Exams, exams, exams

Me and Myself , Getting dead from day to day.. Haihzz


Did not post much these few weeks ... It's due to my exam which had actually started 3 days ago ... Gotta admit that I really got left out a lot especially in the 3 science subjects .... Not gonna post much today though coz I really nid to get my eyes on the books nowadays ... My exams started on Monday and will end after 2 1/2 weeks .. Yeah I know , the longest exam in my life in fact but can't do much ... Arrgghh , I really do not know how am I gonna survive this exam but well ... Life goes on ... Just havta acheive the best out of the worst ... Heheh ...

Stuffz which need to get it done in ONE day ?? OMG -.-
I wonder whether I can do it or not ... But I'm sure I can't if I'm still sitting here :)

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Why are there so many problems just ahead one road ???
Why doesn't it appear in the past but now ??
Everything is rushing down towards void ...
I really don't know what to do now ...

Confused , uncertain and fear is what I'm feeling now.
Why are there so many obstacles in this particular road of mine but not in the road of others ?? I really do not know what I can do anymore with problems occuring after another. I'm in fear of going to school tomorrow ... What's gonna happen ?? Can't anyone just predict it for me so that I'll be emotionally prepared ... What's ahead of me .. I really do not know ... Can I actually continue to move on through this journey or it stops here and everything ends here. I do not know ...
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The shadow behind human

Heyz peeeps ,
It's been quite long since I'd ever post anything here and before i continue, let me bring u some advertisement from the Michaelian Military Band ^.^

Michaelian Military Band Concert 2008
Featuring Guest Band - SK Winds ( Smk Seri Kembangan , Selangor )

Date : 6th June 2008
Time : 8.00pm
Venue: Yuk Choy Primary School Hall
Tickets : Rm 10 ( Students )
Rm 20 ( Adults )


Well I guess thats about all for concert.
Well, concert's coming near and stuffz are getting tighter for me plus my exams are coming very soon. Seems that stress are coming right to me but yet I still dont hav the motivation to act. Perhaps I'm just too exhausted to do anything after coming back home from school and tuition classes everyday. Am I really that weak ??

A lot of things happened recently and it made me realised something ....
Something which is very hard to be achieved ...
Something very important ...

It's not easy for one group of different races and thinkings to unite as one ...
Everywhere we go , we see politics .. even in a simple group of friends ,there would be fights and arguements all around. Well, I'd faced a lot of this where I dont even know who is my comrades and who is my enemy. It's exactly like I'm going for a war but I dont even know who is my enemy or ally. Well, definitely I hope it'll be solved soon and I sincerely thank those who had supported me in my back for the past years of my life.

Good friends are hard to find ...
But hard to keep ...
And even harder to forget ...
To all my friends who're reading this .. well ..

I lurve you ^.^ ( I'm no gay k )
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April Fool Day !!!

Guess what ???!!??!!
Yesterday was april fool's day -.- Hahaha -.-
Funny thing is I didn't actually fool anyone yesterday ... Okay is not that i didn't, is that I dont know how. Heheh ... Is it that it's me who can't fool anyone or I'm just too good to think of bad ways to fool people. Well , today was just a normal same old day which I have nothing to do but just trying to repel myself from getting fooled by some FOOLS -.- There's one person who tried to fool me .. but fail !! and it is ........ hahah ... better not writing names here else he/she would be upset about it. Or not ??

Do not know why but nowadays, I'm getting massive trouble from my eyes. Suddenly, my right eye is having the same problems again since I'm just looking at things flying around my eye sight again. Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise for me to get this problem, for me to appreaciate my eyes ?? lolz.. I dont think I'm capable of going out in the sun for long hours anymore coz when I do so, i realise that it gets worse. Gosh , what Am I supposed to do now at this condition. Really hope that this wont continue else I'll have big troubles in my exam this year. Darn it .. just hope it gets better soon.

One question !!!
Why do I get tired so easily nowadays even though i sleep for numerous amount of hours ??
Frankly , I do not know why but it seems that there's a lot of things which tires me off. Anyone having the same problem or have the solution ??

Dead Fantasy I and II.
Fantastic video created by MontyOum.
Watch it and you'll understand =)
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