Exhausted !!!

Wont be doing much of a post this time ... really worn out due to the things which I do nowadays -.- Life's kinda tough with me nowadays because this 2 weeks is very hectic for me. Every morning I'll wake up at around 7.00 and get ready to go to school .. Will be reaching school around 8 for sectional =) until around 10. Followed by some basketball games among the band members.. Haha, who says I dont know how to play basketball ?? It's just getting hold of it and throw it away !! Things would be getting really ugly after that because the sun is really very hot and i got tanned again after getting fairer day by day. Darn it -.-

Anyhowz , my days would continue by going for "Tour around Ipoh". It's a tour or something like a "lawatan sambil belajar" (perhaps its lawatan sambil mengemis wang). It's like I gotta walk around the whole ipoh town asking for money.. With that then i realised, this world is a really big place. Just a simple Ipoh Garden South area would actually take the whole day to cover. Well, it is tiring and no doubt that everytime before going to search for those money I wouldn't feel like going. Once I've started, when I get the momentum back. Well, it rawks ^^ Somehow , today I was overly tired because I played basketball for almost 2 hours -.- Can barely walk around the whole Ipoh Garden East area ...

After those "tour" and I'm back home ?? Well , NO -.- After that, I need to go to school again for ensemble/sectional practices. Maan -.- It's like I'm out there throughout the whole day. Well, it's definitely true but I believe that this would be the last already coz I can never do that anymore. Not with this and in this situation. I do not want to regret any moment and therefore I still strive forward. Everyday, I reach home at around 11.00pm considering I go out of home at 7.30am. Tiring -.-

In my mind

  • Do It !! It's just one more week !! Strive forward
  • It's my last already.. Push forward and do what I can
  • Tired .. Can I sleep now ???
  • Sleepy already , I'm gonna sleep now ^^

Well , I feel asleep in school today when the jazz band practice is going on. Was sitting on a chair behind 4 trombones and 2 trumpet + one euphonium. Slept like a pig and just can't wake up. Ended up with a back pain because the way I sleep is just too COOL ^^

The current me
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Betrayal ?? Yet To Confirm

Betrayal ... Tough word ain't it ??
Had anyone of you got betrayed by someone whom u trust and put hope in ??
Frankly speaking, I believe that I've taken the first step to ensure that there would be no clashes
All along , feelings came into my mind speculating and telling me that everything would be alright.
The fact proves me wrong this time.

It's indeed like a big bomb falling onto me now.. Something which I can never believed. Sorry because I can't say anything here YET until I hear from another party. And if I get to know what I wanna know is right.. Things would happen man .. Seldom you'll see me writing with a serious tone and I'm very serious in this matter. Those who are with me, stay with me .. Those who doesn't want to.. Get out of my sight ..

I can't tolerate this anymore
I can't take it man..

This is putting everything onto something which I loved the most
I would not let anyone destroy it no matter what happens.
I got to get it done by tomorrow .. .
Until then, c yaz ..
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Blogging season ??

Hey peeps,
Well i guess thats the end of the crappy exam at least for the next 2 months. Not much regrets were left behind bcoz things were done at the best possible but something which would stay in my mind is by getting sick until I was unable to go to school for my paper. Omg, there goes my Bio 1 and Addmaths 1 ( I was thinking to fail this one . Just hope I can pass my Bio with my paper 2 and 3 marks and I think that'll be enough. Sure enough many results will be coming tomorrow and I really hope that its good. I dont expect for the best. Just a good result would be great !!

Somehow or rather after condemning manga and anime for so many times. I'd finally caught up with some old mangas and anime show to watch. Out of many famous anime such as bleach, naruto, etc etc etc and etc. I got caught up with Slam Dunk. Well, yeah I know. It's really very old. At year 2004 the video was release and now i started to watch it. Seriously, it's addictive. Imagine me sitting in front of the PC the whole day watching this show. It have 101 episode and I finished it all in 4 days. Hahaha... I'll be hunting for more next time. I'm actually wondering what to blog. Omg, my minds' gone rusty nowadays coz i can't think much. Maybe it's because i overused it during exams ??

Last Sunday was Mothers Day. Well, went out to eat together with my granny and the results of the food being ordered can be seen clearly as below. Just a glimps of a second and it's empty !!It's hilariously funny because i was busy taking photo of the surroundings and suddenly the plates are empty. Guess those hungry wolves can't stand anymore eh ??

Exams over , everything is over .
What awaits me is only two things now.
1. Band Concert 208
2. SPM 2008

Seems very little but it's a lot !! Would be going out for sponsorship tomorrow after school. Well, just hope that my body allows me to do so. Got freakingly tired nowadays due to sick. Darn it. Just wish me luck in my exams results and money digging yea !!


p/s - I'm too lazy to do the tag therefore I'll postpone it yea !! :D

85 words

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Pondering ...

I had a chat with someone on msn just now. Due to some reasons, he dc-ed and now leaving me alone in the middle of the night, pondering about some matters and stuffz. There's a question that always strucks my mind. Why are people only cares for themselves and not for others too ?? The question is not forwarded to the reader nor anyone but myself. Perhaps if the particular action was taken long ago, this would not happen at all. Things are storming my minds and I havta sort things out one by one nowadays. I know not of what to do but to just stand firm on the ground and widstand it. Time had passed and I believe that it had been dragged for a period too long which no one can imagine. I'm wondering over it for a long time now, is late better offt than never ?? Or is it that once actions have been taken, giving up is not a word which would be appearing in the dictionary then ?? If things gets worst with my presence there, does it means that it's time for a new era ??

What would be it then ??
Moving on or giving up ....
I believe the results would be out pretty soon ...
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