Christmas Is Coming !!!
It's the birthday of christ !!
Happy Birthday to you !!!

Are you sure about that ??
For those who love God and wants to follow his words
do visit this web and read the article
I'm not here to stop everything
Its just that I feel that I should be voicing these things out

It's okay to celebrate but not to the extent of treating it as Christ's Birthday

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I'm Back !!

I'm finally back from hiatus(I hope). 
Was kinda busy for the last 1 week if u consider fun as busy though I was off from Ipoh for 6 days already. Where was I then ?? Well, had been to the annual YDP organized by Klang COC. It's in Gunung Ledang.. Around that area I guess since I dont have to know !! I'm not driving there.. Yet the most memorable part is the journey to Klang and back to Ipoh from Klang ... Each journey is like ... 4 hours 30 mins long !!! and the worst part is, I CAN'T SLEEP.. Practically I've been dreaming all along in the bus waiting for it to turn on its nitro ... But well, it didn't

Photo with some of the ppl there at the end of the camp

Pretty much enjoyed the time in gunung ledang.. Initially wasn't looking forward to it due to the introvertness in myself where I'm quiet all the time but well, I'm glad that I'd actually been able to start knowing people around me already... Everything there is memorable.. The people there, the overgrowned lizard, the cat who loves coming into our dorm and the freezing shower... I'm just regretting that I'd wasted the 1st day being so quiet bcoz I was preparing for my devotion which clashed with so many ppl (I prepared 3 devotions, ended up to continue with my initial devotion)
Don't havta explain do I ?

Anywayz, really had lots of fun there but things end very fast... The next thing I realised is the camp is over and good byes come flowing in... I'm really gonna miss you ppl coz I wont be meeting u ppl till nez year considering the fact that I do not know whether I'm going or not for next year's YDP.

Me and my group members (handsomes and pretties)


After that
There comes the farewell for the form 5 band members in SMI
Nothing much to say about that actually but well
I'm glad that ended
Many things happened in the past when I was in the band
Perhaps that's where I actually forget where my priorities are and should be
It's time to 'fong sao' (let go)
coz in the end
everything in this world would eventually come to an end

Form 5 group (not all are here though)
Form 4 and Form 5 woodwinders

Message to my fellow bandsmen
Thanks for organizing this farewell for the form 5's.. I'm very grateful for that as I know that there's a lot of trouble doing that... It's been fun working with you ppl and well, I've learnt a lot from you ppl...Somehow I do not wanna leave everything like this but I believe that my time had ended. In fact, I wanted say something in the lecture hall but I stopped myself from doing so... I tried to fit in sometimes but I realised that I'm not at the correct path anymore... You ppl had gave me many ups and downs.. And even for the form 5's, I believe that you guys are the one that formed myself now... 

From being someone who is hot tempered, demanding, selfish, unreasonable and etc etc etc to the current me.. I believe that everything listed above would be the same as to now if you guys never change me... I whole hearted thank you all for this.. Most importantly, I've learnt how to be a leader and not a follower.. I do believe that I'm never good at leading something as all I can do is to follow the flow but leading the band had led me to many trials and error and although I believe that I'd failed many and caused havoc in a lot of sense... I've learnt something which can be used in the future

many thanks to all of you and good luck in your future undertakings


I take my leave

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On Hiatus

Hence the title, it's been a long time since I ever posted anything in this blog.. Well, its practically because I dont know what to post anymore .. Everyday is like the same for me .. Eat, Sleep and Game... Thats all I see in my life currenlty .. In fact, I'm still gaming now... Hahaha.. Why am I updating this then since I'm so busy gaming ?? Well, basically I dont want this blog to die out.. So I've decided to give this a little update although i practically dont know what to write in this blog now.

Many ppl took their license to drive, many went to work, many went outstations, for camps, jobs, and even studies (this are ppl who can't wait to get drowned onto books).. But I, Jeffery chan is not doing anything at all.. I'm basically slacking off everyday, everytime and everywhere =) hmmm. perhaps I should be finding something to do already.. 

