Whats the point of a blog if I can't express myself in it anymore? I used to be able to write out anything I want in this blog last time but now, it seems that this wont happen anymore. Therefore, I've made the decision from a long time being spent thinking. And my decision is

I'm closing this blog down.
Thank you for my reader's up to now.

-Signing off-
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.Taken during Mr. Joe's Final Lecture in Kampar.

I'm gonna leave Kampar later today!~ I'm not sure if I should be happy though, kinda adapted to the lifestyle here. Cycle around freely without an control by anyone unlike in Ipoh, to get out, I need a car, and sadly, I have no license and thus, I can't go out! really gonna get stucked in my home for the rest of the days in Ipoh. Anyway, was supposed to be sleeping now but somehow or rather my biological clock don't allow me to do so, and since Kimiro ask me to update blog, here am I writing a post to bid farewell with Kampar for tomorrow.

Really gonna miss a lot of things here. This trimester was somehow meaningful and also stressful due to the study factor. Having my final paper later and hopefully, things would turn out fine and my results would still be able to qualify me for the scholarship. Gonna miss the Mamak's here. Haji Ghany's Maggi Goreng Triple Pedas!~ Urrgh. Gonna miss my bike, although she's getting older and older, the colours are coming off very soon and her gears are practically spoilt. Well, shall see her next trimester and see if I can do any repair on her =).

Well, I'm practically crapping here. Shall review my 2nd trimester here when I get myself back to Ipoh I think since I would be SUPER free during that time. For those who wish to date me, do contact my manager. If you know who my manager is. Perhaps some fellas by the name of Amornrad Rattanakthada would know who my manager is =)

-Signing off-
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Of hardwork and sweat

Reflecting back on my formula to success post. I think things are really proven now. Somehow, I felt that sometimes, it's now what you do, or how you do a job which would give the results. But it's the chance you get and whether or not you grasp hold of it. This trimester's final exam is seriously a pain in the ass. Only after two papers and thing are already so tough. Comparing with the paper for the trimester before mine, it's as if one paper comes from cambridge and another from secondary school. A lot of my friends are already in the midst of failing the subjects.

Me? I'm not that bad
But what about what I'm aiming for?
Somehow, I feel that I can no longer reach towards it
I can feel it flying away from me

Readers, please do believe. Sometimes, it's not what you do and how you do it that matters. It still depends on some luck and whether you are given the chance or not. I wonder what would happen tomorrow during the mass communication examinations. Hopefully, I'll pull it through.

-Signing off-
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