Being ordinary

Sometimes, I just wished to be ordinary.
Being all the same with the people around me
I ponder and ponder many times
Why I'd be the outstanding one?
It caused rather more harm than good

Enough said
I want to be ordinary
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Kampar! I'm back

Selamat sejahtera saya ucapkan kepada pembaca-pembaca blog saya yang setia ini =) Selepas kian lama menghilangkan diri di dalam sejak seminggu yang lepas, aku amat gembira dan bangga untuk memberitahu anda semua bahawa saya telahpun kembali kepada dunia blogging ini. Aku amatlah merindui masa yang saya guna untuk blog tapi sejak seminggu yang lalu, aku amat sibuk apabila aku pulang ke Kampar bukanlah dengan P & P tetapi dengan mengayuh basikal dan tidur macam babi di rumah aku.
Greetings to my fellow loyal and supportive blog reader =). After being missing for about a week, I'm glad and is proud to say that I'm back to the blogging world. Had really been missing in blogging but I was extremely busy when I get myself back to Kampar but it wasn't because of my academics but it's basically with cycling, feasting on food and also dozing off aka sleeping like pigs in my room.

Uh, I tried my best to practice the 1Malaysia thing by writing in Bahasa. It seems that my Malay is getting bad and bad because I seemed to forget every single word. Even the word "busy" took me 30 seconds of recall. Sighs, but nevermind! It's a great start I must say. For the 'international' readers (which I believe there are none of them), in case you don't understand Malay, you can read the English subtitle in italic

Anyway, allow me to continue writing in English since I think I can write better and express my gratitude and feelings better in English. Well, I've actually finished week 1 of my second semester in the foundation course already. If you are wondering what's my timetable because you want to clash into my class on purpose or just to stalk me, here's my time table =). Uh, well the timetable is actually on top and not on the bottom. So, start scrolling!

Anyway, there's been ups and downs during this week and well, I do believe things happen for a reason and I'm glad that things turned out okay in the end too. To cut things short, there's but ONE thing for me to remember and cherish throughout the week. Not exactly a week but on the 20th October 2009. What day is that? Well, I think it's my birthday. Wasn't actually expecting much this year but things turned out great! Some of my ex-classmates actually did a birthday celebration for me. Was seriously shocked and happy (most of the time shy) at that time so I didn't talk much but I really do appreciate it. I'll let the picture do the talking from here.

Seems that I can celebrate Deepavali at the same time =)

Cake cutting

I just had some make-up by Gwee =) Did I mention it's free?

Zombie style, most of the girls don't want to be in the photo. Shy-nya

Seriously, thanks for the Tb-6-ers who came and spend your time although you people are having like 8am class the next day! Thanks!! And also, thanks to the SMS-es, Facebook messages and wall writing even from someone whom I never expect it to come from. Thanks ya all!! I'll try to list them down, but hopefully I dont miss anyone. If I do, sorry =(

Cai Jun
Ting Yuan
Yen Yen
Zian Sing
Victor Chu
Jackie Oo
Louis chong (my "happy partner")
Jordan Chin
Jonathan Kee
Amin Haikal
Siew Wei
Mei Kuan
Tjun Kong
Allan Hoo
Lai May
Jackie Wong
Samuel Tong
Shiau Suang
Joshua Chan
June Ling
Thing Yin
Wai Keong
Joshua Chen
Joe Wai
Yuk Jing
Kok weng
Hoe Yin
Seng Hoo
家慧 (don't know ur English name)
Seresuchie Kanderakaru Gurikupumod (this is even weird)
Wei Ken
Pei Vern
Yan Hoe
Keh Guan
Kee Keat
Yit Guan
Sai Kit
Syed Roshan
Abdul Halim
Aaron Oo
Joel Ho
Lu Yau
Hon Kit
Adwin Chow
Ms Devagi!! (My Accounting Lecturer/Tutor)

Phone Sms-es
Wei Yee
Tihn Chern
Chee Fei
Suet yin
Wei Hao
Ee Yen
Kar Kheng
Shing Yih

Phew, perhaps that's the list. There is actually some people in particular that I want to thank but I think it's not really the right place. Whoever you are, I believe you know who you are. Thanks for everything you had given to me all along. I'm really very glad with it. Thanks!! What's my birthday wish? Well, I'm not telling but continue guessing. You may strike a jackpot.