Anywayz, I would be going for my church's YDP tomorrow and thus I wont be updating for the next one whole week(as if I would if I'm in Ipoh). Pray that everything will go on smoothly and well.. Till then, I think I'm signing off from here.. Nothing much to write about my life.. It's just waay too smooth with no ups and downs..
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Ended And A New Chapter Begins

And well, boreness is haunting me already
Everyday I'll just wake up and game the whole day

I practically can't believed that the day almost all of the form 5's are waiting were just a boring one.. Practically I still can do anything at all ... yet ... I have so much things I wanna do but practically I'm still lazying around here ... Some might ask what do I expect for this year's SPM result of mine ?? Well, we'll see after 5 months perhaps .. Dont wanna talk bout it here coz it's quite anti-climax here as it is HISTORY now.. I'll never ever sit back for SPM ever again ... Unless I failed SPM which is by failing BM .. Now,  would I ?? lolz
Anywayz, the night after SPM was fun .. At least I think it is .. But I think it's a bit pro-longed (you would understand what I mean).. We went to MP for some steamboat .. We'll, it's already the last meal where my class 4sc1/5sc1 can ever sit together and chat again .. I guess our group was the noisiest and the most retarded ones there.. Pictures were taken .. but sadly, it's not with me .. might post it up when I get it =) But , there are some pictures of some retards on that night.. Haha .. We shall see who are they
4sc1/5sc1 sleepologist =)  -> Retard number 1
Desmond aka NganGor -> Retard number 2
Sai kit ?? (He went to the wrong class party) -> Retard number 3
Andy aka Starfish (look at the hands !!) who's beside ?? -> Retard number 4
It's LOUIS !! -> Retard number 5


Besides that, we've the ice-cream gang in MP, they eat ice-cream like never before .. Who are they, we'll we are about the see them in the following pictures =) Look at them, they are eating ice-cream in plates like their major meal instead of eating seafoods !!
Yan hoe (His face reminds me of something>.<) -> retard number 6
I guess u know him -> Retard number 1

         After that night, everything was boredom ... went to school the next day to return books but well .. the teachers screwed our mood bcoz of some stupid reasons .. just too bad .. anywayz, these are the ones who came to MP that night.. 1/3 of the people went home early.. and 1/3 didn't come .. so we have 1/3 of the class in this picture ...

5sc1 ^_^

I guess thats all for now
Signing off 
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Last and Final in my Life

Today is the day where everything ends for most of the form 5 students in my school ... It's finally the last paper for SPM 2008 (except for some pitiful accounts students and some art stream students). I wouldn't have to step foot into that hot and stuffy exam hall again !! Not much of a post here .. I think there'll be more tomorrow since I'll be going to MP for the final dinner with my classmates .. then thats e end =) Gonna go hardcore gaming soon and since I'm gonna get COD4 soon (I know I'm outdated) I'm gonna shoot everyone off =)


Last Mission - Destroy SPM in my life
Mission Briefing
ID - English, Science and Technology aka EST
Type  - Writings in black and white
Age - Officially starts at 11.30 and ends at 3.00 (breaks in between)
Rating - 1.00/5.00 (easy)

!! Lets Roll !!

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Just Updates

Just some lame updates =)
Enjoy this group of ladies singing acapella version of timbaland - apologize
Human's voice are indeed fantastic ... 
So much things can be done with it >.<


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Finished 4 paper already which consist of BM,BI,MM and SEJ .. 
I survived this 4 papers, which means I think I did quite a good job .. 
Coming up next is really driving me nuts .. 
Next tuesday would be my Additional Maths exam .. 

I want an A1 .. 
But when I tried doing .. 
I can't do anything ..
I really do wonder what's gonna happen .. 
How can I continue to fight this war when I've already lost my confidence before even facing it ?? 
I really can't continue on if it goes like this .. 

-- Help me --
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Good Luck

Hot Glitter Graphics Icons n Comments @
Without much crap
I wish all form 5 and form 6 students good luck in their exam 

Do your best,
Have no regrets,
Let God do the rest.

Wont be updating much this few weeks
Wish me luck !!


Hope I won't be like this before some of the exams
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Hence the topic
I'm wonder how would SPM turn out for me after studying so 'hard'
Can't sleep tonight


not because I'm worried of my SPM examinations
It's just that I slept throughout the whole morning and afternoon and evening
How am I supposed to sleep at night too??


