A night of reflections

It is always good to sometimes sit back and start pondering on life, especially after days of never-ending tasks and work. In fact, some may wonder why am I even able to sit right in front of the computer at this time to ponder upon life.

The truth is, I do not have such time. I am here because I had to wait for my clothes to get washed else I'll be wearing my pyjamas to work for the rest of the week!

Now, counting the days since I have moved from Ipoh to Petaling Jaya, it is already approximately 3 months (90 days perhaps?) and I really have to say that, I learnt too much and these 3 months have really been an eye opener to me.

Since it is a three months thing, I guess I will be writing 3 of the most prominent thoughts I have in my mind.

Grades are nothing...

I have been telling everyone I know on this topic ever since I left high school because I am a firm believer than the things we learnt in our education from school are nothing. In as much as teachers and lecturers stressed on the importance to get at least a 3.0 CGPA in order to secure a good job, I beg to differ. Why? Well, it someone who graduated with a 2.0 CGPA earns more than me, doing the same job - what can the CGPA even mean? 

Of course, I am not telling anyone to forget about studying and head straight on to the working industry. Education is still important in life because although grades are nothing, what you gain from trying to obtain such grades is what's worth in the end. It is always the interpersonal skills, communication, integrity and the 'never-give-up' attitude in your studies are the ones that matter in the end. 

Education may be worthless, the CGPA you gain might not bring too much of an impact as soon as you land your job, but what you learnt in trying to achieve it means much more.

Be firm on your principles...

I am never known as someone who can make firm decisions. In fact, I am usually someone who prefers to go with the flow and follow the lead of another person. Perhaps one of the only thing that I can always be firm of, is on Christianity and my principalities. The point that I want to share is that, no matter how strong you thought you are, it will come a time where your principalities are challenged and questioned. You may sway and sometimes question yourself on the truth in you always put your belief in. You might even wonder whether or not you should try things out to just experience it 

Then again, remember who you are and be yourself. I never believe in the philosophy of 'right' and 'wrong' in humanity. Being in the majority does not mean that you are right and being in the minority side does not mean that you are wrong. Being different is the same as being unique. Being normal is also the same as being mainstream and dull. What's important is for you to find yourself, and be yourself.

How could you do so? Be firm in your principles and live the way you deem comfortable. For myself? I choose to follow the principles of the Bible.

Give as much as you could, but...

I have seen a lot of my friends who are awesome people. They believe in everyone's role to play in making this world a better place. They are people who would not say "NO" when they are being asked for help. They are also the ones who would always put in the most effort in helping, and ensuring that the others would be well off in their life - work & education alike. However, the one thing that they forgot to help is always the ones closer, themselves and the people they love.

Despite the will and sincerity to constantly give without hoping to receive, it is of the utmost importance to also think about yourself. The phrase 'love yourself before loving others' is something worth pondering. Sometimes, I find myself giving so much to the point where I get fatigue. Things got worse after that and everything would eventually fall apart. That's where I finally understood that despite how much you want to give, sometimes you just have to keep things for yourself. Pamper yourself first before seeking to give

You can give as much as you could, but always remember that at the end of the day, you HAVE to take care of yourself before even THINKING about giving.

Long post, but I guess that helps in expressing my thoughts. Everything was written spontaneously, without editing. So please forgive me of my bad grammar. I love writing without any editing & checking as it helps me to be pure, as everything written do not have to go through any form of 'filtering'

- Signing off
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