I guess that's all for now. The next time I'm blogging, I'm going to blog about, some random stuffs perhaps. Not really free these days due to my Pig-ism.

-Signing off-

P/s :- I love all of you!! If you understand what I mean. I mean you
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Attire changed!

Well, if you have normal eye sight like mine, you would realize that my blog changed it's attire since last night. Well, I kinda woke up too early in the morning with nothing to do, so I ended up looking around the net for some templates and well, I think I found a template of my favour. Therefore, I ended up spending the whole morning working on this template and this is the result of it. In case you still can't see whats different in my template, I'm posting it right here.

I changed my blog template and it had evolved from the ohsoblue template to the ohsoblack template as you can see as you are reading this post. Duh! Well, up to now, I'm satisfied with the outcome as I do not have much hazzle compared to the past time especially in retrieving information and linking blogs again and again but if I do miss you out in the blogroll, do post it up in the comment section. Not chatbox =)

Oh yeah, I can't seem to put the CSS code for borders for pictures as you can see in this post. Any good samaritan willing to help me out and insert the dumb border?? Had been trying for the past 30 mins and I can't find the correct position to put the code. Arrghh!! Well, will keep my readers updated in the future but not now because I'm lazy! Yes, I'm lazy. What do you expect? I'm in my SEM BREAK now so it's normal to be lazy.

- Signing off-
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Sem 1 accomplished.

Well, as stated in the title above. My sem 1 in my foundation course in UTAR is officially completed with the release of the results for the final examinations. What my results are? Well, I'm satisfied with it and I need not to expose it to anyone so you're not gonna know it. *evil laughs*. If you beg me good enough them maybe I'm gonna tell you but I doubt it'll happen.

I still remember my old post about some lame equations which goes like this
Work hard + work smart + luck = Success

Seems that its true as it's proven by me now. Mwahahaha .

Just a rather short post to fill in the blanks as I wait for someone to online although my eyes aren't feeling good now. Rubbed it too much I guess, typical red and watery eyes of mine would never be cured. Sighs. Oh yeah, I'm taking my undang test finally after delaying it for like 1 year? Hahaha, lets see how it goes bah

-Signing off-
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Head or Heart??

It'd been more than one week since my holidays after completing sem 1 of my foundation course in UTAR. Since it's a holiday, usually I'll just use up all the time I have in games of Dota, whatever it is, you name it and I'll be playing that game. Ironically, things doesn't go this way this time. I simply spent my time sleeping and lazing around because gaming ain't my passion anymore.

I prefer to go out and hangout with people and friends I have
I prefer to get out of my house and start doing things I'd never do
I prefer to spend my time on more realistic things and not virtual things

Despite all the things I actually wanted to do, I did none of them. Frankly, none of them, had I accomplished and did. The reason why? Well, I do not know of the reason causing things like this to happen. I do not know what is actually happening because there are a lot of things that my heart tells me to do, yet I didn't because my head tells me not to do. What do I actually want now? Should I follow my heart? or follow my head.

I always question myself why do I actually think so much before something is actually being done at all. Is there a need of an answer or the effect before an action is being carried out? Or sometimes reasons ain't important at all? I'm confused. Why am I always in the "different, unique or weird" category of people and not of the majority?

A quote that came into my mind when I was pondering upon many things just now

You can tell a child that the fire is hot and it'll burn,
but if the child don't touch fire himself/herself,
the child would never understand the meaning of 'hot' forever

-Signing off-

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