Ok, cut all the crap 
Just a very short update so that I can fill in my extra time that should be used to study
1 more day and the war starts
I'm kinda like waiting for it but don't want it to come 
When it comes, a lot of things will start to move away
Oh well , we'll see what are the changes that will happen when that happen 

Sure thing is SPM would never come again anymore .. 
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Final Days

Yesterday marks the last day for all form 5's and upper 6's for their life in St.Michael's Institution. Well, they would be facing a war sooner or later but whether they'll be alive or not it's another case.. Anywayz, this was the day I finally came after 4 days of lazying and slacking off at home.. If you do not know, I've been sleeping all morning and afternoon during these 4 days. NOT studying.

Good thing is, yeah.. I got to meet up with friends and have great laugher esp when andrew and e gang is around.. Jokes just comes flowing in.. Lolz.. Sadly, as soon as the assembly ends. That marks the doomsday of all form 5 students. Teachers who are superbly free during that period took around 2 hours just to spotcheck and do some hair checkings on the form 5 students who are actually having their last days there.. Well, practically almost 1/10 of the school got caught with long hair and most of them got caught with handphones in their bags.. xD.. I almost wanted to bring my phone to school actually. But I had this 'sixth sense' that somethings gonna happen !!

Sigh, I wonder why would they waste time doing that.. With the amount of time, I can complete one whole chapter of my history (which I actually did when Mrs.Lim is giving the briefing). Just too bad.. They rather use the time to spotcheck and give "presents" for the outgoing form 5's. Sometimes I just don't understand.

The current me -It seems that I'm getting fairer already- =)
I didn't get caught .. And I dont even know why ?? Face problem perhaps ?? My hair is quite long actually =.=.

I'm glad that I wasn't caught though... At least I don't have to go thru hell's barber by En.Helmi the barber of the day... xD

Things have been coming to and end and it's going away one by one already...Even my tuitions ended yesterday. Last one at Steven's.. Really gonna miss all these tutors... Although I might be going back to them next year at my form 6 if there's no other changes. Many thanks to my PAST tutors. It's already the past now... Namely, Steven,KCleong,Mr Ng,Mr Liew and also Mr Lee.. If u tend to read this post.. well, I played a lot during tuition.. I know .. Perhaps even sleeping.. but well, thanks ! =)

Mr Ng - My Physic's Tutor
Do not know when this picture was taken but somehow i found it in my phone. I think it's taken by Careena.. xD I still remember the flashes when she took this picture

LTC 2007 in Penang

As for my friends who are leaving to colleges next year .. Well, good luck =) we still have one month together and we'll depart and go on our own path... Do keep in touch and I've alwiz appreciate the time spent together.. Oh yea, I just realised I dont have any pictures of the ppl in my class taken together le.. Perhaps we should take some soon.. Otherwise we might not have the chance anymore

Bye guard aunty =)
I'll miss saying "hi" to you everytime I enter and leave school
Although up till now, I still don't know you actual name xD
(I know I'm Lame, But it's the FACT)
Had been staying up at nite to study nowadays..
Gladly, I've almost finish my history as exams are near too =)
But frankly it's all thanks to ..

Magee Mee for keeping my stomach full (not to mention hair loss)
-Signing off-
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Hence the title ...
I'm procrastinating a lot nowadays ... 

Planned to wake up at 3-4 yesterday to study ... 
When i heard the alarm ( for the 1st time in my life i heard the alarm )
I woke up and shut it down and continue my sleep .. 

Till when u ask ?? 
1pm this morning .. 
I do not know how am I gonna continue this journey towards my exams if i continue to be like this ..

Arrgghh ~~
Wish me luck man ^_^
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Time Flies ~~

Well, one word which can be used to describe what I feel .. 
-- Time Flies --

Without a trace, it's now the end of the month of october already. Which means, it's around 2 - 3 weeks before my SPM examinations. Weird thing is .. I'm not feeling anything but instead I feel even more relaxed compared to my trial examination. What does this mean ?? Well, I do not know... Had been drilling myself with loads of past year papers and model papers bcoz the fact is .. I do not know what to study anymore. Everytime I open a book, it seems that I know everything .. But when I start doing the questions. Its obvious that I know nothing. Something I actually realised is actually not to have any pre-conception before even facing it. I alwiz had the concept that Additional Mathematics is hard and tough. But now I realise it isn't that hard after all. BUT IT'S NOT EASY TOO.

