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My thoughts

Recently, there's just too many issues in UTAR especially on the issue of the parking at the eastgate issues, where there are rumours that they would have to start paying in order to park at the area. Well, after reading some comments and even to find out that people would start boycotting UTAR by not going to class, I felt the itch to have my say too.

Firstly, I dont see any reason to boycott UTAR by not attending class on a particular day as in my opinion, this would never solve the problem but instead, it'll make the situation worse. The first thing we must realise is that the land belongs to someone and by allowing us to park there for such a long time for free is already good, some land owners won't even let anyone "step" into their golden soil - So to speak lah

Secondly, I do believe that other than car, there are other alternative to get into campus and it's not only by driving. There are so many other modes of transport to campus such as bicycles, buses and even with what God gave you, legs.

No doubt, it is much more inconvenient to take the bus due to the vast amount of people, causing the bus to be crowded and a lot is complaining, but the thing is, when everyone stops taking bus due to its numbers, I dont think UTAR would even plan to get extra buses if everyone tends to choose other options.

Bicycle is perhaps one of the best alternative here, don't talk about the lack of parking space as there is enough space, it's just that it is inconvenient, but still, I have my class in block B and I parked at block D, what difference does it make? Just wake up early and get to campus and start exercising!

I do agree that charging Rm80 for that piece of land semi-annually is stupid, in some cases crazy. If such policy is really being done, then be a UTAR student and boycott by not parking any cars there and not by skipping class! Skipping class due to no parking seems a little irrelevant here as it doesn't match at all.

I hope that we remember the fact that we are in UTAR to study and perhaps getting extra skills for our job prospect in the future. Be grateful with what you have, fight for your rights when it's the time, but we, too must know how to fight for our rights in the right way

Just my 2 cents, hopefully, no one would hunt my head down due to this matter. But comments are welcomed, I'd like to see how people react upon this matter

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Sick of things

Sometimes I wonder, are friends actually meant to be used and nothing else? I'm sick of this kinda attitude already. Sometimes when a particular person have something, people would just start sticking nearby as if that person is your best buddy and friend.

For the past 3 sems in Kampar, no one among my group have a car and everyone was using a bicycle to move around, now that some of them start to drive around Kampar, everything changed just so rapidly that I can't see where is it gonna go in the future.

Why are people always this selfish and would only think of getting an advantage on people? Hoping that a particular person to join just because he have something extra to go on with and not because, it's him that you want to be together?

Is this world so realistic, whereby if you have no value in you, you'll end up being kicked up and down everywhere as if there's no place for you to stay? I'm seriously wondering how is it going to be already.

At least, when people tend to fetch you around, you would have the courtesy to thank people and only to thank people. But what I see now is, some don't even say a word of thanks and some thank, just for the sake of having another trip to other places again.

I'm sick of it, what the heck? A car was brought here just for the use of others? to fetch some idiots out to eat? I hate it when people assume that, "when he's here, there's a car". Can't a particular person stand on your own feet and be independent?

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Insufficient power

I was extremely not well for the past 2 days as one of the worst sickness of my life, which I had never like struck me again. I call him or her or it, whatever you wanna call 'flu' or perhaps a more scientifically proven term is 'common cold.'

What makes me hate it is that this stupid sickness eventually affects my throat and most importantly my eyes as my eyes weren't healthy at all since I got a swell in my eye long long time ago, oh wait-.. It was just 2 years ago.

What's worse perhaps is the massive amount of assignments flowing in and when I say massive, it means MASS and it brings the meaning of, "cannot be stored in a particular location at the same time." - Credits to my mass comm lecturers for these few semesters :)

Eventually, after completing one of it (I dont even have the energy to print, so I asked Zhen Yan to do it, Thanks man!~), here am I after a 12 hours sleep from last night's 9pm till around 8.45am this morning.

I felt that I'm extremely fatigue now and I really need a break, in which I could never afford to do it now as there are so many assignments ahead of me and so many tight deadlines (Oh wait, why am I even blogging now if I'm so busy?)

It's due the point that I found out when I was in a deep sleep and rest last night along with some lecturer slides my lecturer point out on. This question was in my mind for quite some time and it goes like this, "What's creativity? Does it mean something original? or something people used that sells and works out? Does creativity mean anything when it doesn't sell even though it's original?"

As I am a pro-playsafe person in life. I believe that things should always be done professionally, and try to reduce the risk that would be faced at all cost, but does it mean that I would have to sacrifice the creativity in me? Wait, do I even have creativity in me??

Too much question, perhaps someone would answer me? Am I even in the right course now? No doubt, i enjoy this course as much as it is concerned but the thing is, am I able to live in the industry in the future? Journalism? Since I "LOVE" writing so much =)

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Sharing is caring. I understand that this particular phrase is something people always try to practice in their life, whereby people who believes in this would try to give rather than to receive.

Although it's true, sometimes I found out that by giving so much, what you'll end up getting is actually plain stupid as people would take things for granted and would eventually abuse whatever you actually shared.

I am now staying in my same house and room as I've always stayed and my current internet is being shared in between the 1st and 2nd floor of my house. Last year was terrible as the whole floor of mine uses something we call PPStream, taking up all the bandwidth in my house and I can't online at all.

Fine, I'm okay and at last, this year the line was perfectly fine and nice as those whom I call "PP-streamers" had left and I eventually have a very nice and smooth internet line being shared in between me and 5 of my housemates from the 1st and 2nd floor. Great! I'm lovin' it!

What happens then? A group of people from the 3rd floor came down and start using, leeching the internet line for their use. Initially, I thought it was okay as it wouldn't cause much problem except for a little slowdown of the bandwidth and thus I let them be but it seems that at this moment, this have to change.

