Meaningful lessons

I've recently watch a lot of drama, variety shows and etc due to my free time and to be honest, I think I gained a lot from those programmes because these supposed-to-be-entertainment material gave me so much of the motivations I needed. 

1. The virtual marriage of "We got Married" made me realised that in every beginning, and ending awaits. We can't escape the ending, but we can choose to embrace the present, and work on making the best that we can of our life

2. The TVB Drama "A Change of Heart" taught me that the main reason why people dwell in sadness and unhappiness is because we were taught of the word "Forever, Eternal, and Everlasting". It is because of these words, it makes us felt that if something do not last forever, it is something not worth looking for; but the truth is, nothing on earth lasts forever and if we can live on with that belief, we would learn how to appreciate things as it goes, and life's worth much more living that way

3. Finally, a supposedly comedy TVB Drama "Awfully Lawful" taught me that nothing, and no choice is right or wrong because at different time, we weigh issues differently. Most of the time, we use a lot of time to weigh and decide on which would be the best choice, but unknowingly - we would've just lost the moment of your life, thus regretting your action. At the end of the day, you would've done nothing. Achieving nothing.

Just a little sharing and thoughts that I would like to share.

Signing off-
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I think I found my light ....

After being on "Hibernation" mode for such a long period of time. I think I'd finally get to know what am I gonna do now that I am actually a graduated student. And honestly, sometimes it's a little weird how things worked out but perhaps this is an act of God. To be honest, it's been a very long time ever since I felt this confidence into the future. I'd wish I could write more about it, but I don't think it's something possible now. However, I guess I'll start thinking and planning instead. Lets just hope all things will go well from here on.

-Signing off-
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Heart or Mind; Gut or Eyes

I'm way too free these days; which actually allow me to play and watch TV everyday to the point that I don't even know what am I doing anymore. Most of my time were spent on playing XCOM, Civilization V and most recently SIMS 3 and at the same time watching some TVB Drama which is lame, lame and lame. Then again, there is one quote from a drama that attracted me to ponder upon for tonight. I can't actually put it in sentence but it goes something like this.

"Gut (Heart) feelings or the Eyes (Mind). Which should we follow? 
Because if we follow our hearts, every single thing in our mind 
wouldn't matter anymore, vice versa"  

Which reminded me of what my friend once told me about the heart and mind issue where that person mentioned that we should be following the mind, because the heart usually thinks and gives stupid, emotional and illogical thoughts. Which somehow, I agree at this point of time because we live in a world full of issues and problems solved with diplomacy, logical & critical thinking and also PR. Thus, the heart may not be working the way the world wants it to be anymore, at least for long term problems. 

I guess, this had allowed me to clear my thoughts on a lot of things these days. At least during the war that always happen within me, the war of 'Mind vs Heart' can be sorted out much easily for me; because for long term problems, dreams and life changing decisions - it's usually best decided by the mind; not because it may be the true saying inside you, but because it would be the most rational decision made. 

However, for short term, clutch problem. I'd say the best way would be to focus on the heart. Because these clutch and split-second decision, wouldn't allow us to use our brain at all and thus, the decision from the heart would be the better decision, not because it is the right decision but simply because it would be something you wouldn't regret due to the fact that deep inside you? You chose that.

Now that I'm done writing, I can continue conducting my Orchestra in SIMS 3. 
Can't believe my company gave me a limousine as my transport to work.
All my dreams became a reality in the virtual world of SIMS 3
No wonder people get addicted to the virtual world

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