Today is the 22nd of October already. It's 2 days past my birthday but I'm STILL gonna blog about it. Well, this year's birthday is considered one of the birthdays which I received the most gift's or maybe even greetings. For those who wished me through sms and I didn't reply.. Sorry, I'm kinda busy these few days >.< 

One day b4 20/10/08, went out for a dinner to 'celebrate' it earlier. Went to Mapo Restaurant opposite Jusco and well, ate there till my stomach bloated the whole night. Finshed my pokemon diamond on that day too. Hahaha. Well, when the food came in, I wanted to take some photos to comemorate this day. Thankfully, I brought my camera phone with me .. So, I took it out and wanted to take a snapshot. Unfortunately, when i brought up my camera, what I see is this 

This is what happened when I turned around and took my phone

The most important part !! The present[s] yeah !!Lets have a look at the present.. Most of the presents were given earlier though. So, they are playing cheat .. Hahaha .. lets have a look at it.
The ones who gave gifts for me are actually only 3 person. See if u can guess who are those people and who gave what for me ?? Many thanks for those who actually did something for my birthday =)

Mr Barney holing Mr Letter with twinkle-twinkle little star

I have another one from my mother =) Well, it's a wallet which goes like this

BUMS wallet.. The best wallet for BUMS like me =P

Well I think that's all for now
Signing off from here
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Ending Journey

SPM is like weeks ahead ... 24 days more to be exact ... It seems that everything is gonna end very soon and right after that ... I'm no longer gonna be a secondary school student anymore ... Is it good news ?? Or is it bad news ?? Hahah .. I'll have to wait for it to take place right after 27th November 2008. Marks the last paper of my SPM examinations ... EST !! .. I dont think I'm gonna do anything with that subject since I dont even know what to do with it .. Hahaha

Life nowadays isn't that great but it isn't bad either way .. Reflecting back, I used to be alwiz putting a grip in what I have and will not let go upon it but well, I was wrong .. Sometimes, when things are released and let to go on its own, it does have a positive effect. Some of the realistic changes that I actually realised in me is ...
  • I'm ACTUALLY happier now
  • Things which I taught impossible turns up to be possible after all
  • Do it rather than thinking so much crap which turn up to be nothing at all
I'm very glad that the changes around me actually changed. Thus allowing me to actually ENJOY my school life now *I've nvr enjoyed school life as much as the past 1 month*  Even things as bad as things which u can never think of can still be used as a laughing stalk as laughters still manage to break out from it.. Well, thats life ^_^

Back to SPM .. 
I'll just put on my trial exam's result here ba 

BI        - 83
MM     - 83
EST     - 73
BM      - 72
CHEM - 66
BIO     - 63
MO      - 63
PHY    - 62
SEJ      - 32
MT      - 30

Not good =.= 
I have only 2A1's, 2B3's, 1B4, 3C5's and 2G9's .. 
There's still time , would be hoping to push up my ABC's into A's and G's to at least B3 .. 
Just gotta do what I gotta do =)
Wish me luck !!

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One Week Break Passed

          Well, thats it for my one whole week of break after my trials. Really nvr touch any of my book at all throughout this holidays. Must start already from the day I post this post but it seems that I'm still procrastinating. Hoping to achieve at least a B3 from a G9 and an A2 from a C7 indeed seems impossible. But well, who knows ?? Just gotta do what I gotta do for this 4 - 5 weeks. Good luck to me =) Sadly, my father bought a Nintendo DS during the holidays for some program game that he wanted. Sadly, it makes me get addicted to a stupid game .. PoKeMoN.. Better finish it fast or I can never study >.<

          Went for the prefect farewell party this evening. In fact, didn't touch the floor of my house since 9.30am today coz I was out for the whole day. Still, I'm updating this blog.. Sigh .. 

