Confused ..

What Am I Thinking now ?? Tried to open my book and study just now, but things just seemed to strike my mind so much recently ... And when I wanted to solve it, I dont know whats the problem anymore. My Mind seemed trouble nowadays but yet I do not know what's troubling my mind. Whats Happening ?? I can't seem to find the ray of light which leads me to where I am now and I'm now still struggling to find this light. I wonder when will I wake up.. And get to know where am I actually moving and struggling forward. Everything remains a mist for now. Something I've not known and have not happen for a long time ...
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Well, first of all ... Sorry for being invisible or perhaps absent in this blog for such a long time. Frankly, a lot of things come into my mind where I actually wanted to insert into this blog but its just that I didn't have the time to do so.. Or perhaps, with my internet going down for almost 5 days, It actually made me lose interest in putting up those stuffz Recently, well .. things happens but this 2 weeks, things really seemed very calm with nothing happening. This is what worries me actually.. Things gets so calm and nice and out of the sudden, big things comes out ( Just like how tsunami takes place eh ?? )

I believe most of you know what took place on this particular day don't you ?? It's the Perak States Finals. Well, every year I'll be there for this competition. This year, it's a bit different because I'm the spectator now. Everything was alright the whole morning till I actually reached the stadium at 5.00pm ( Yeah I know I got there very early ). The emptyness that fills deep into myself at that time was inexplainable. This got worse when I actually walked around looking at the other bands doing warmups and getting heated up for this competition. I felt that I've something missing in myself at that moment. It's very weird since I tot that I've actually put this issue down few months ago and when I actually step on the field once again after all the performances. Well uh , How shud I put it ..

I missed this year's competition and perhaps I regretted for not joining though I know the circumstances if I've taken part. ** Things gets even worse when ppl tend to complain to me after the competition **'

Nan hwa Rehearsing Their Formation

AMC Opener

Hmm, I think most of the people in my batch got this feeling as well and thats why I actually see a lot of difference in themselves. Sometimes I wonder, why this didn't happen much earlier where things can be changed earlier and not to be delayed till this period ?? IF things would have took place earlier then I guess it would be a more interesting year 2008. Frankly, it's just too late.. TOO late ..

Tomorrow would be the last day that I'll be the chairman of the band. Regarding this, I do not know whether I'm happy that I'll be able to release myself from this post or not. Some parts tells me that I dont want it to be released but another says that I wanna get out of this ASAP. What Am I actually thinking ?? Well, answers would be exposed sooner enough coz no matter how much I think into this, answers would definitely be exposed this saturday. Sighs, Can't Believe That'll be the last days already...

I'll be back to help out with the band though provided my presence wouldn't cause any problem but from what that have been planned. Hope that it would actually take place and not just a plan. Words without action is considered nothing and I believe that it's true..

Will Be Posting Up More Tomorrow ... Hopefully ...
Have lots to say but the time is little ...
Just too bad -.-
Till then , byez
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Season Finale ???

I believe most of you ppl would know that my band had a concert on the 060608 two days ago at yuk choy hall right ? Well, it had ended. Finally, the time which I was waiting for ?? Ironically, I dont feel that. Everything seemed to end too fast. It was like just yesterday where the band are at a dilemma whether to be on the competition or concert and there ya go, concert ended just like that. Do not know what to say but well, that's the end I guess. At least for me and my batch's leadership in the band. Too late to make any changes anymore.

2 days passed for concert and yet, memories still flashback whenever I'm free now. Can't believe that it's the end already. My flute is now currently in yamaha. Fixing -.- All pads are spoilted except for 3 more pads. I wonder how much it would be for the price.. That means , for the meantime, there's no flute for me to play. OMG ~~ Up till now, I'm still not satisfied with what I've in the band. Guess human are never satisfied eh. My dreams can't be achieved up till now , guess I'll have to pass it on for the others to continue on this dream..

Well, till then... Good luck and for those who worked hard for the concert to be a success. Thanks and continue to good job. Guess it's the finale for me already now. See yaz folks
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