What drives us humans ??

Perhaps this is something which most of us wonder all the time. Well, based on my last post, i was seriously depressed of what that had happened yesterday and what I can say now is, thats the past. I've ponder upon this problem for quite some time already and yeah, I'm indeed glad that I've finally awakened from deep sleep. I'd finally realised that I have a race to run. A race which would end very soon. All the while I was running the race alone, not because there's no one beside me but it's because I never wanted anyone beside me. For that, many trouble arises and an enormous problem just arised.

But what exactly is the power which made things work out for us ?? Well, for me, hope is the one and only factor that makes someone to continue moving forward and that eventually beats all the problems that'll occur. I wont let myself regret for this mishap which would happen if I continue to dream thus I promised myself that I'll continue moving on even if there's an absolute 0 chance.

"A new day carries a new hope. And with it, you can do wonders"

"Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you." - Matthew 17:20

Well, up above is a verse from the bible. I believe that it explains everything. With a little hope and if I believe in something. It'll be achieved.

One last thing, if things still happens after this.
I'll rest my case and I'll make sure that I'll step down from this place of authority.
With that, this ends my post today.

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Offt The Limits

What ought to be said anymore, I'm speechless and know not of what should be done. An unknown feeling is roaming from the inside and deep down in my heart. Can anyone simply explain what am I feeling now ?? Thinking is what I do all the time, but it seems that I dont even know what ought to be thinked. Currently understand not of things that had been done throughout the whole year through. What had actually changed ?? What is actually the things and stuffz that I want which is not known ? When would it be shown upon me to clarify things ?? Things that I not want would eventually things that happen. Why do things changes so fast and many are being left out behind letting them to rot in despair. I'm frankly depressed and know not of what should be written anymore.

Perhaps it would come to an end very soon ...
How would it actually end ??

Happy ...
Sad ...
Memorable ...
Forgotten ...

What would it be ??
I do not know
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