          Basically, the farewell was better than last year's farewell I guess. Maybe coz I was busy emo-ing during last year's farewell party... Hahah...Sometimes I do wonder why does things pass so fast but well, when I start thinking bout it, other things passed without a trace. Got a really SMALL little souvenir from the prefectorial board and it looks like this

Do you see the wrong spelling that have in this thing ??
Sigh, everyone spells my name wrongly

In comparison to that, SAC members gets an extra credit to their collection. It looks like this ..
Super jealous weh.. Can anyone gimme more than that ?? 

            After that, went opposite to 'yum cha' with wei hao, kwok sing and choon keat while waiting for my bro to finish.. After they finish packing, went for 'yum cha' round two with my bro's gang.. Haha.. but I didn't have to pay a single cent =) Thx to choon keat .. Wahaha =)

At Kopitiam 
I look weird somehow

                Anywayz, just some pictures to show u ppl bout the farewell thing.. I dont think any of the pictures have me in it... Coz I took it from the pictures my bro took using the camera, my pictures are with faris and kam wah ^_^

The Food We Had

Building of the tower of HOMIES

The tower of HOMIES standing firm

Menara Condong "Dono What Comm"

Well, practically thats all from me for tonight after so long of absence.
Will post more soon.

- Signing off -
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Early Morning Post


Thats what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks

Blogging quite early in the morning now ... Well , I kinda did not sleep thoughout the night coz I woke up at around 3.30 today .. Slept at 9.15+ after watching "The Four" in astro despite sleeping for 3 hours in the afternoon.. I wonder what makes me so tired ?? 

Cut the crap... I woke up, started studying again till around 5.30 (if you understand what's my studying). A lot of catching up to do is what I realise especially my add-maths .. Well, good luck.. Re-learning everything in 1 months time and get A during SPM.. Hahah .. mission impossible .. 

Anywayz ,
I'm having my Chemistry and Biology paper 3 today.
Most importantly,
add-maths paper 1

Well , killer subjects .. 

Just hope i remember how to do my addmaths and not to fail AGAIN -.- 
-it's been a tradition for me to fail all addmaths exams - 
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Trials ??

Drowning with books

            Having my trials currently ... Last week wasn't that bad but ain't that good either ... Well , will just have to hope for the best now .. The real war hasn't begin yet actually coz last week was mainly language, moral and the so-called simple maths .. I'll be having physics paper 3 tml .. Really do not have any confidence in it now... Really don't know what's gonna happen... Just pray for my luck eh .. Many things happen throughout last week but I dont think I'll be writing much here coz I am lazy dont have the time ( if you treat this as an excuse ). Well, just wish me luck .. I'll nid a lot of them .. Hahah .. Till then .. 

My stack of notes needed to be done tonight

Signing off from here right now
I'm not homo-sexual but
Love ya lots

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Raymond Lam's 2nd Album - Your Love

Picture Courtesy of Yes Asia

Went online and realised that one of my favourite chinese singer, Raymond Lam released another album right on today =) Titled "Your Love" and consist of 10 songs. Oh yeah man .. I'll have the chance to listen to another 10 new songs. Although I already have one of it earlier on from Moonlight Resonance, insufficient love. There's another 9 songs. Await to listen to it one by one =). There's a duet piece in it too and it's between Vincy Chan ( ^.^ ) and Raymond.. Of coz.. anyhow .. Just some details abt the song list. Thats IF you can read mandarin

強力推介: TVB劇集「溏心風暴之家好月圓」片尾曲 – 愛不疚 

01. 愛不疚
02. 愛人與海 
03. Tonight 
04. 明天以後 
05. 憑良心說再見 
06. 影子的愛情故事 
07. 浮生若水
08. All About Your Love 
09. 夏雪 
10. 明天以後 (Mandarin)

Signing off from here, getting busier nowadays with last minute studies =)
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Vanilla Mood

Was slacking around youtube instead of studying... and I found this ... Was amazed by this group of 4 and well.. just to share this to you guys .. The song played was the twinkle twinkle little star :)
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New Template

As you all see ... 
This blog evolved into something different
Well, it's just too bad that i accidentally deleted my old template
So, I'm left out with this template
I'll miss my old template 
But well 

Just like the old saying

"If the old doesn't go,how would the new come?"
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Weird Dream

I had a dream 2 nights ago and well, it's kinda weird I guess... Weird until I can still recall a bit of it right now. Somehow I dream about the situation right after exams when the results are out .. Most, in fact everyone is busy searching for their own pathway in life to walk on to. They have their ambitions and most importantly an aim in their life of what they want to be. Courses had been applied and they got the offer and thus they start to leave one by one to further their studies.. All are happy and anxious about what are they gonna see in the future of their life and yeah, one by one they vanish and go out of my sight.

