I'm currently getting ready to bed. Gonna blog awhile so that the laundry which is being"baptized"- lolz, (which means I'm dipping it in water for awhile) can get a bit cleaner before I do some scrubbing. These 4 days had been very lame and dumb, a bit boring but still having fun here. I enjoy doing risky and dangerous stuffs like jumping off a cliff with my bike although it hurts my bike's part. Alright, I stop writing since I don't know what to write. Instead, I'm gonna post some pictures for you to see. Not much though cause my handphone battery is super noob.*smiles*

At IRC, they'll be happy coz I'm intro-ing them and advertising

Their Chop ?? Taste ?? Not bad, but not good either.

Blu3l3mon !! Des' friend.

UTAR westlake garden's mini waterfall

Retards who are with me, this doesn't make me a retard though =)

I went to the nightmarket with those people but sadly, due to the unboxing of the studio 15 of ian's, we were late and everything is closing down ! Lets just take a look of some of the photos before they close down

I got my timetable already and well, I'm not happy with the classes on saturday! saturday was my full-time-sleeping-day and now I need to wake up as early as 7 to eat and get my ass into campus to study. What subject u mean ?? ENGLISH and PUBIC PUBLIC SPEAKING. Grrrr, nevermind. But if u want to know about it in detailed, here's my timetable

Perhaps that would be all for now, I'm going to sleep. Have to wake up at 6 tomorrow for my early breakfast before the ice breaking games. Until then, have fun reading other blogs but just come here and click the ads so that I get cash for my speakers.

-Signing off-
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Reporting from Kampar

Hey folks,
It's been awhile since I ever blogged. Basically it's due to the absence of internet line in my house up until today. Won't be talking much bout kampar for now or my university now because some nutcase wants to nazi zombie with me. If you know what it is, congratulation. If you don't, well that's too bad. Don't fret though for screen shots are coming in soonBurning retarded zombies, not me of cuz =)Awww, isn't it cute =)

Anyway, just to tell you that I'm now safe and sound. With some scratches from falling from my bike a few times due to my 'stupidity'. Which means being too clever and do dumb stunts. Anyway, just to show u some retarded stunts being done by the duo biker star, Ian and Eugene(he wants his english name and not his chinese name) This is exactly what people do when they are bored in kampar

If you realised, I'm not in the video because I'm not having balls big enough to do so I'm the cameraman. Enjoy and have fun. Will post more bout my university life when i start my class next week.

-Signing off-
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Happy 100th Post

Nothing much to be said, this is my blog's 100th post. Finally, after making so many blogs, I have a blog which exceeded 100 post. Really something which should be celebrated. Well, I do have another reason on posting this particular post. Basically, it's to show that my blog is not dead !! To do something much more extreme, I'm gonna let you look at one of the best picture in this particular place called earth.

It's me !
Okay this is not actually the best picture on earth but well, it's me !! The rightful owner and writer of this blog. It had been awhile since I ever had a "short hair"(yeah right, my fringe is still retardedly long). Well, forget bout the long hair me already coz the barber just cut it short 1 week ago. Had it been windy nowadays? Cause I'm feeling very windy as wind can be blowned into my ears =)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just something that made me lmao
Hopefully it'll lyao. Too bad I saw this late and didn't have time to put it during mother's day

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Happy Mothers Day

This post is specially dedicated to my mom before the clock ticks to 12 which ends the day today

Happy Mother's Day

If you know me well, I'm not a "celebrative" type of person but I think I should at least dedicate one post to my mother right ?

-Signing off-

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Based on the title above, yes! I'm rotting at home now without anything to do except for sleeping,eating and onlining at home doing nothing. I'm like just waiting for time to pass but blogging isn't my way anymore. I'm back onto dota with big rust in my skillz. Well, I'll take it as 'fong sui' for those noobs out there cause I just dowanna pawn them so much.

I stumbled upon this thing accidentally and accidentally typed my IC into it. Accidentally saw the results and accidentally posted this into the blog. Well um, okay I'm crapping here. Anyway, it seems that I've been offered this particular course and it's a 2 year course. Most importantly, it's FREE ! If I'm not mistaken, they call this the suicide course, officially named as form 6. Second thing that ever happened for these few weeks is that my bike, well digivolved and umm, evolved into this gorgeous bike. Although I know nothing about it, I just got it because ol' rusty can't stand anymore with a burden like me. I guess I gave ol' rusty too much burden. This bike would be with me for the next 4 years I think. Wanna have a look ?? There ya go.

Evolution of ol' rusty
Apart from that, I've been also involved in some of the animal kingdom chat in msn. Somehow or rather, the owner of the zoo called St.Michael's Institution produced quite a lot of animals and they came up making noise in msn. To explain it further, take a look at this chatbox picture.

Animal zone chatbox

I guess that's all for now
-Signing off-

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