my life.

Well, too late to say anything. I can't change things that had happened but I'll make sure that things that would be happening very soon. I'll push it and do it the very best. My last assault is about to come and I'm ready to face it. Can't really think of what i wanna say caused I got hooked up with some chats in msn and I just lost the feel after chatting. Heheh , alright then, I think that'll be all from me. A last piece of advice for those who are still emo-ing from the decision. Well, live on. Life is always like this and there's no telling what'll happen in the future. Life is not about how long it is but how interesting and how much u can gain through it. Continue to stay happy and life on well as time is a one way road. You can't turn back time but you can make time worth more than gold rather than wasting it..
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Sportsday 2008

Sportsday starts and of coz it ended. This year's sportsday were mainly dull and not that spirited anymore for some reasons which I do not know. Somehow I dont feel the spirit anymore but well it goes on. The performance of my band during that day were on the average status only. Well, it's quite good since we've only practiced for one week and there goes our performance. Marchpast was just as dull but it wasn't that hot this time due to the slight raining halfway during the 100m run. Hahaha . Those fella's havta run in the rain. Whoops... A lot happened that day cause due to stupidity, i lost my handphone. It's a k750i ... Might be quite cheap for u guys and gals but I took almost 2 year to get the money to buy. Arggh .. heart pain .. Anyhow, u peeps can't contact me for now coz I still havent get another handphone.

Basically I have quite some regrets for this sportsday which goes like this
  • Did a lot of mistakes during formation ( Well i spent most of my time teaching !!! )
  • Didn't join anything for sportsday although it's my last
  • I lost my phone T.T

Happy Moments Before Losing My Phone
Well, its pointless to have so much regrets now as everyone know that time is so precious and it cannot be turned back just like that. Guess I'll just have to live with it and do better the next time I'm given a chance to do so. Since I'm talking about the band so much.. Should I open a blog for my band ?? Still wondering though :P

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One More Day

Days are getting closer ....
It's around 8 more hours before the performance for sportsday ....
What would be the result of one whole week of practice ??
Well I believe most of them inclusive of me are awaiting that moment ...

What is soon to be shown ??
What is the result of it ??
Would it be a happy or sad day tml ??
Frankly speaking , I can't answer this question ...
Just have to see what happens tomorrow ... Heheh ...
Alright , gotta go sleep then ...
Write more tml k :P
See Yaz ~~~
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Working Hard or Smart ??

Thus the title, I'd suppose that you readers could be able to guess the main stuffz which I am gonna write today ?? Well , basically I'm reflecting back on the stuffz which I've done throughout the whole week of this holiday and I've realised that it's actually very simple cause almost everyday and all the time which I have is spent onto the band. A simple reflection to the things that happened the whole week can be divided into 3 parts

  • Band Sportsday Formation Practice
  • Band Junior Training Camp
  • Band KLK Annual Dinner Function Practice
  • Results of STPM and SPM students of St Michael.

Well, practically everything is about these for the whole week of my holidays. Things are quite simple since there's only PRACTICE , PRACTICE and PRACTICE. Other than that, what else have I done ?? Practically, I did nothing other than that. Working very hard eh ?? Well, I can say a direct yes to this but there's indeed no reason to work so hard if there's no results coming out and all the results would be shown and made known at this 19th and 22nd of March. Things are indeed getting though coz well, life is never easy and without these obstacle, things can never be appreciated. Guess I'll just have to wait a while more and look into it.

Oh , for those who do not know. I'm no longer a chinese coz if u look into my skin colour. I'm so dark that I doubt u can see me anymore at night if I dont smile and show u my teeth =) Well, its my last year so I dont actually mind coz after that, you'll see the white Jeffery as soon as I start leaving the band and go my own way after this year.

STPM and SPM results seemed too be released this week. Sad to say, most of my friends and people whom I know is not satisfied with the result. But the bad thing is, i dont even know what are their results. Why ?? Practically I do not have the courage to ask coz I doubt that I'll be able to console them. Well, for those who are reading this blog and if you think u are one of them, please be strong and do not ever give up on whatever you are planning to do.

"Where there's a will, there's a way"

It's indeed very important to apply this into our daily life and this actually caused me to have the fear in me that this year's exam for me wont be simple. Guess life ain't easy at all yea ??

Blast ! Malaguena
Who says a small group can't perform well..
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Illness Rocks, My FooT -.-

Thus the title, yes. I'm sick. In fact for the past 3 weeks till now I was never healthy nor was I in a confortable zone where I can actually have a good and nice break and rest doing nothing but resting. Maybe I put too much during CNY and got sick for 3 weeks because of that. Right after CNY, my eyesight was damaged due to reasons which I've not known till now but my optic nerve was swelling according to the doctor which causes my vision to be blur and its as if there's things blocking my view. Of course it is much better now but sometimes or rather I still get to see stars flying around my eyes . Which means I've not fully recovered. Check the picture above to see the things i see last time. Before and after. Followed by rather flu throughout the second week and when it hits the spot, well. I got fever for around 2 days and then till now , sore throat. Makes me even hard to talk a little louder and the worst is ...


For people that loves singing so much ,
Can't sing ... Well, it's terror ....

Hahaha ...

Well , sportsday is coming and I'm sure that my class is not ready for it and so is the band. Will be starting sportsday formation today. Really hope that something will come out this time le. Don't wish to see the same old boring show again. New stuffz must come in man. Old stuffz which are good remain , which are not so good is upgraded and bad destroyed. But things are really getting tough these few weeks, sick and yet so much things to do. And guess what ...

I forsee even more hardship in the future ...
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Chain Rule Of illness.

Taken during the Colourguard Workshop organized by Batteryheads

Thus the topic , i guess you all would know what I wanted to blog now. Well, practically I tried many times to update this blog but finally it ended up not updated at all. Mainly its due to the high fatigue level I have now that I dont even have the energy to continue to persevere through the moment to write this blog. My body just dont have the strength to continue on. Imagine, first your eye sight became blur, then you get aches all around your body followed by a darned high fever and now a very bad sore throat which unable me to speak as freely as I used to be anymore. Basically I'm very tired now that I actually started stepping my foot on my house at 9pm since I left the house this morning at 6.30.

Wondering why life as a student have to be so tensed up since my teacher say that we shouldn't be tensed at all at the moment like this.

"Enjoy your school life le, why so tense and stressed"
My question towards it,
How can I have any enjoyable moments with loads of homework ??
Homework ,
Homework ,
Homework .

When will you leave me ???
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