It was just a moment when I actually realized that I'm the only one left behind without anything to do other than to stand at a side, looking at them pursuing their dreams and ambitions. Whereas I have none. The dream ends when finally everyone got to their own pathway and perhaps the friends I had and the friends around me is moving away one by one to far away places and town, leaving me alone at a particular place.

To be honest, I don't really understand the dream and what does it stand for but having a deep thought towards it, I feel that this situation is definitely gonna happen very soon. Where everyone I know starts to go their own way. Even now, the people around me are already discussing of where would they be after SPM results are released. TARC, Australia, Singapore and perhaps many other places more. Courses like piloting, engineering, accountancy and stuffs like that are their choices and definitely, they're leaving for good.

Which made me wonder, where am I supposed to be after that ?? What is my future like and what it's gonna be ?? It's kinda funny when people ask of my ambition, my answer would be "I do not know" Is my life really THAT aimless and meaningless ?? Things which i actually wanted is fairly impossible and merely a dream. Especially at this situation. But where am I going to move on from here ?? I wanna see the world, yet I don't have the chance to, yet. It's just me and my own world now. Things are really getting blurry now. Where's my ray of light ?

But, one thing for sure ...
Right after the final paper of my exams when people would one by one start leaving ... I'll be missing u guys very much ... I enjoyed the time we spent together ... 

P/s : This dream made me unable to wake up on tuesday morning, causing me to be absent from school =)
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Cameron Highlands Band Camp - LTC -

Hey peeps =)
I was back from Cameron Highlands yesterday actually but only manage to find time to update now because I was too tired from the 'not enough sleep nights' I spent there. Hahaha .. Well, about the camp, I joined this camp no longer as a member of the band anymore since I've already left the band 2 - 3 months ago. Time passes really fast eh .. and well, I enjoyed it I guess ... Most of the time, I would be spending time with the juniors .. Hahaha ..

The first day was a killer for me actually... Because of not sleeping during the night before, I was like walking around like dead man ( If you guys realised that is ) Went to skol at around 8 and I thought i was late but, the bus was later than me .. So I'm not late eh ?? Stopped by Simpang Pulai for breakfast where i ate nothing ... Then , the journey continues .. The journey was quite exciting and fun because of the entertainment from the back of the bus and the 'performance' by me ?? only to one person though ( you should be proud le ) .. hahah .. Reached there and did some visiting .. I'll let the pictures to explain it since I'm too lazee .. Hahaha .. Anywayz, places we went that day was mainly bee farm and cactus valley ( did not go in coz I don't wanna pay ). Had our lunch at Berinchang too :D

Some of the peeps there In Bee FarmFlutist ( except sean , coz i dono where he went )
Our Lunch At Berinchang. Had Hainan Chicken Rice there :D

Reached our dorms and had our first session at that evening .. Our speaker was Liang Hin .. For those who do not know him .. Well, he's one of the seniors in e band and u can find his blog in . Not promoting for him k :) sadly, i hav no pictures with him in it .. hahaha .. well, really had fun during this camp especially when i whack people's hands when playing games and well , it was cool .. no doubt with it .. Just too bad for those who didn't actually went to this camp. Main thing I like there is the temperature coz it was raining every night and it's sooo cooling ... Love it so much :) Unfortunately , things hav to end also and it ended on the third day , went for some visiting around too after that and reached ipoh officially at around 6.00pm.

It was Hot that night , Really hot ~~
Flutist that came for the camp ( I'm the Eldest !! ) old already
Form 4's, 5's 6's and even school leavers :D

Went for a dinner after that and reached home at 8.30 ... Was actually watching olympics closing ceremony but fell asleep till the next day .. Great ~~

The 'Prison' where we were held throughout the camp

Well I guess thats all for now ..

Signing off ~~~

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