The moment I came back from steamboat just now, hoping for a nice internet line for me to do my research for my assignments, 2 fellas from the top floor came down to leech my line again, one of them using PPS to stream stupid videos for the sake of it.

I mean, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" You'd know that it is not YOUR line at this moment as yours is UPSTAIRS, but why are you coming down and act as if it's yours? If the line on your floor have problem, ain't you supposed to ASK the permission from us first before using it? Where's the simple manners that your mother taught you since young now?

I'm good enough not to go out and start to rant on your face now and if this happens again, I'll lodge a complain in Danish house soon. I'm gonna put up a notice tomorrow, you wanna share the internet connection in MY floor, you go by the rules.

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When everything goes haywire

Everything's been rather normal yet rough to me at the same time these days. Eventually took a full day break today from any assignments, work, problems and whatever that happened for the past 5 weeks in my studies. Went back to Ipoh and had an extreme slumber after long weeks of needed-sleep-but-never-given situations that I was in followed by an outing back in my alma mater, St. Michael's Institution for its stage play, aka drama night. Ultimately, it was good. Met up with some of my friends, mainly Louis who is gonna face the STPM terror and Muvin.

Anyhow, this isn't the exact reason why I'm blogging now at the middle of the night. Yes, I am waiting for the world cup to start.and see how Germany loses. Lol. But actually I just want to type out my feelings which is actually pent up inside me for such a long time. To make it simple, I felt as if I've lost my identity. I used to be someone with a very firm principle, this was my strength, and also my weakness. Yet when I was introduced to UTAR, I told myself. I want to be relationship oriented, I do not want to get so much of a trouble just because I want a job done. Therefore, when things are not at the right track, yes. I tolerate and just follow on with the flow. Perhaps that's something I was doing all along, but no. I'm not gonna do it anymore.

Everyone have their own principles in life. I have my own and I know that this is who I am. Everyone is unique and I am also unique in this sense. That's why I'm Jeffery Chan and not any anonymous person living on earth. I am always prone to be someone who speaks out my mind, whatever the circumstances can be and I plan to continue to be like that. Yes, things might be loosened out a bit at times to come but I just want to be myself from now onwards, no more crappy and happy-go-lucky-me anymore cause it would never work. Mark my words, never. Never would I be affected by relationship issues anymore, I'm here in UTAR to study and to study, I must do. I am of high esteem, I project my confidence in everything I do, wherever I am. Cocky as you say, this is me. But of course lar. I can't be too cocky, nanti kena bunuh lar. But I just want myself back. Jeffery, Come back!

I have high aims for my studies in UTAR for my degree.
I have lots of responsibilities behind my back at all time
I have no time or reasons and excuses to fail at all

There's no time to waste, the only time I have is NOW

-Signing off-

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Life goes on

When sometimes things doesn't go your way, or the people around you do not acknowledge what you are up to and your presence, there's two ways to solve this matter. Continue to pursue your belief or just leave the situation. I do not want to argue on this matter anymore, I'm leaving the picture.

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When your best just isn't enough

This post serves as a reminder to myself. Sometimes, giving your best is never enough in life. At times, you'll definitely fall and no matter how hard you try to change that fact, nothing would actually be able to mend the situation. Was extremely down this evening (night, to be precise). and well, yeah. Things were exceptionally bad as this was a week, very rough for myself. Physically, and emotionally everything was upside down. All was in a mess and nothing was right. Sometimes, things are in situation where I myself, do not know how to handle things and was forced to actually submit to what people call, fate. Being myself, I didn't. I fought for it hard and as strong as I could, thats where I fall as hard as ever.

However, one thing I realised that when your best just ain't good enough. It's actually the time to actualy implement one simple method of solving this problem which I learnt in LTC by Martin Jalleh which actually goes like this: S.L.G. Stop, look and go. Going in front without a reason would only make the situation worse and things can't be turned back anymore, time wasted and disappointment.

Perhaps, this is the time for me to reflect on myself
To find what should I be doing and heading on

-Signing off-

Thanks, Kar Kheng for your support
I don't think I'll go through this without you
Sorry for the nuisance I had caused these days

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Drop Dead

It's been quite some time since I've last blogged. I hoped that I can actually blog something I'm happy about but it seems that, this blog would only be updated when shit happens in my life. I'm just someone who would only have the feeling to post and entry when I'm having problems in my life. But, on and on the same problem exist. Seems that it'll never be solved. It's been on for almost 2 months. 2 long, tiring and depressed month. And, it's not the end yet. I don't know when it will.

It seems that at the end of the day, I'm still the one being left out of the picture.
I am still the one who face failure yet, still trying to save the ego I have inside.

I feel like an idiot
Presenting my most important thing to someone else
Yet, still hoping that it'll eventually come back, where it won't
Yet, I'm blinded by this so-called "hope"
I want you to have the best

Yet I know by doing so,
I'll definitely destroy myself and everything I once had
And when I do so, you came asking me not to be so stupid

I really do not know what am I to do anymore at this point of time. Exams are practically coming next week with assignments to hand in. Yet, I'm still in this dillemma, even on thinking what to do, how to do, and can I even do it. I can't concentrate in anything I'm doing already. Yet, I need to maintain my results for my studies. I'm really tired of everything. I want it to end, yet everytime when I decide to end it, the next moment, regrets come in and I try to move back to the original point. Sometimes, I really wanted you to give response on matters, yet when the response come, it isn't what I want. What do I actually want now??

That moment when I saw 'that' particular thing
My heart broke into pieces, I don't even know how to get it back together
Yet, the next thing I do is to encourage you to go ahead
What am I even doing now?
I'm sick, really sick

-Signing off-
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